Updated: 9 September 2007

Collection of Greatest Hits

Session, the Thirtieth
Session, the Twenty Fourth


Friends, steel your hearts
Your courage, hold ye fast
Fear cannot unman you
This stand is not your last


The dead rose up to rend and slay
Strips of flesh from their corpse did we flay
With courage we strode the Underdark
Heroes arise! Stand fast! To my song you must hark!


Session, the Nineteenth
Session, the Eighteenth


The Apathy Song

Strum, Strum, Strum
Plus one for Everyone...

A Zularean Lament

O Zulary Zulary Zulary
How I lament for thee
O Zulary Zulary Zulary
I miss the old country

O Zulary Zulary Zulary
Of your beauty I cannot tell
O Zulary Zulary Zulary
For it would irk vain old Finbell


Session, the Fifteenth
Session, the Fourteenth

He who was Inigo

“That which stalks the night
Now speaks with dreadful sibilance
He who was Inigo
Hark, friends, maintain your vigilance”

Stand Up for Riot's Gate
“From dream's embrace arise
The Cradle of Creation
Dark stone of prodigious size
Foul creatures we shall shun

Stand up for Riot's Gate


Session, the Ninth
Session, the Eighth
C(sss)itzenssss of the Sssswamp
Ssssearch you ssssouls
Sssseek within yourssselvesss
Emanc(sss)ipate yourssselvesss from ssslavery
Sssswim!!! Sssswim!!! Sssswim!!!

The Dead Arose

“The dead arose from the deep
To rend the wall of sleep
Arise, friends and fight!
Into the breach with all your might”


Session, the Seventh
“Of Ogres their were four
Of Companions there were eight
You're dinner! the Ogres roared
Yet they met their grisly fate”
“Peer through the gloom
With all your senses feel
Let not the darkness loom
What is hidden shall reveal.”


Session, the Sixth
Session, the Fourth
Roar Deep in Troll
“A Troll arose from the deep
To rend and roar and reap
But stalwart we remained
Our courage we did keep.”

Crowd Control

“Listen to Noble Nimbus,
Fear not the swallowed moon,
Put your fears aside,
Peace is coming soon.”


Session, the Third
Session, the Second
Tiberio's Play List at the Bell & Dragon
• The Ballad of Finbell
• Eric and the Giantess
•The Hills of Silvertá
• War March of Zulary
• Apollo's Lament

Countersong of the Gibbering Mouther

“Gibbering, gibbering, gibbering,
Through the sewers slithering!
Fight, fight, fight,
May your attack be withering!”


Battle Cry of the Tentacles
“The tentacles appeared,
Many were afeared!
My friends, be not afraid
Thy courage be stayed!”

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