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Cradle: The Monotheocrate Order
Typical Countries: Divinity, The Monotheocrate Order, Sunterranse Federation

Background: Little is known about this strange deity beyond acceptance of its vast power and dominion. As the gold dragon Mnemonium told Frankie, (Session Five) "It is not as our gods."

Favoured Weapon
The One
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Theoneans, Zealots of the One

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The Last Book
(a.k.a. The Final Text)
General RevelationsProphecyPurposeProselytizePersecutionExodusConquestBeginning the End
General Revelations
• Saying "May you become One," is a form of blessing upon coming and going
• This is an apocalyptic religion
• Highest objective is for everyone to become the same - for everyone to "become One"
• The two copies of The Final Text are small, hand-scribed, on several hundred very thin, durable and oddly fragrant pages.
• "The One is large. It contains Multitudes."
• "The Distinction" is a phrase used constantly to refer to:
  (a) diversity in any form
  (b) everything that is not the One, or that opposes "the Becoming"
  (c) everything bad
• "The Becoming" is the process of eradicating Distinction and nearing the utopian final stage of the religion, called "the Indistinction."
• Another theme that constantly emerges throughout the Last Text is the length of life and the multitude of its many injustices. The Indistinction will envelop all of these multitudes and offer a final release
Revelations from the Last Book
General RevelationsProphecyPurposeProselytizePersecutionExodusConquestBeginning the End
I - Prophecy

There were 17 prophets, they all emerged simultaneously in a distant land

Selected Passges:

"The One saw that the world was filled with great asymmetries - gods and giants and watchers and aberrations and horrors and creatures neither here nor not - all manipulated the House of the One, all held contempt for Lesser Distinction over which the House of One holds rightful dominion, that it may become One. The One saw all of these distinctions. The One saw all of this injustice."

"The blood and words of Dragons, the strength and the hatred of giants, the power and drama of the gods, the ideals and wonder of great men, the tyranny and mindlessness of the Watchers themselves, shall all become One. Walk through this labyrinth to the one true path. Then Men will be free."

"Lo, though many others tried and became deaf, the Seventeen learned to listen to the One. Lo, though many others tried and became blind, the Seventeen learned to gaze upon the One. Lo, though many others tried and lost themselves, the Seventeen learned to empower their words with the vastness of the One."

"These Seventeen, these, the first of the Thala-Mourne, bathed their souls in the one true path, washed away all distinction and re-emerged whole with all. They shed all that separated them from all and each other, but were cast back into this grasping world of differences, out from the vast and just Indistinction, that they would free their kin, tear down the last of Distinction and, in so doing, serve the One."

"The Seventeen returned from eudaemonia to tear down the final barriers of all Distinction. Blessed are their names: Thala-Arun, Thala-Bhat, Thala-Chirag, Thala- Dutta, Thala-Ganesh, Thala-Jana, Thala-Kapoor, Thala-Madhana, Thala-Nayak, Thala-Prajna, Thala-Raje, Thala-Sanat, Thala-Tanuj, Thala-Uddin, Thala-Vish, Thala-Xerxin, Thala-Yavar. Each brought back a truth to become."

These are the Seventeen Truths to Become

1. Only by becoming One could the low and the high be plane
2. Only by becoming One could the hungry share the feast
3. Only by becoming One could the gluttonous be full
4. Only by becoming One could the wrathful find peace
5. Only by becoming One could the peaceful be strong
6. Only by becoming One could the envious be freed of desire
7. Only by becoming One could the kind be freed of fear
8. Only by becoming One could the greedy be complete
9. Only by becoming One could the liberal be regained
10. Only by becoming One could the slothful find purpose
11. Only by becoming One could the diligent find rest
12. Only by becoming One could the chaste find pleasure
13. Only by becoming One could the lustful escape pain
14. Only by becoming One could the small smite the mighty
15. Only by becoming One could the mighty not smite back
16. Only by becoming One could the unjust be brought to heel
17. Only by becoming One can the darkness and light find their place in-between

II - Purpose

“The Purpose Makes Men One”

• The highest objective is for everyone to become the same
• "All becomes One" is generally accepted as the divine purpose. It is an axiom that carries enormous weight
• To prepare Sentar for the Indistinction
• Order must be sought in which Men can prepare
• Religious devotion is a command matter
• "Aelea must be destroyed first. Others will follow."
The destruction of Aelea is paramount

The Four Becomings and the One End

Men of the One must prepare for the Indistinction.
Men of the One must wash away all distinction.
Men of the One must escape the labyrinth and find the one true path.
Men of the One must wash away Aelea and all the godheads he hath born.
         In the end, to become One with all, Men of the One must complete the final transcendence to justice, alone.

