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Square Kilometres: 
Comparative Size: 




Land Use: 
Settlements & Development = 1%; Agriculture = 4%; Forestry = 5%; Wilderness = 80%.
Natural Hazards: 
Racial & Ethnic Groups: 
Humans = XX%; Half Elves = XX%; Dwarves = XX%; Gnomes = XX%; Hobbits = XX%; Elves = XX%; Other = 11%
Common, Half Elven Patois, Dwarven , Orindish, Hespanic, Zularean
Ascendant = 43%; Veins of Stone = 15%; Kith = 15%; Theonean = 7%; Attendant = 2%
Social Alignment: 
Lawful Good
Real World Inspiration: 
Government Type: 
Democractically elected state and local representatives (some local exceptions)
Political Alignment: 
Sunterrnase Federation
Current Leader: 
Legal System: 
Sunterran Federal Law and, by settlement
Agriculture XX% (terraced, orchards some farmlands, gardens); Animal Husbandry XX% (sheep, goats, horses, cattle, polutry, pigs); Fishing XX%; Forestry XX%; Manufacturing X% (luxury goods, paper, gadgets, steel, weapons & armour); Mining XX% (iron, copper, silver, gold, precious stones, coal)
Key Trading Partners:
Political Factions: 
Political Pressure: 
Diplomatic Relations
(Allies, Enemies): 
National Holidays: 


RIOT'S GATE (Capital)  
Population: 165,000
GUANIA A town on Lake Dakar that serves as a port for Riot's Gate. It is the base for the oldest of three tram systems that serve the mountaintop fortress. Small carts are pulled up and dopwn the mountain on worn ruts using an old hydraulic system. Its main business is the transit of goods going "up the hill."
Population: 1,150 (Town)
McGreevy Town A port city on the southern shore of Lake Seluna that primairly services Riot's Gate. 
Population: 4,200 (City)




Bishop, Jones (Dead) (SG-3) A stuttering researcher for the Libriohenaeum who works in the catalogues at the Temple of Heironeous in Riot's Gate. This aged, human scholar is held in high esteem by those involved in arcane research. His shy nature around strangers is related to his jarring studder. It is somewhat common knowledge among his peers that Bishop was once an amateur adventurer in his younger days, in search of rare lore and artifacts. At the age of 35, he was a seasoned traveller and adventurer with a solid sense of humour and significant wealth and completed research. During the Wars of Independence, he put his personal ventures aside to support the emerging Federation. He was a part of a small team that sought a wicked noble who had abandoned his retreating army near Eoport. The nobleman fled into a cellar and magically ambushed Bishop and his party with a summoned Demon. This demon killed all of Bishop's companions and only with the use of a powerful magic device did Bishop defeat it and survive. While he did capture this "nobleman" alive, Bishop's health was never the same and his voice became broken and disordered ever after. He never did return to field work but instead joined the Libriohenaeum and has been committed to an austere life of learned scholarship for the last 23 years. He was severely wounded during the disaster that befell the Order of Heironeous during the Eye of Independence Eclipse. It is unkown whether he will survive. This drawing by Domaldi shows Bishop Jones heavily contemplating some rare piece of arcana. (Domaldi)
Bottom, Lester (SG-2) The Gluttony Cultist subdued and captured by the party. A wee slip of a man. A former federal bureaucrat
Brusier (SG-1) A Half-Orc barbarian, Bruiser was a member of the Viper's Watch in Riot's Gate.. A bunch of do-gooders (the Party) beat the crap out of him while he was pillaging a Hobbitish and Gnomish refugee camp with his friends. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and for his role in kidnapping a Hankuan merchant's young daughter and selling her to Gluttony cultists.
Canchari, Yeoman
(SG-B-Domaldi) Few outside the Church of Heoironeous know the Lord High Commander of the Sunterran Armies of Heironeous by his Azmaiiy family name. Formerly a janissary of the armies of the Monotheocrate Order, fewer still know how he came to be in the Mazari, nor how he came to the worship of Heironeous. What is known, is that during the Wars of Independence, he rallied slave and freemen, elves and half elves, even half-orcs to Heironeous's battle standard. Though he is elderly, he still cuts a formidable figure even when he is not wearing the armour of his station. In Riot's Gate, he has grown more weary of politics than he ever was of war. He died during the Doom's Eye Eclipse, in the ruins Axes Bithtat.
Captain of the Eastern District Watch (SG-2) The Captain of the Watch for the Steel Ward, the Craftsman's Quarter and Fortress Hill in Riot's Gate is a tough old pug of a human. He commands an overcrowded Watch station in the Steel Ward originally meant to handle only one distrtict. He is overworked and exhausted. Balding, mid forties with greying hair.
Irontusk (SG-3) A half-orc in in McGreevy Town from whom the Dripping Blade would like the Party to collect something.


The Barren Night (SG-3) A criminal organization in Riot's Gate.
Claimers of the Maddock

(SG-B-Arek) a group of dwarves of noble descent, fiercely loyal to the person of the Maddock and what he represents to Dwavres more than they are loyal to what he represents to the Federation. The Claimers frequently venture in the underground sections of Axes Bithat to reclaim part of the lost city for the greater glory of the Maddock. The Claimers are comprised only of the noble offspring of the clans surrounding Axes Bithat / Riot's Gate. It is an elite guard, dedicated to bringing back the greater glory of the ancient dwarvish kingdoms. Graduated Claimers are all trusted members of the clans surrounding Axes Bithtat and de facto Wardens of the Watch in Riot's Gate. They are entrusted with many secrets of the Undercity and the Dwarven race. The section of Axes Bithtat that was opened up after the First Great Seal of the Stone Druids had been opened, had been abandoned for years - its hallowed halls emptied of Dwarves and infested with creatures of the Underdark! Besides that, the Stone Druids left traps everywhere during their retreat. Claimers require a great deal of training to ensure they die in battle, not at the hands of some diabolical device. Most serious, however, is the next Great Seal! No one had been in any hurry to break that one - and its warnings were taken much more seriously... at least for a while. In an apparent act of betrayal that few understand, but regardless know as the Claimer Conspiracy, the Claimers of the Maddock

Libriohenaeum (SG-B) A solemn secular order of researchers, librarians and archaeologists that adheres striuctly to a code of non-interference and neutrality to all politics but that which affects or threatens their collections. The stacks are not public. The Libriohenaum can trace its origins back to the Mazarean Empire, and boasts libraries throughout the world, including one Eudaemonia in the Monotheocrate Order. When the Dragon Fleet returned to Hankuo, amongst the emissaries was a collection of texts and a score of researchers from the Libriohenaeum. (Touched by Gods. Penumbra 2001. p. 5)
The Viper's Watch (SG-1) A small time crew of hoods working in the Dripping Blade. The Part caught them shaking down Hobbit and Gnome refugees in the Happy ACres Refugee Camp in Riot's Gate. They also preyed upon the Hankuan merchants outside the Forgetown Market section. At least two of their members were beaten up and turned over to the authorities, several others escaped in the conflagration with the Party. (Wanted Poster)

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