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Seat of Dragon's Tears

Of the 400 ships of the Drgaon Fleet that arrived in the Mazari, 150 ships remained while the rest attempted the perilous journey home to Hankuo. Fully half of those ships, the Dragon's Tears, remained on Lake Seluna, moored at Selunaport. It is nnow as the Seat of the Dragon's Tears, to distinguish it from the portions of the Dragon's Tears that ply the Sea of Lost Souls, battling pirates, and at ports further south looking for signs of the rest of the original fleet. Today, it divides its time between its moorings at Selunaport on Lake Seluna "getting fat and playing politics." Though technically neutral in the politics of the Mazari, the remaining Emissaries of the Dragon Throne are extremely pragmatic, recognizing the value of the Maddock's leadership and the Federation's control of Axes Bithtat.

Some of the best shipyards in Selunaport are owned and operated by the Hankuan. Their original 75 ships now number close to 200, making them one of the largest fleets on teh Lake.


NUTTS The New University for Training in Technical Secrets. Frankie's Alma Mater.


Colonel Azaf (SG-21) A hero of Selunaport, prison marshal for the Great Bastion of Selunaport, bearer of the ice-halberd "Shizzladeen."
Bao Xi (SG-B-Rin) Based in Selunaport, he is a business associate of Lu Rin from Selunaport. Tiganis Rin travelled with him to Cauldron to look for business opportunities in Lake Dakar's shipbuilding indusrty.
Cecil (a.k.a. Old Cecil) (SG-25) A Half-Elven patron of the Libriohenaeum in Selunaport assigned to the Dragon Fleet. He taught Rin to read and write and tutored him in ancient land claims and patents of nobility as a favour to his mother, Li’lia T’gannis.
Corrumbley Mezazertzo, (a.k.a. Professor “Corie”)
(SG-B-Frankie) Frankie's mentor is a female Gnome who teaches Advanced Micro Technology and Kinetic Enhancement (ADMITEK) at NUTTS (the New University for Training in Technical Secrets), in Selunaport. Corie explains ADMITEK as, "Making smaller things make bigger booms." According to Pikket/Quinn of the Unspoken, following her visit to Riot's Gate, "most of the pieces of her" have been mailed back to authorities. However she died, "it wudn’t pretty."
Fezh (SG-Sn2) The elderly Human clerk at the Libriohenaeum in Selunaport.
Firiantos, Vallana (SG-B-Rin) An aging courtesan who trained Li'lia T'gannis, the mother of Tiganis Rin.
Franchesca (SG-21) A female human cleric of Kord in Selunaport.
Gladriel (SG-21) An Elven fighter in Selunaport.
Grind'l (SG-21) A Half-Elf Sorcerer in Selunaport.
Harold (SG-21) A blind Hobbit with the heart of a Kronos Dwarf, he is the owner of the Fraid Shell Inn in Selunaport.
Kenalvel'os (SG-Sn2) An Elven Proclaimer of the Libriohenauem in Selunaport.
Lu Rin (SG-B-Rin) A friend and favoured patron of Tiganis Rin's mother, Li'lia. Lin is named for him, though he is not his father. Lu Rin, a quartermaster for one of the great Dragon galleys of the Eternal Cloud fleet. He acts as Rin's guardian and benefactor.
(SG-21) Elderly arcane elementalist sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in the Great Bastion of Selunaport for mercenary work leading to the death of Federation civilians, recently escaped. Recently captured, dead.
Talin (SG-21) An Elven ranger in in Selunaport.
T’gannis, Li’lia (SG-B-Rin) Born a half-elf thrall to a lesser house of one of the River Baronies, Li’lia T’gannis would eventually escape her fate as a slave, and rise to a position of comfort and not inconsiderable power as one of Selunaport’s prominent courtesans. Rin was The mother of Tiganis Rin.
Torntul the Schapple (SG-21) The grizzled old owner of a scummy bar that specializes in watery beer and skunky spirits on the docks of Selunaport that once favoured by young Rin. A former army scout. A thief, a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel and, in his own way, a hero. He has a heavy crossbow named "Sifty" and a bastard sword named "Gladys."
Trin (SG-Sn2) An adolescent Half-Elf Researcher with the Libirohenaeum in Selunaport.
Weevil (Dead) (SG-21) A weasely, human rogue in Selunaport.
Wooden Toad (Dead) (SG-2) A Hankuan Bard of the Dragon Fleet flotilla on Lake Seluna outside Selunaport. The Companions later learned from Tiganis Rin that he had died five years ago amidst mysterious circumstances. He had travelled throughout the Mazari and was very popular amongst the nobles and commoners of the Hankuan alike (to say nothing of his popularity with other folk as well). His ballads remain popular and express his own great passion for life. During an encouner with the Inbetween Men, Tiganis Rin came to suspect strongly that Wooden Toad may actually be his father.


Bandeirantes (SG-B) Slave hunters originally organized by the fallen House Bandera of Hespan. They were responsible for opening up much of the Mazari wildlands to Terranse colonization in their relentless pursuit of new slave stock. They were largely responsible for establishing the state of Bolva in Amitlan. Today the term is widely used to refer to any slave hunting mercenaries who track down runaways.
The Earliers (SG-B-Tiberio) An organization of abolitionists that help runaway slaves into the Sunterranse Federation. Their cells operate throughout Amitlan, Terranse and the Mazari. They try to help slaves they spirit away by teaching them the basics they will need to know about their new country and their freedoms. Security is a paramount concern for the Earliers and they seldom use their names, nor do they ask to know the names of those they rescue - in fact they absolutely prefer not to know. They are all "brothers" or "sisters," distinguished from each other by their characteristics, such as, brother grey-beard, sister one-eye, but even those names are not kept for long.

(SG-B) A solemn secular order of researchers, librarians and archaeologists that adheres striuctly to a code of non-interference and neutrality to all politics but that which affects or threatens their collections. The stacks are not public. The Libriohenaum can trace its origins back to the Mazarean Empire, and boasts libraries throughout the world. When the Dragon Fleet returned to Hankuo, amongst the emissaries was a collection of texts and a score of researchers from the Libriohenaeum.

Three ranks in the order include: Researcher (a junior ranking acolyte who helps to find information for people ); Proclaimer (a middling ranking acolyte who determines the value of information and arranges exchanges); Stack Master (a high ranking specilaist in a particular field) Some Stack Master specialists in Selunaport: Stack Masters of the Monotheocrate Order, of Sentar, of Divine Beings, of the Wilderlands Beyond; Master Librarian (the head of any established Libriohenaeum library).

In Selunaport, the Libriohenaeum is situated on an ancient site that incororates existing Mazar ruins into its circular structure.

(Based on the Athenaeum in Touched by Gods. 2001. p. 5)

NUTTS (SG-B-Frankie) the New University for Training in Technical Secrets

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