The Three Pillars of Daily Devotion

(1) Submit to the One
(2) Eradicate Distinction
(3) Eudaemonia shall be the Indistinction

III - Proselytize

The Thala-Mourne are the inheritors of the Seventeen ("May their names be praised"). They are Wizard-Priests of the One. Sometimes they are called "teachers" but they seem, more, to be the agents of authority in the Monotheocrate Order.

“All Men can be taught... Those who cannot be taught are not Men”

Men of the One can be taught the will of the One
Those who cannot be taught the will of the One are tools of Distinction
Tools of Distinction must be released from their pain

All Men Are Equal”

All men are equal unto the Purpose
   They shall be called the House of the One.
All humanoids are tools unto the Purpose.
   They must be taught or released
All others are monstrous, and dwell in the House of the Multitude.
   They must be opposed

Selected Passges:

"There is no God but the One, and the Seventeen – May their names be praised – are the prophets of the Mortal Purpose."

"The Thala-Mourne – May their names be praised
– drew upon the Power of the One and smote the enemies of the Righteous, enthralled to a multitude of false gods and petty kings, wicked giants and vile aberrations. The Thala-Mourne freed the People of the One and led them away and taught them of their enemies and how they must prepare to bring about the glorious Indistinction, that they might be free."

"The Thala-Mourne – May their names be praisedtaught the people of the One of their many enemies, the lords and vassals of Aelea – May its Becoming be swift – the creatures that are neither here nor there, and the ones called Aelven – May their release be swift – most hated and dangerous to the Indistinction of all."

"More wicked than all of the demons and devils on the multitude of planes, darker than the Vile and more exalted than the Valiant. They harvest and they create. They are cunning. They nurture difference. They sow weakness and strength, light and darkness, good and evil, yea even chaos and law. They meddle. They are the root of all justice. Purposefully and with remorseless intent, Aelea – May its Becoming be swift – its masters and vassals, multiply Distinction. Men of the One must show them mercy and quick release. May they Become One."

"The House of One is filled with soldiers."

IV - Persecution

This section details the tortures suferred by each of the Seventeen at the hands of the orthodox polytheists whom they defied. Subsequent stories detail how these tribulations were exalted and how the community that followed virtually sought their own trials. This section glorifies martyrdom, sacrifice and the sublimation of the self to the community of the One.

Selected Axioms:

• "Persecution is the forge. Men of the One are the steel."
• "Persecution is Power"
• "The One has many enemies. They make the One stronger, for all becomes One."
• "Pain is my Becoming." (with these words, the last martyr stole the sacrificial dagger from the priest of Sss'Raast and plunged it into his own chest, doing his best not to kill himself immediately, but butchering himself enough to make death inevitable)

V - Exodus

"Travel far, People of the One. Draw more unto the House of the One. Guard against the multitudes, prepare this last island of Difference for the Indistinction."

This section details the expulsion of the Theoneans from the lands of Yith, far across the Great Range Mountains, somewhere in Durgosh. The Exodus occurred approximately 2,000 years ago. A second generation Thala-mourn, a high-born Amaan, crippled and disfigured by the persecution of the polytheists of Yith, led her people across the mountains of Durgosh. She succumbed to her wounds during the journey, and the pilgrims travelled from one place to another for 100 years before arriving in the Mazari. Many died along the way, but their numbers remained relatively stable, as the attracted many converts. The Serpent Suzerainty enlaved and butchered nearly half of the pilgrims who crossed their territory. They eventually arrived in the Jungles of the Atamara only to be enslaved by the God-Kings of the Ra-Nephi. As slaves, the Theoneans actually thrived and even won more converts. The enormous power offerred by the One was to great to resist. The Ra-Nephi allowed them to keep their religion and made no attempt to ban it until it was too late. In rallying massive revolts against the Ra-Nephi that eventually became an even more massive war to end a civilization, the Theoneans developed a missionary tradition as they gathered converts unto the promises of the One.

