For extortion, smuggling, and assault…
Known accomplices of Bruiser & Scuz,
formerly known as the Viper's Watch

Phillip the Goblin”
a.k.a. Rizzlefikit, Philly Ten Bones, Corporal Phil

Description: Phillip is a goblin citizen with green skin, long thin ears, and a particularly short nose for a goblin. He is fond of wearing hats and rarely without a ten-bone bracelet said to be composed of his relative's remains. He is now suspected of leading the Viper's Watch and working with the Dripping Blade.
For impersonating an officer, for impersonating a priest, for armed robbery, for assisting known criminals, for extortion, for resisting arrest, for fleeing from an officer of the law, and several other crimes



Description: Whitey is a bald, dark-skinned human, a Coronan of Trudorean descent. He is fairly tall with narrow features.
Wanted: For multiple counts of public indecency and public drunkenness, for armed robbery, for fleeing from an officer of the law, for assisting known criminals, and multiple counts of theft under 40 gold


Golthek a.k.a. "The Big Dolphin"

Description: Originally from Bostik, Golthek is a tall, thin human. He has a large mole on his right cheek and his left neck. He has serious scarring on his upper back, possibly from removing traces of slavery records. He wears his dark hair long, usually in a braid.
For trade of illicit goods, for armed robbery, for fleeing from an officer of the law, for assisting known criminals, for resisting arrest, and for failure to yield to a floating disc causing bodily harm


If you have information about the whereabouts of any of any of these reprobates, contact Thalazzar at the Bell & Dragon Inn. He will do the Watch a favour and save the taxpaers some gold pieces.

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Based on everything Thalazzar had learned about the Viper's Watch,
( with some editorial license thrown in for good measure),
he drew this poster while waiting in the Senser & Chalice,
after he finished writing his scrolls.