Updated: 19 September 2005

Skill Name
Craft Tech  
Craft Tech (Clockworks)  
Craft Tech (Machinist)  
Craft Tech (Steamworks)  
Craft Tech (Trapmaking)*  
Knowledge We will use Knowledge checks in order to answer the age old question, "What does my character know about this I'm looking at?" according to the following system recommended by Frankie:
• Creatures are broken up into their respective categories: Dragons would fall under Knowledge:Arcana, Elementals fall under Knowledge the Planes, undead = knowledge religion, etc.
•The basic formula is DC 10 + HD of creature + any extra difficulty (i.e. the troll is a rare breed that can spit venom). The first guess is a free action, which gives the player the name (i.e. the troll is a rabid venom spitting yellow-back troll)
Nimbus added a neat addition, instead of making the character roll each round to find more pieces, he just has the character keep rolling until they either find out everything or fail once.
• A failure follows standard D&D rules, increase the skill DC by one or more ranks before seeing if you recognize it better (after more research). How to handle successful rolls after the first: Each successful roll reveals an additional strength or weakness. In keeping with roleplay, instead of saying a skeleton has damage reduction 5/blunt, you'd say... "skeletons are resistant to most weapons except from bludgeoning ones"
Knowledge (Language) Learning languages fluently costs more than one skill point. See the "Choosing Languages" page for details
Profession (Foreman) You can organize more than one worker to complete a job more quickly and efficiently
Use Technological Device   
* adapted from Song & Silence. Wizards of the Coast, 2001. pp 25-36

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