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Square Kilometres: 
52,500 sqkm
Comparative Size: 
Nova Scotia




mountainous, swampy, massive saltwater lake
Land Use: 
Natural Hazards: 
wandering monsters; bandits; rock slides; active volcanoes; earthquakes;
Racial & Ethnic Groups: 
Dwarves = 40%; Humans = 21%; Half Elves = 15%; Gnomes = 5%; Elves = 4%; Hobbits = 3%; Clockworks = 1%; Other = 12%
Dwarven , Common, Half Elven Patois
Veins of Stone = 38%; Ascendant = 30%; Kith = 6%; Theonean = 5%; Attendant = 4%
Social Alignment: 
Lawful Good
Real World Inspiration: 
Government Type: 
Democractically elected state representatives and some local, though most local governance where Dwarves dominate is Clan based
Political Alignment: 
Sunterrnase Federation
Current Leader: 
Legal System: 
Sunterran Federal Law and Dwarven Code
Key Trading Partners:
Political Factions: 
Political Pressure: 
Diplomatic Relations
(Allies, Enemies): 
National Holidays: 


ALTAMONT A mountain Quilombo famous for its raucous, and sometimes deadly, chariot races.
Population: 525 (village)
BELLHOLD A mountain town off the main road out of Riot's Gate towards the Wall of the Righteous. Formerly a Quilombo, this is now prosperous town of Half-Elves, Humans and Dwarves. It is renowned for forging fine bells.
Population: XXX (village)
CAULDRON The capital of Dakar Province is literally built around the top of a long dead volcano.
Population: XXX (capital)
CINDERCONE A lakeport on Lake Dakar, this town sits on the base of the dead volcano in which the city of Cauldron is nestled. Cindercone serves as Cauldron's lakeport. There is a steamtram for goods and a road for people to reach the summit.
Population: 350 (village)
DUNWATER A town on Lake Dakar, close to the southern border of the Wasted Sea.
Population: XXX (town)
TELEMAR A laketown on the southern shore of Lake Dakar, effectively at the end of the High Wall Road before it disappears into Dakar's Lament.
Population: 1,300 (town)


Dakar's Lament
a.k.a. The Lament
A marsh on the southernmost shore of Lake Dakar. Not the largest swamp in the Mazari, but the largest portion nominally under the authority of the Federation. Garissoning the Lament is an enormous job that has recently been left to fallow as the Federationbattles for its life in the Wilderlands and plays political chess with the Monotheocrate Order and Gallant on the coast.
Dreii Undermountain The section of the Underdark beneath three Sunterran Provinces. It is the demense of no race. The migration of the exiled Steel Dwarves to this region long ago disrupted what passed for "peace" in this harsh realm. Stretches throughout the Gate, Bithal, Lake Range.
The Maddock's Mile The road from Telemar to Cauldron to Riot's Gate, effectively extending the High Wall Road all the way to the Gate. It's actually longer than a mile.


Albras (Dead) (SG-5) The drunk Dwarven captain of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Bahsten (SG-J-22) The spoiled son of a merchant in Cauldron, he joined the Zealots of the One, so she hired a thug named Dugren to find him and bring him home, kicking and screaming if necessary. Apparently , he is in Telemar.
Bilpin (SG-16) A hobbitish tobacco merchant and apothecary in Cauldron. Thalazzar left an invisible arcane mark on his shop so that it would be easy to find again.

(SG-J-22) An old halfling shopkeeper, his yondering days now well behind him, he runs Bobble's Curios, a shop filled with peculiar things in Cauldron. Donovan the maskmaker was one of his frequent customers and suppliers.

