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“Beyond the mountains lie more mountains.”
                                                          - Old Proverb from the
                                                                       Quilombos of the Lake Range


The recent history of Lake Range is the history of runaway slaves and those who pursued them.


Square Kilometres: 
77,500 sqkm
Comparative Size: 
New Brunswick


The climate shifts from valley to valley, depending on elevation and other geographical features. There are many micro-climates. Autumn is generally rainy and most valleys are filled with snow during the winter.


Land Use: 
Settlements & Development = 1%; Agriculture = 4%; Forestry = 5%; Wilderness = 80%.
Natural Hazards: 
wandering monsters; bandits, bandeirantes & pirates; rock slides; active volcanoes; earthquakes;
Racial & Ethnic Groups: 
Humans = 32%; Half Elves = 23%; Dwarves = 18%; Gnomes = 9%; Hobbits = 7%; Elves = 2%; Other = 9%
Common, Half Elven Patois, Dwarven , Orindish, Hespanic, Zularean
Ascendant = 43%; Veins of Stone = 15%; Kith = 15%; Theonean = 7%; Attendant = 2%
Social Alignment: 
Lawful Good
Real World Inspiration: 
British Columbia with volcanoes and the history of the Brazilian interior.
Government Type: 
Democractically elected state and local representatives (some local exceptions)
Political Alignment: 
Sunterrnase Federation
Current Leader: 
Legal System: 
Sunterran Federal Law and, by settlement
Agriculture 20% (terraced, orchards some farmlands, gardens); Animal Husbandry 15% (sheep, goats, horses, cattle, polutry, pigs); Fishing 10%; Forestry 15%; Manufacturing 5% (luxury goods, paper, gadgets, steel, weapons & armour); Mining 30% (iron, copper, silver, gold, precious stones, coal)
Key Trading Partners:
Kronos, Zulary, Hespan, certain River Baronies, Trudor, Divinity, Orindo, Argencour
Political Factions: 
Landholders Bloc, Sentient Rights Association, Community of Quilombos, Peaceful Association Faction
Political Pressure: 
Pressure from Riot's Gate to contribute taxes and resources, security concerns related to the Underdark and piracy on Lake Seluna,
Diplomatic Relations
(Allies, Enemies): 
National Holidays: 


HUYGENS A small but lively town at the crossroads of the High Wall Road and the Low Wall Road. Most of its inhabitants are Human merchants and fortune hunters.
Population: 810 (town)
MANYBERRIES An old isolated Half-Elven Quilombo in a fertile valley in the mountains of Lake Range. It is an agricultural village surrounded by orchards, greenhouses and outdoor gardens. The village seems prosperous and happy. There are many young children. The population remains predominantly Half Elven, with a few Humans and Elves. The first settlement encountered by the Clockwork Ts'Elf.
Population: 120 (village)
PEPPERSHOT A predominantly Gnomish community. There are also several Hobbits, Clockworks, Half Elves, Gnomlings and a single family of Goblin merchants. It is the home village of the Kantankeran clan of Gnomes, including Linkosplitzit Kantaneran, better known as Frankie.
Population: 455 (village)


Blocked Gate There is no record of the massive gate in the Wall of the Righteous having ever been opened. most scholars and architectes assert that it is unlikely the massive portal could ever be opened. The gate, it would appear had been blocked for ages by giant crafted constructs from the Sunterran side of the Wall.
Dreii Undermountain The section of the Underdark beneath three Sunterran Provinces. It is the demense of no race. The migration of the exiled Steel Dwarves to this region long ago disrupted what passed for "peace" in this harsh realm. Stretches throughout the Gate, Bithal, Dakar Province.
The High Wall Road A road that runs West to East, more or less parallel to the Wall of the Righteous through the mountains of the Federations. It effectively ends at Telemar on lake Dakar, but it runs a few miles deeper into the Dakar's Lament, where it disappears. A connecting portion of road, known as the Maddock's Mile, carries on to Riot's Gate. It is an essential highway for merchants and travellers, and many mountain communities and Quilombos exist within a few miles of it. It is a strategic corridor for the Federation, but extremely diffivult to Garrison or patrol. It was originally part of the road system that was used to contrsuct the wall, and the Maddock completed it as a full West-East wall soon after regaining control of Riot's Gate. Also runs through Valparaiso and Dakar Province.
Ironreach Mine An abandoned mine in Lake Range that links up to a path beneath the Wall of the Righteous. Used by House Golgadin to transport their soap soldiers to Divinity.
The Low Wall Road This North South road runs the length of the Old Aqueduct that once carried water from Lake Sular into the Monotheocrate Order. It stretches form Röt-Mantel to the Blocked Gate on the Wall of the Righteous.
Old Aqueduct An ruin of a once massive aqueduct that once carried water from Lake Seluna into the lands of the Monotheocrate Order. Some portions of its old canals and cisterns still carry water and are used to irrigate a fertile series of valleys between the Lake and the the Wall that now blocks its ancient path.
Quilombos Villages of free Half Elves and runaway Half-Elven slaves that emerged through the Mazari throughout the years leading up to independence. Half-Elves fled deeper into the Mazari and even the Wilderlands, pursued by Bandeirante slave hunters filling contracts for their employers in the Five Kingdoms, the River Baronies and the Elven lands. They came together in defiant communities, called Quilombos, the Elven word for "respite." The descendants of these communities can still be found throughout Twareg, the Lake Range, Bithal, parts of the Last Frontier and even the Wilderlands. There is even said to be a massive Quilombo under the protection of the Horselords, though it has never been found.


