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Full Name: 
 Blaylock's Underground Lab, below a volcanic plane, near Manyberries in Lake Range, Sunterranse Federation
 No fixed address
Appearance & Personality:

 Ts'Elf's body is covered in inlaid brass Yithic runes.

 On T’Self’s face, there is a passage reminiscent of the Beginning the End Chapter of the Last Text:

All will be One
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the inbetween ends
Falls the shadow
For thine is The


  Superficially Ts'elf appears as a well equipped Clockwork Fighter. Closer inspection reveals that beneath the armour, this clockwork's body was crafted with great care, and is covered in magic Yithic Ruins. Ts'elf is extremely young and naive, having been activated mere weeks ago. His primary motivation is to locate his creator or other clockworks like himself, and to learn the purpose of the ruins covering his body
Quotes + Notes:
" Apologies. Magic malfunctioned"; "Desist! Or be disassembled!"

Ts'elf awoke alone in a disorderly, dust covered workshop mere weeks ago. Exploration of the workshop revealed a sealed chamber. The hatch at the top of the stairs is blocked by something massive. The shelves and workbenches reveal numerous books, Clockmaker manuals, books covering various theories of magic, artificer texts, and the journals of someone named Blaylock. Many were in poor shape. Some are in a language Ts'elf couldn't understand, although they appear similar to ruins covering my body.

It appears Blaylock is an gnomish artificer, and responsible in whole or in part giving Ts'elf life. Ts'elf resolved to learn all that he can of the artificer's art. His initial efforts meet with utter failure, but eventually he got the knack of it, although still suffering frequent inexplicable failures. Something seems to be interfering with magic itself.

Ts'elf also discovered that he's not a typical example of the Clockwork race. Blaylock appears to have had unconventional views on how to animate Clockworks as compared to his peers. Ts'elf believe he is one of Blaylock's experiments. For example his power source is magical, rather that relying on combustion of coal as is conventional for Clockwork construction.

Eventually Ts'elf had to burrow through several layers of basalt in order to escape the workshop. He emerged on a barren volcanic plane. The laboratory in which he awoke was apparently underground and somehow protected from the lava flow that covered it. Ther is no telling how long he was buried.

Heading northeast toward a distant woodland, Ts'elf encountered a community of half-elven farmers. It's called Manyberries in Lake Range of the Sunterranse Federation. They welcomed Ts'elf, but know nothing of Blaylock, or of buried lab. The half-elves give Ts'elf a basic overview of the local geography, politics, and religions, and teach him a bit of the elven language. He learn that there are indeed other clockworks in the world, although none have seen any quit like himself. Clockworks are considered free citizens with full rights in this place. Clockworks, and indeed many other races, in other nations are not so fortunate and are treated as slaves.

It actually the elves that give Ts'elf his name, a slight modification of 'self' which was how the nameless Ts'elf referred to himself up to that point. Ts'Elf means "Half-Elf" in the local dialect.

Eventually the council determines that Ts'elf is to be taken to the nearest capital, the city of Cauldron in nearby Dakar Province. Apparently my kind have a deity. It is agreed that I should be escorted to the Church of Cable in Cauldron. Quill and Verissa are acts as guides. Once in Cauldron, corrupt Border Marshalls guides the trio to a remote location where the ruffians await, and they are quickly beaten into submission.

Since that incident, things have been a little patchy. Ts'elf awakes only a few times, always in a subterranean cavern strapped to a large metal table. A gaunt and sharply bearded human with hollow eyes examines Ts'elf. He is very interested in the runes covering Ts'elf's body and seems to understand them. He questions, tortures, and experiments upon Ts'elf. It is clear to you he does not understand much about Clockwork construction. At one point, Ts'elf overhears his tormentor saying he must find someone named "Ripplestick." He removes Ts'elf's arm. He does not put it back....

Legend Lore: 

To say that T’self is unlike other Clockworks would be like calling the Wall of the Righteous a fence. Calibre is the only other Clockwork you’ve ever had the opportunity to look at, but his structure and design was consistent with commonly accepted principles of the Clockmaker’s craft. You are tempted to start considering him a separate subspecies of Clockwork altogether. Some things readily become apparent:
- Blaylock was a master at miniaturization.
- There are more enhancement modules inside of T’self than you expected to find.
- What you find inside T’self was not in any of Blaylock’s notes

There is a very complex locking mechanism that bars any tinkering with T'self's enhancements. Each success only makes the next stage more difficult, while each failure makes every subsequent try virtually impossible until it resets. Frankie successfully bipassed and reset the mechanism herself (Session 29)

There is a mechanism attached to T’self’s casing that is magically imbued (Read Magic) to determine spells to protect against Legend Lore divinations. It is attached to a module linked to his speech capacitator. The mechanism can be turned off.