Dastard (SG-16) The laconic one-eyed female half-Ogre proprieter of Uncle Ogre's Monocle, a low-end but comfortable Inn and Tavern in Cauldron.
Donovan (?) (SG-J-22) A mysterious human mask-maker from Cauldron. He claims to have witnessed the disappearance of Janarl's people, (CLICK HERE for a description) the T'kel, from the Enclave. Afterwards he went into hiding in the woods outside Cauldron (though it was never clear to what extent he chose to do so) with a clique of Zealots of the One. He insists that the "Inbetween Men" were responsible. After he was rescued by Janarl and Durgan, the three passed out on their way back to Cauldron. When Janarl and Durgan awoke, Donovan was gone.
Gaultier, Rene (SG-18) A master bowsmith in Cauldron. He is a human. Cousin to Guy Sheffield, an armourer. Reputed to be the finest bowmaker in the city.
Grodek (SG-16) A gatekeeper in the City of Cauldron. Always looking for some inside information ion good investments.
Ilsa (SG-J-22) A priestess of a Zealots of the One street mission in Cauldron.
Kelly (SG-J-22) The cultured Orindian night manager of a bar, restaurant and boarding house called the Gaff & Bailey, in Cauldron.
Lance (SG-J-22) A clueless Half Elf acolyte of the Zealots of the One cult in Cauldron. He is very happy to be alive.
Nulzdindantilus (SG-16) An Elven Magus of the Ebb resident in Cauldron. He has expensive and exotic tastes. He resides in a white-stone tower in the Silver Stone Trade District, which required crossing a lengthy stone span to a platform in the middle of the structure where the tower split into two spindly spires that reached upwards into the sky. Thalazzar sold Kalthanalas to him.
The Phoenix Feather (SG-18) An eccentric old gnomish woman, she is a master fletcher who works with Rene Gaultier, the finest bowmaker in Cauldron.
Sheffield, Master Guy (SG-18) One of two Half elven brothers. He is an armourer who owns Sheffield Brothers Armory in Cauldron. The cousin of Rene Gaultier, a bowmaker.
Timbershins, Piotr (B-Rin) A Lake Dwarf shipbuilder of Clan Dakar. He is a shrewd businessman and conservative shipbuilder. His small indebted business was revitalized when he took Tiganis Rin's patron, Lu Rin, as a partner. Tiganis Rin was the one who organized the deal.
Tokket (5) Plake's estranged half-elven brother. He is the owner of the Bell & Clapper in the Dakari village of Bellhold. The party agreed to take him a package on Plake's behalf.
Ulgar (Dead) (B-Arek) The former Chief of Clan Dakar, Ulgar is the brother of Eriana, Arek Zaram Dakar`s mother. A hero of the Maddock`s resistance, Ulgar, with the help of over two hundred dwarves, continues to fight the Steel Dwarves on the slopes above Lake Dakar. Stocky, even by dwarven standards, Ulgar remains vicious in combat being an expert with throwing axes. He lost his right eye in a fight with a beaked creature of the Underdark that had strayed in the mountains. Having so far revealed important clues to Arek`s heritage, Ulgar still remains a mystery to the young dwarven cleric. Ulgar finds great pride in Arek`s induction in the Claimers of the Maddock but will only reveal more of Arek`s past until the young cleric has "walked under mountains, crossed the fields of battle, and crushed a few giant skulls, all for the greater glory of Moradin!" Ulgar is a hero of the Maddock's resistance. Ulgar was apparently a part of the Claimer Conspiracy and died after the Claimers opened the seal in Axes Bithtat. (Arek)
Ulgarovich, Leonid (18-Arek) The son of Ulgar. Arek's cousin. He is a priest of Moradin, a Stone Father. Leonid is two decades Arek's senior and he has always been mightily protective, more like a father than even a brother.
Urtak (Dead) (B) The former Chief Cleric of Clan Dakar.
Marshal Wali (SG-16) A Half Elven Federation Border Marshal in charge of Cauldron’s northern gate. He is as corrupt as he is unpleasant.


Clan Dakar (B-Arek) The current Maddock's Clan chose to live near the ancient city, fighting a guerrilla resistance to the Steel Dwarves on the slopes above Lake Dakar. The Maddock, meanwhile, lived in Kronos, close to the political heart of the new Dwarven state, organizing the war effort from there. You know that, 500 years ago, the disappearance of an entire generation of Clan Bithtat's male children is somehow related to the rediscovery of Axes Bithtat by your ancestors around that time.
The Gentlemen's Society (SG-18) An organization mentioned by the thug, Crux, in association with a bar in Cauldron called "Tenth Hell."
The Grizzin Guild (SG-J-22) A band of wererats in Cauldron that challenges the Gentlemen's Society for control of the city's underworld. Some of its members are associated with the city's Ratctacher's Guild.

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