Blaylock (???) (SG-B-Ts'elf) The mysterious ClockMaker in whose subterranean laboratory, somewhere in Lake Range, Ts'Elf awoke. Baerest's brother.
Fizzerbig (SG-B-Frankie) One of Frankie's uncles. Lives in Peppershot. He is an alchemical engineer.
Hipparachus (SG-B-Inigo) A Priest of St. Cuthbert Inigo met in Huygens. While travelling together, he informed Inigo about the Eye of Independence Eclipse and did his best to convince him to travel to Riot's Gate to witness the event, though, according to Inigo's journal, he did so a bit more than Inigo thought was polite. Eventually the parted ways in Telemar.
Soubelknicker (SG-B-Frankie) One of Frankie's numerous cousins. He is a decade older than she is and lives in Peppershot. He was admitted to advanced technical training even though he never showed much interest in mechanical pursuits. He has a real passion for zoology, particularly the ecology of monstrous aberrations. He collects spores molds and fungus. His family deliberately mispronounces "zoology" as "zoogoly" just to bug him.
Swapgears (Dead) (SG-B-Frankie) Frankie's Great Uncle - her mother's cousin. He was a renowned Captain of the Peppershot militia and dead shot with the x-bow. Uncle Swapgears taught Frankie how to be a dead-shot with a repeating crossbow.
Whistleflix, Militia Seargent (20) The crusty old Gnomish seargent of the Peppershot militia. He is also the town cobbler. He put Frankie through basic training.

(B-Nimbus) A Trudorean Primate of the Church of St. Cuthbert. He believes the Red Rider was, in fact, a vision of the god St. Cuthbert, and that the Dream of Horrors was elemental to the St. Cuthbert Prophecy. Nimbus first met him when he led a delegation of pilgrims to the Lunar Elven Enclave on the heights above Lake Sular. The Nocturnal Temple, as the Lunar Elves called it, was an astronomical observatory the Primature gifted unto the Lunar Elves when they first came to the Mazari over forty years before in an acknowledgement of their piety and devtion to Sentar. Wulfgar had claimed he wanted to exchange notes on star maps on the movement of stellar bodies related to the Eye of Independence Eclipse, known to the Lunar Elves as the Awakening, but was really visiting in order to proselyltize about the Prophecy. Wulfgar has travelled widely and freed many slaves.


Bandeirantes (B) Slave hunters originally organized by the fallen House Bandera of Hespan. They were responsible for opening up much of the Mazari wildlands to Terranse colonization in their relentless pursuit of new slave stock. They were largely responsible for establishing the state of Bolva in Amitlan. Today the term is widely used to refer to any slave hunting mercenaries who track down runaways.
Libriohenaeum (B) A solemn secular order of researchers, librarians and archaeologists that adheres striuctly to a code of non-interference and neutrality to all politics but that which affects or threatens their collections. The stacks are not public. The Libriohenaum can trace its origins back to the Mazarean Empire, and boasts libraries throughout the world, including one Eudaemonia in the Monotheocrate Order. When the Dragon Fleet returned to Hankuo, amongst the emissaries was a collection of texts and a score of researchers from the Libriohenaeum. (Touched by Gods. Penumbra 2001. p. 5)

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