Updated: 24 March 2009


Session 33
Burying a Friend
In response to a description of how a Clockmakers transfers xp to a new Clockwork.
: "Is that what it's like to have kids? [They] drain your life force?"

Frankie is dead
Thalazzar: "Did she leave Thalazzar anything?"
Janarl: "A dirty look."


Janarl: (Explaining his character origins) "I was trained by fairies..."
Overheard: "Not that there's anything wrong with thaty..."

  The Gnomish militia is calmed by Nimbus, but frustrates him in refusing to quit the battlefield as he suggested
DM: "No one said that courage was wise."
  (There is a lightning strike atthe top of the Clocktower)
Overheard: "Back to the Future!"
  Thalazzar: “What's it going to do?”
Nimbus: “Destroy the village.”
Thalazzar: “That's OK with me.”
  Thalazzar, realizing that the Inevitable has come for Frankie's remains
“Maybe they want to kill her again.”
  Calibre, successfully resisting a compulsion
“I am a priest of Cable the Liberator. You cannot command me. We are free!”
Session 32
Assembling the Companions
Janarl: "This madness that is prophecy is the current in which I swim."

Nimbus: "Only together can we battle the One."
Gringash: "Yes we can!"

  Nimbus: "Is there anything you need?"
Gringash: "A skull to bury."
  Rin: (responding to the insnane artist cackling at the foot of the volcano) "Don't drink your own paint."
  Janarl: (after a pack of Howlers creeps up on him) "I'll be double-moving back to where there's more hit points."
  Hashar: "Your coming here is as water flowing to the sea."
Ts'Elf: "I refuse to be diluted!"
  Rin: (responding to the irritating paint construct servant in Hashar's residence) "I'm not opposed to Gringash smashing this guy."
  Nimbus: "Can I cover up?"
Rin:: "We got cloaks up the hoo-hah. What do you want your cloak to do?"
Solo Two

Stack Master of the Libriohenaeum: "We've had members of our order driven mad attempting to learn the language of the Nephilim."
Nimbus: "I didn't claim to be sane. Some things are best left unknown."

  Master Librarian of Selunaport: "When it comes to politics, knowledge bears no allegiance."
  Nimbus: "We must weave a story. We battle the One tonight."

Solo Two

Ts'Elf: (to Shadowcog after his first kill) "Don't get cocky kid."

Solo One
Thalazzar & Tiberio

Thalazzar: "What happens in the Outlands, stays in the Outlands."
Session 31
The Battle of the Thala Sanat
Nimbus (dice roll): "Nice... 52!"
  Tiberio: "For those of you about to rock, I +2 you."
  DM: "You are no longer invisible."
Protestors: "Yes he is. He has Improved Invisibility."
DM: "...but you are invisible."
  Frankie = the wench with the wrench
  Frankie: "I'm rearranging his internal workings. He calls them organs."
  DM: "The 'mazing laser hits the Hut."
  DM: (referring to Nimbus): "Attack the calmness."
  Sroasa: "The Daisy Cutter is on its way."
"Thanks for telling me after I got the shit kicked out of me."
  Tiberio: "Mercenaries that can't be trusted? What's teh world coming to?"
  Tiberio (who lost his front teeth) = the redneck bard
  Ezh-Ire (dying): "Tallim? Safe?"
Someone: "Not yet."
Ezh-Ire: "Then... we've failed... (*CROAK*)"
"You could have just lied. Throw the dying dog a bone."
  Thalazzar: "In the shadows, behind the Captain, I summon a demon."
Tiberio: "Never been so happy to see a hideous thing."
  Nimbus (who is naked) = he took a vow of nudity
Session 30
Fear & Justice
Frankie is disappointed that her crossbow does so little damage against the Greater Fihyr
Frankie: "Four damage...?"
Rin: "Kills it."
  Tiberio: "Greater Invisibility, cast on self... uh, myself not T'Self."

Tiberio, defiant in his insistence that the Companions not leave St. Cuthbert to the swarm of Fihyr
"I don't really feel like abandoning Justice to death!"

  Rin: "He's got a +2 fricking sword of awesomeness!"


On the "Intelligence" of Thalazzar's summoned fiends...
Rin: "They're manglers not minglers."


