Updated: 12 August 2008

Agyris A massive on-line encyclopedia of an original fantasy world, but more importantly, home of the Ultimate Gaming Table and a massive Thieves' Cant dictionary.
Armour + Weapons The Forge: pictures on a fansite for the on-line game "Gemstone" (Domaldi)
Museum Replicas: Real & imagined wepaons & amrour you can buy

Order of the Stick: (Piratecat) A very funny web comic.
Superman is a dick. Make your 3.0 "Innuendo" DC! (Piratecat)
The quirky Dragon magazine comic strip official site. (Domaldi)

Crystal Keep Massive all-source compilations of feats, skills, abilities, classes, monsters, spells, magic items, templates - WOW! Thanks Inigo!
D& D Adventures Lots of downloads - lots of cool original optional rules (Inigo)
Dragon Magazine Dragon Magazine, by Paizo Publishing - you may read this, but you may not read Dungeon! (Domaldi)
Dragon Magazine Index An index project in process. Very useful.
Reviews, Forums, News, Store... still one of the best gaming sites around.
Fantasy Metal 3 Inches of Blood (Tiberio)
Feats Netbook of Feats (Janarl)
The Hypertext D20SRD An archive of virtually all the D20 source material, plus a lot of original utilities.
Kate Monk's Onomastikon Names! Names! Names!
Kenzer Co. The creators of The Knights of the Dinner Table.
Medieval Names Names! Names! Names!
Noble Knight Games On-Line RPG store specializing in out-of-print items. Very reliable. Massive selection.
NPC Generator A campaign utility - the name says it all.
Pen & Paper Reviews, Forums, News, Shop...
Red Blade Customizable character creation & management app. Cool! (Inigo)
RPG Net Reviews, Forums, News,...
RPG Now Original Downloadable Gaming Supplements, Reviews, Forums, News Shop...
The Wizard's Tower Nimbus's inner voice.
Wizards of the Coast The Mothership!
Paper Models Wizards, Buildings
Quiz What type of Character are you?
Dungeon Terrain Molds for making your own plaster of paris dungeon terrain. Ooooo...

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