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Full Name: 
Tiganis Rin
Nickname: Blue Rin
Freesword and Sailor
Surrogate Father:
Lu Rin, retired Dragon Fleet sailor
 Li’lia T’gannis, courtesan of Selunaport
Appearance & Personality:
 Rin is a young half-elf with a slim, athletic build and obvious Hankuan blood. He has golden-tan skin, pointed ears, and hooded blue eyes. His silk-black hair reflects blue in the light and is typically cut at shoulder’s length and pulled back in a topknot. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 144 pounds.

Rin is an amiable fellow with a simple philosophy: enjoy your life and let others enjoy theirs (at least, those who deserve it). He is inquisitive without being nosy and vibrant without being obnoxious. Easygoing and good-natured, Rin has a kind heart, strong morals, and a fierce- though understated- sense of loyalty (especially to kith and kin). He has a healthy sense of humour and often looks for the greater joke in all life’s occurrences. Considering the circumstances of his upbringing, these traits more than any other reveal his strength of character (and are perhaps a testament to his mother’s character as well).


Born the same year as the great Plentok Veris’ Ascension, Rin has taken this as an auspicious sign and has attempted to model himself in the half-elf god’s image. With the tales of bravery and heroics that surround this newest member of the pantheon, Rin can hardly avoid risk or shy away from injustices. As such, the young half-elf’s clever, quick-witted, and courageous personality traits can sometimes manifest themselves as brash action in the face of adversity. Fortunately for him, quick reflexes, skill with a sword, and a so far ample supply of luck (or perhaps godly favour) have managed to keep him alive over the years (hopefully this favour holds out or his impetuous tendencies subside with experience).

Quotes + Notes:
 “The winds blow as they will” • “Let’s dance, you and I” • “Mother said there’d be days like this” • “Fate has found you on the point of my sword. How unfortunate for you.”

Rin is a bastard whoreson- that is, he was born the bastard son of a whore. A fact he neither denies nor is ashamed of. In fact, he is quite open about his past and does not take offense at the title (though he may take offense at your tone). Rin’s history really begins with that of his mother’s. Born a half-elf thrall to a lesser house of one of the River Baronies, Li’lia T’gannis would eventually escape her fate as a slave, and rise to a position of comfort and not inconsiderable power as one of Selunaport’s prominent courtesans.

-10 OE, nearly thirty years ago, the Dragon Fleet arrives in Mazari. Li’lia, only ten and still a slave when this occurs, is mostly unaware of it.

-9 OE, the family to which Li’lia is enslaved is bankrupted and forced to flee their home among the River Baronies to the more forgiving (and hopefully promising) prospects of the lands that would later become the Sunterranse Federation. The slaves they can no longer afford to feed are freed and Li’lia finds herself a free citizen at the age of ten in a strange city, Selunaport. She’s forced to mature quickly in a time and city when those who cannot fend for themselves are left to starve.

-4 OE, at the young age of fifteen, Li’lia, becomes impregnated and gives birth to a son. He has obvious Hankuan blood. Although the father’s identity is undetermined, she names him for a particular Hankuan, Lu Rin, a quartermaster for one of the great Dragon galleys of the Eternal Cloud fleet. ‘His kindness and five coppers were better than any gold piece I ever earned,’ is all she offers by way of explanation. Li’lia finds a position at a local tavern-turned brothel, called The Point and Shutter, where she works mostly as a barmaid.

Tiganis Rin is raised on the docks of Selunaport, the favourite local wharf rat amongst the sailors, fishermen, fishmongers, dockhands, whores, and other local tradesmen. He’s spoiled and tutored in whatever skills he can glean from his adopted benefactors. He remains in their good graces by following his mother’s advice to, ‘never steal from your own kind or from those who can’t afford it. The one will seek revenge for the betrayal and the other because they’ve got nothing else to lose.’

6 AI, Tiganis Rin, now ten, seeks out the man for whom he is named, and discovers in Lu Rin a kindred spirit and surrogate father. Lu Rin takes Blue Rin (as he calls Tiganis Rin for his blue eyes and hair, and also as a distinction between their two names) under his wing and introduces him to the Hankuan way of life amongst the sailors and shipwrights of the Dragon’s Tears (the remaining Hankuan fleet in Mazari) and shipyards of Selunaport.

Around this same time Li’lia, now twenty-five, is spotted for her halting beauty (her work in the tavern saved her from most of the harsher realities a typical dock whore has to endure) and striking elvan features (even- or perhaps especially- for a half-elf) and is taken under the wing of an aging, yet renowned courtesan, Vallana Firiantos. It is during this time that both Li’lia and her son gain access to a more formal education (though hers is of course a more specific field of study than that of her son) and learn how to fit in amongst ‘more respectable folk’.

19 AI, thirteen years later, Li’lia, at thirty-eight, is now a renowned courtesan still in the prime of her youth, with a long, comfortable life ahead of her. She has benefited greatly from Vallana’s tutelage. The aging courtesan in return is guaranteed a successor who will look after her long after the suitors have stopped calling.

Tiganis Rin, now twenty-three, has developed relationships amongst the rugged Hankuan noble, and at the same time maintained his friendships amongst the simple, hardy dock folk of Selunaport. ‘Never forget where you come from, Rin,’ his mother would tell him, ‘it’s where your roots are. It’s what keeps you strong.’ Lu Rin, his surrogate- and now retired- father has helped find Tiganis Rin work amongst the Dragon’s Tears. For the last two years Rin has bee serving on various vessels, hoping for some action on the Sea of Lost Souls, or at least some skrimishes with privateers and pirates on Lake Seluna. Given Lu Rin’s protective nature and desire not to see his young ward in harm’s way, he instead sent him to accompany a business associate of his looking to buy out a Dwarven shipbuilder on Lake Dakar.

3.5e Stats: 
Hankuan Half-Elf
Neutral Good
Strength 13
Dexterity 17
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14
17 (T: 13) (FF: 14)
Armour & Clothes:
Explorer’s outfit, Chainshirt
Rapier, Dagger, Shortbow
Magic Items:

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