Attacking the Greater Fihyr
Rin: "Seven damage. Unless it's an Elf..."


Tiberio, Rin and T'Self are blinded by their vision of St. Cuthbert's world. They call out to the Companions.
Thalazzar: "Marco...!"


Rin (blinded): "Is that the big dark blur I see or the big light blur?"
Thalazzar: "Save that for the sand barge."


Upon discovering that Baba Yaga's Hut is on the Theonean sand barge
Tiberio: "So we do have a hut on the sand barge..."
Session 29
Baba Yaga
Frankie probes Ts'elf's inards
DM: "Something moved and trapped your tool."
Tiberio: "Your tool is trapped."
  Frankie cracks open Ts'elf again
Ts'elf: "Do I get an anaesthetic?"
  Baba Yaga: "Tell me, what is your deepest secret?"
Tiberio: "Would you take my second deepest secret?"

Session 28

Frankie to Mohadir
“How in the blinking blazes of mighty malfunctions did you get here?”
  A Blue Slaad ambushes the party in the Wizard's mill
“Is that a pressing concern?”
Session 27
Arek's Battlecry
"For Swampjaw!"
Session 26
Tiberio: "Let there be rock, +2 all around."
Rin: "Called out to the Gods of Rock."
  Talking about the single tooth that a Red Cap leaves behind when it dies
Frankie: "I don't want to carry around one of those disgusting things!"
Rin: "I'm braiding one into my hair!"
Session 25
Nimbus: "Perhaps some sufferring woudl do you some good."
Mastof: "I suffer every day."
  Janarl, on the colour of Mastof's soul...
"Take a white cloth, dip it in black ink, wring it out in blood..."
  Mastof: "Shall we go back to the future?"
  Mastof considering a twenty year head-start on his Soap Soldier business
"I have a head start! Imagine the compound interest!"
  Mastof: "I wouldn't trust me at all. I barely trust myself."
  Nimbus just destroyed the undead centaur being prepared to serve itself for dinner
"There's something wrong with dinner. Isn'yt it supposed to be moving?"
  Mastof to Nimbus
"I've kind of done my best to be the 'good dad'."
  Prerparing to avoid the death gaze of the Bodak during battle
Mastof: "I can blind one of you."
Nimbus: "We can close our eyes!"
  Mastof and Nimbus, disguised,take a long time in Mastof's quarters and Aea's laboratory
Aea: "What is taking them so long? Are the lovers?"
Janarl: "What!? [PAUSE] Do not speak!"
Session 24
Debts of the Father, Paid by the Son
Frankie: "In all the confusion, he bites him-Ts'elf."
  Frankie: "Note to self..."
Ts'elf: "Do you need my help?"
  The Companions ask Nimbus what has happened to his glowing aura...
Nimbus: "There is an eclipse on my soul."
  Nimbus learns that Mastof may actually be his father...
Nimbus: "I've paid your debt. Now you must pay mine!"
  The DM speaks as Janarl after he helpfully throws himself into the creavasse
"I regret nothing!"
  Nimbus jumps into the abyss, trusting that Thalazzar and his fiensdish crow will catch him.
Nimbus: "It's a leap of faith."
"Go Indy."
Nimbus: "My stunt double can do this."
Session 23
Death & Lavendar

Frankie announces she has taken the Scientific Methodology feat
DM: "Ergo dedtucto!"
Tiberio: "Ergo deducto?"


Crux, one of Ivindof's men, has been calmed by Nimbus's aura
"Return home. You have nothing to fear."
Crux: "You don't know what fear is."
He shrugs and walks away.
Rin: "Well, that doesn't sound good."