Before these mechanisms were discovered, casting Legend Lore on T'self caused him to say the following:

T'self looks at Mohadir and then says the following in flawless Yithic: "May you become One. The Master Clockmaker, Blaylock, designed me as a gift for the Monotheocrate Order. I serve the Seventeen Who Are One. Through them, the Multitude will become One."The T'self struggles a moment and looks at Frankie. With an effort he manages to say: "What's happening to me?" before collapsing. Doin so, he sounded teriffied.

Successfully casting Legend Lore once the devices were turned off revealed two separate revelations:


267 years ago, it was not Baerest’s ingenuity, but his destruction, that gave birth to a new race. At least, that is how Blaylock, his brother and collaborator, saw it. It was Blaylock who activated Baerest’s children to track down the first-born murderer, Cable. Then, while the Clockwork race struggled with the tragic consequences of its first awakening steps in the world, Blaylock disappeared.

Seized by a revelation, Blaylock fled and eventually continued his work in the south, as close to the Wall of the Righteous as he dared. Soon after activating Baerest’s Clockworks, Blaylock had been visited by a mysterious Lunar Elf. The visitor claimed to be from Seluna, come to warn Blaylock of a great reckoning. The visitor spoke of the coming Age of Indistinction. She described the steady advance of the One and the War That Will Come. She explained that Blaylock, through his actions, had already slowed the One’s inexorable advance, and she suggested there was more he might do.

After that visitation, Blaylock traveled far and wide in search of all he could discover about the One and its enemies from the Inbetween. All he learned confirmed what the Lunar Elf had said. His yondering complete, his resolve had turned to steel. He sought seclusion in the wild mountains of Lake Range to commit himself to his work.

It had been years since Blaylock had awakened a distinctive form of life. Long ago, he had completed his brother’s work and now vowed he would do all he could to preserve it. The One was beyond his ken but its worldly servants lie within reach of all his cunning. Just beyond the Wall.

Baerest used his own ingenuity to create life; Blaylock used his to prepare judgment against those who would rub it out.

Fate intervened, as fate does, and venerable Blaylock died before his vision was complete. Then fate intervened again, as fate does, and now Blaylock’s countdown has finally begun.

Through this vessel, invisible to the One, Eudaemonia will open to the Inbetween.


This revelation caused severe physical trauma to Mohadir, the seer who spoke the words.

Inner T’Self:

Even when the world was new,
The End had then begun.
It began as these things do,
A mote, a seed, the One.

Steel Stone dreams took root and branch,
While cosmic ash was sown.
Cradle’s living avalanche,
The ash became a stone.

Order then Chaos seduced,
Watchers gave way to gods,
Their war the End near produced
Then Dragons’ Age marauds

Pillars preserve, pow’r corrupts
Lodestones in mortal hands
Watcher-forged from Yith erupts
The One upon all lands

Further now the One is drawn
Inside this mortal world
Lodestone fountains born at dawn.
Would have Sentar unfurled.

Lodestones of sand, ash and dust
Seventeen once there were
Dream and Distance, soul harvest,
Extend the One’s power.

Pow’r’s cur’yous, as from auld,
Soon means become the end,
Ends forgot are Ends forestalled
When Will is free, Fate bends.

When the Seer, Mohadir asked his gods what would happen if T'self actually arrived in Eudaemonia, he was overwhelmed with a vision of the reality collapsing in on itself; a great gaping rift.


• something that causes the detection of gates (?)
• a device that triggers a prepared mundane response to Legend Lore spells (revealed)
• Something Medium Difficult (?)
• Something Highly Difficult (?)
• Something Impossible (?)
3.5e Stats: 
Artificer / Fighter
3 / 2
Lawful Good
Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 13
Charisma 15
Concentration: 10 / Craft Clockwork: 11 / Disable Device: 7 / Knowledge Arcana: 8 / Arch & Eng: 4 / The Planes: 4 / Open Lock: 7 / Search: 8 / Spell Craft (Scroll/Other): 16/14 / Use Magic Device (Scroll/Wand/Other): 18/16/14
Magic Aptitude / Skill Focus (Use Magic Device) / Combat Reflexes / Improved Toughness / Scribe Scroll / Brew Potion / Craft Wondrous Item / Artificer Knowledge / Artisan Bonus / Disable Trap / Item Creation
F / R / W
7 / 3 / 4
Shield = 31/16/29; No Shield = 26/16/24
Common / Tick Tock / Gnome / Draconic / Elven
Armour & Clothes:
+2 Chain Mail; +3 Heavy Steal Shield
Armour Plating I; Spell Casting; Psionics*; Darkvision; Multitool Hand; Submersible; Telescopic Arm; Steam Recyclers; Alloy Casing I
+2 Longsword; +3 Mace; +1 Composite Longbow (Mighty +4)
Magic Items:
Pared - Ring - +4 AC (deflection), Immune to Scrying, Wall of Stone (1/day. CL 13)

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