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DAISY CUTTER (SG-16) A medium sized dirgibile captained by the itinerant Clockmaker, Sparks Kantankerin, Frankie's prodigal Uncle. Crewed by Gnomes and Clockworks.
Location/Range: The Mazari & Beyond
Kantakerin, Sparks (Captain) (B-Frankie) Frankie's uncle - her father's youngest brother - is a Clockmaker. He left Peppershot years ago, while Frankie was still a bobbin, to travel to the Downelands and Starfall in the North. He now commands the dirgible, the Daisy Cutter. He arrived in Riot's Gate from the North to learn about the collapse of the Ley Lines. Tufimatix told him Frankie was in trouble, so he and his crew tracked her down to Cauldron.
Auger (SG-20) The swaggering, swashbuckling Clockwork first-mate of the Daisy Cutter.
Hast (Sts-2) A human sorcerer-rogue from Valparaiso. Too curious for his own good, he became mixed up with Ts'Elf and the crew of the Daisy Cutter after helping Ts'Elf and Keratone fight ninja assassins in teh streets of Valparaiso.
Keratone (SG-16) A multi-fingered Clockwork cleric of Cable (15th Lvl) the Finder and companion of Sparks Kantankerin aboard the Daisy Cutter.
Nuvam, Tallim (SG-1) Tallim was first sighted during the Dream of Horrors. She was accompanied in that encounter by an owl familiar. She said she had been trapped in the labyrinth for weeks without seeing or hearing anyone, and the silence was driving her near mad. Despite her state, she is clearly a woman of refinement. She is also a magician of some skill but still early in her training. Though not the type of woman most men would deem beautilful, she appears competent and pragmatic in a away that makes her undeniably attractive. Her striking features are her black hair that shimmered red in the light, and her piercing blue eyes. She is a known associate of Woden, an Ordinish wizard in Riot's Gate. (Domaldi) Indeed, Tallim is Woden's apprentice and, moreover, the illegitimate child of the Orinidish Queen and a Gallantish slave. Woden accepted her as his apprentice when she was still an infant, in order to protect her. He has kept her geneology secret. Woden has secured the Companions' promise that they would find her. A drawing of her by Domaldi does not do justice to the fear she displayed in the encounter.
Pelu (SG-B-Domaldi) Domaldi's beloved donkey.
Tyconderoga (SG-1) A great white owl with clear and penetrating gaze. First encountered during the Dream of Horrors before it escaped, Tyconderoga joined our intrepid Band after the Battle of Cuthberta Eodakarday to aid in the search for Tallim. This intelligent creature is clearly loyal to her mistress and is quite impatient with any delays in the quest to rejoin Tallim. A sketch from Domaldi's journal. (Domaldi)


LUSTY WENCH (SG-5) A trading cog on lake Dakar crewed by Dwarves, all slaughtered but one, Urban, by raiding Sahuagin. Bound for Göesse, the Company boarded her in Guania. A sketch by Domaldi.
Crew: 5
Location/Range: Lake Dakar
Urban (Captain) (SG-5) The surviving member of the five member Dwarven crew of the Lake Dakar trading cog, the Lusty Wench. The rest of thr crew were slaughtered in a surprise and an apparently unprecdented attack by Sahuagin. A Lake Dwarf, Urban is a Ranger, familiar with the ways and currents of Lake Dakar and its borders. His animal companion is a small brown speckled sea gull named "Gull."
Albras (Dead) (SG-5) A Lake Dwarf. The drunk former captain of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Gustav (Dead) (5) A luckless Dwarven crew member of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Siprian (Dead) (5) The long sufferring Dwarven first mate of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Waclaw (Dead) (5) A member of the Dwarven crew of the Lake Dakar trading cog, the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.

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THALA SENAT (31) A sand barge of the Monotheocrate Order. A warship.
Crew: XXX
Location/Range: the Monotheocrate Order

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VENTURE (20) A massive derelict Clockwork submarine. It has been drifting through the eternal depths of the Elemental Plane of Water for several centuries. Its crew lost long ago. A portal to the Venture was found inside Calibre.
Crew: None (300)
Location/Range: Elemental Plane of Water

(6) A four-armed, spellbound Clockwork with a 360 degree field of vision, designed for underwater activities. It was discovered on board the Lusty Wench deactivated, seemingly being smuggled to agents of the Monotheocrate Order waiting in Göesse. Calibre contained a thrall module, an insidious enhancement used to turn Clockworks into helpless slaves. Calibre had no memory of a previous life, and, much to Frankie's horror, it regarded her as her as its new Mistress since she was the one who activated it. When Frankie's uncle, Sparks Kantankerin, and Keratone removed Calibre's thrall module, they activated a planar portal that had been installed inside of him. Doing so opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water and a ancient and mysterious Clockwork derelict, the Venture. As it turns out, Calibre was a special agent on board, constructed to contain a portal to Sentar on the Prime Material Plane. He is a priest of Cable the Liberator. On board the Daisy Cutter, Sparks Kantankerin removed the thrall module and Calibre was set free. Soon thereafter, he departed for parts unknown.

Calibre is a 6'4" True-born Clockwork who gives the impression of newborn innocence out of it's six eyes. Even though one would judge Calibre as appearing war-like, it would seem that Calibre is confused over the knowledge it was born with, and using such knowledge in an unpredictable, new world. Calibre's "mistress," Frankie, has added to this confusion by contradicting the hard-coded imperatives of it's thrall module that Calibre can barely register as "commands". Calibre is made of an alloy that Frankie recognizes as 'arcanalloy', a nearly rust proof magical concoction. The runes inscribed on Calibre were recognized by Thalazaar as allowing a lower rate of failure when Calibre casts spells. (Frankie)

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WHORABLE SHELL (SG-21) A privateer vessel sailing Lake Seluna Captained by an angry dwarf known as "Steamy" when it is not in drydock being repaired.
Location/Range: Lake Seluna
Captain "Steamy" (21) A wild-eyed dwarven captain of the "Whorable Shell," a privateer vessel sailing Lake Seluna, noted for his raging attacks with a warhammer and indentured servant privateers who fear him more than the authorities, "steamy" is a nickname referencing his angry demeanour.