  DM: "Janarl informs you that about 80 feet on, the path..."
Nimbus: "...Opens up into the encounter."
  Nimbus: "Hello, my name is Nimbus. I am here to free you from your master so you can play with the undead as much as you want."
Nothic: "Hello Nimbus, my name is Nithnic-athnic. I am going to eat you."
  DM: "Where's Tyconderoga...?"
Thalazzar: "On my shoulder. I gave her some Dream."
DM: "...in a bag.
  Nimbus: "What kind of math are you using?"
DM: "The kind of math where I win."
Session 22
Less than a League Above a Lake
Thalazzar, experiencing some major Dream withdrawl, pukes inside his diving helmet
Tiberio: "Just say 'no' Thalazzar."
  Discussing how to sneak a Half-Elf and a Clockwork into the Monotheocrate Order
Rin: "I could do the Spock headband..."
  After being blasted by Yithic magic
Ts'Elf: "I don't think my senses have wound up yet."
  Upon learning that Ivindof Golgadin is amongst those guarding the entrance to the passage beneath the Wall of the Righteous
"Diplomacy is out of the question."
Nimbus: "We'll kick their ass, then tell them our story."
  DM: "The crossbowman fires at you."
Nimbus: "At me?"
DM: "Yes."
Nimbus: "Yeah whatever."
Session 21
Race Against Rin

Thalazzar: "Take the kobold with you."
Calibre: "If I take the kobold with me, he will die."
Tiberio: "Take the kobold with you."

Session 20
Clockwork Blue
Tiberio trying tofigure out how he can use his music while underwater
Nimbus: "Tiberio unplugged."
  Boarding the derelict submarine on the Elemental Plane of Water,
Someone asks:
"Do we split up?"
Tiberio: "N! O!"

Ts'elf figures out how to use the grease pencils and boards to send messages underwater
Nimbus: "Note to

  DM: "I hit Nimbus and I thought I'd feel good."
  Nimbus: "How many sharks can there be on the Plane of Water?"
  Thalazzar: "A vile water mephit. It fouls the water around it."
Tiberio: "No peeing in the pool, man."
  Nimbus: "There's a madness to your mephit."
Session 19
House Golgadin
Facing a room full of undead
Tiberio: "It's Thriller."
  DM: "I feel like I'm playing Zombies."
Nimbus: "It's a no brainer."
  Dragana's last words...
Tiberio: "I summon a celestial blackbear."
Dragana: "We bear-ly survived."
  Trying Diplomacy with a Flesh Golem
Nimbus: "I activate my tongues ability to speak to it. Is anyone home?"
DM: "You hear an echo."
  Ts'Elf: "Apologies. Magic malfunctioned."
Dragana: "Welcome to the party!"
  With the aid of Silverleaf Weed, Thalazzar awakens from a Dream-induced deleirum
DM: "He [Thalazzar] throws up over whoever is in front of him."
Dragana: (elated) "Master!"
Session 18
“We Came, We Saw, We Rocked”

Tiberio: "I may have a connection that can get us into the Order."
Arek: "How can this be? We just got to town!"
Tiberio: "We came, we saw, we rocked."

  Thalazzar: "If you're a beggar, who's taken a vow of poverty, what do you beg for?"
Nimbus: "Humility."
  The Cuthbertian priest, Wulfgar, reveals that the Companions are the key to a great divination cast by his Church
Thalazzar: "I fail to see how this is important."

Wulfgar (Speaking of Woden): "Can any Wizard be trsuted?"
Thalazzar: "I can."
Nimbus: "No."

  Tiberio: "I give a little fondle to the maid."
DM: "Make a role."
  Dragana, wailing to Tiberio over the disappearance of Thalazzar
"He's the best Master ever!" (PAUSE) "You're the second best Master ever."
  DM: "You enter the kitchen followed by a kobold?"
Tiberio: "Uhm..."
Dragana: "This is not sneaking."

Tiberio Sound Check


Dragana: "Can I trap the door?"
Nimbus: "The trap is, the kobold comes out of hiding and swings the sword."


Innuendo in the leathershop
Arek: "Put the ball in his mouth."
Shopkeeper (peaking out of the back room): "I'm ready..."

  Tiberio: "What's the DC for a blow job?"
Frankie: "Make a 'Performance' check."
  "We're with the band, man..."
Frankie: "I'm the techie."
Arek: "I'm the muscle."
Nimbus: "I'm the spiritual adviser" ("Ravi Nimbus!")
  Tiberio scores in the closet, while Dragana looks on from a sack
Dragana: "You didn't see what I was doing with my tail." (PAUSE) "I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada."
  Facing a door with a nasty trap, with wall scyethes, and whirling posioned blades
Tiberio: "Step out of the room and throw the gnome at the door."
Dragana: "I like where your head is at."
Tiberio: "I mean the kobold."
  Getting through a series of tricky trapped doors
Dragana: "Gnome and kobold, working together!"
Session 17
The Dirty Half Dozen
Vladic: "You can lead at the front. I'll be at the back."
  "Our rensezvous is the battle."