VI - Conquest

This section details the History of the three wars in the Mazari.

(1) Men of the One vs. the Ra-Nephi: The Ra-Nephi God Kings forged a pharonic civilization that originally inhabited the banks of rivers surrounded by vast jungles in the lands South of the Lake Range mountains. It was wiped out by the Men of the One (the invading Theoneans) who transformed these lands into the Jamhyria Theona'la.
(2) Men of the One vs. the Scalyfolk: The Scalyfolk are "abominations," for their distinction is great. They reak of Aelea's meddling and must be wiped out to ensure "the mortal purpose." That is, the realization of a vast political enterprise committedd to gathering resources sufficient to bring about the Indistinction. Like all the Mulitutdes, they must be exterminated without remorse. AFter all, "they too will become One."
(3) Men of the One vs. the Giants: The Giants are the wayward children of the One's most powerful servants, the last of the Watchers. Even those creatures once defied the will of the One, but their defiance could not stand. Now they serve the Thala-Mourne.

The central lesson is that the final conquest of the One is inevitable and that all races, all creation - "all Distinction" - will eventually "become One." The One cannot be resisted.

General RevelationsProphecyPurposeProselytizePersecutionExodusConquestBeginning the End
VII -Beginning the End

“All that stands between Distinction and becoming Indistinction are the multiple pathways of the dreamer. Men of the One hunt the children of Aelea, one by one. Their blood will feed the Becoming. Men of the One uphold the Thala-Mourne. Their works will fuel the mortal purpose. The Thala-Mourne shall thin the walls of the multiple pathways and make all dreams One. The War that Will Come will be no war at all. It will begin and it will end with a sigh, that is no sigh. It will begin and it will end when the multitudes succumb to the Indistinction.”

This is the dead land
This is cactus land
Here the stone images
Are raised, here they receive
The supplication of a dead man's hand
Under the twinkle of a fading star.

The eyes are not here
There are no eyes here
In this valley of dying stars
In this hollow valley
This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

In this last of meeting places
We grope together
And avoid speech
Gathered on this beach of the tumid river

Sightless, unless
The eyes reappear
As the perpetual star
Multifoliate rose
Of death's twilight kingdom
The hope only
Of empty men.

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the


• This section describes describes the "War That Will Come"
• It is the least cohesive and least "narrative" section of the Final Text. It is actually quite strange and reading it is more than a little disturbing, though it is extremely difficult to explain why.
• No where is it clearer that this is an apocalyptic religion. In the end, everything will become the same.
• This section begins with the War with the Giants and describes the construction of the Wall of the Righteous, which was created with the assistance of the One
• With the exception of "the Amaan," A woman's greatest virtue is to create more Men of the One.
• With the exception of "the Amaan," Children are tools far to valuable to be left unto their families: "Doting is a poor substitute for bringing about the Indistinction."
• With the exception of "the Amaan," Men train as warriors, craftsmen, labourers, or administrators.

Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

Selected Axioms:

The War That Will Come: "There will be no battles, no armies, no swords, no wizards no priests. There will only be the Becoming of this last world and its vile multitude of versus unto the One."
• “These are the End Times. This is the final breath for the ten thousand daily offences of difference.”
• "Sacrifice is nothing if it bring about the Indistinction. As One, no more sacrifice will be required, no sacrifice need even be remembered."
• "When the One is, there shall be no more distinction. No more difference. No Gods. No death. No poverty, no sadness, no suffering, no pain, no sin, no desire, no want, no vice. All will be One."
• "Behind this Wall, Men of the One will accumulate their strength until the day comes when we shall spill out wipe this world clean of all Distinction."
• "The One would tear down the heights and raise the low places and all distinction would become One."

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

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