DM: "Someone's running at you."
Posey: "I stop."
DM: "They are still running."
Posey: "I stop again."

  Posey: "I have a horn brother."
Braven: "Tell me that wasn't you who blew that back there."
  Ennis Maggot (to Domaldi): "As the mountain falls, so falls your innocence."
  Posey: "Brother, what is happening."
Braven: "We have aided the Horde against the Federation. We have caused a terrible evil. Let me sum it up... FOLLOW ME!"
Braven rages into combat against the advancing Horde
Session 16
Swampjaw, go back to town and get the sheriff...”
  Janarl, as he demolishes a kobold scavenger in Krin
"Get out of my village!"
Session 15
That Which Stalks the Night
Arek to Inigo: "Perhaps your master will drink my blood, but you will feel the blows of Unity first." • "Perhaps I will not see the rise of the sun, but I will take you with me."
  Nimbus moves behind the vampire, Inigo
"Daylight has arrived."
  Player: This guy is tough!
DM: Hey man, he's not a "wuss-pire."
  Nimbus to Inigo: "Fight me and you will be destroyed."
Tiberio: "You taunt him a second time."
  Thalazzar: "I begin to open a gate to the Nine Hells."
DM: "Oh, so you vote Tory."
(Choose your Canada!)
  Nimbus to a vampire: "Your nights are numbered!"
Session 14
Taint of the Devourer
DM: (to Frankie) "You hear the unmistakable sound of your comrades in arms getting it on..."
Table Talk: What! Woo-hoo! etc.
DM: "Not that type of getting it on!"
Tiberio: "Brokeback Dungeon."
  An undead gnoll takes 4 damage from Nimbus's aura of goodness
Thalazzar: "That's more damage than you've done in a long time."
Around the Table: Ooooooooo!
  Thalazzar: "My creature is immune to fire. It's from hell."
  Commenting on Zayda
Tiberio: "She weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood..."
Session 13
Ancient & Unspeakable
Janarl: "Heroes do not solve problems with words that they can solve with swords."

After dealing with the Torture Chamber, and its gruesome contents...
Player 1: "Ok, we search the room."
Player 2: "What are the stomach contents?"

Session 12
Darkness Falls
Nimbus (babbling in confusion): "The ripples collide and cloud my mind, the ripples collide and cloud my mind, the ripples collide and cloud my mind, the ripples collide and cloud my mind..."
  Tiberio: "Given my knowledge of oral magic... (howls of derisive laughter) ...that Frankie can vouch for."
  Domaldi dies and the party gets a right royal whoopin'
"Thalazzar, you motherfucker!"
  Arek: "The dice fell out of my hand, does that count?"
  Tiberio: "Is there anything unusual about Nimbus's behaviour, besides wierdness?"
  Frankie: "He [Calibre] could be evil."
Tiberio: "In which case we kill him and get lots of xp."
  Nimbus: "Perhaps we should learn more about this place?"
Tiberio: "I have a backpack full of more."    
  Eager to go back into the dungeon
: "I am ready to face the darkness alone..."
  A Heironean Inquisitor awaits the party in Folha's grove and confiscates Domaldi's body
Lokiyar: I will deliver this fallen knight to proper justice.
Tiberio (in disgust): The only fallen knight I see stands before me.
Session 11
Flame & Shadow
Nimbus: "Do Clockworks dream...?"
Tiberio: "Of Electric Sheep?"
  Thalazzar: "Would you like a muffin of Heironeous?" (???)
  Domaldi: "Lo, foul darkness, I will strike you until you bleed daylight!"
Session 10
Stumbling Into Depths
The Party tries to decide what to do with its usual acumen...
DM: “I am in Dungeon Master Hell!”
  Who has a torch?
Domaldi to Nimbus: “Don't you glow?”
  Having battled a water elemental
Thalazzar: “Our ass was kic