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Cradle: Elves
Typical Countries: N/A

Background & Details

The Lunar Elves worship Sentar as a sort of Gaia force they call the Dreamer or the House of the Last Dream. Planetae is not a “Power” such as the Wild, the Vile or the Valiant. Nor is the Subject of Devotion a personal deity such as one of the Anthropomorphic gods. Attuning one-self to the Planetae requires training in a devoted Monastery to teach the faithful to “listen” to their Subjects of Devotion. Doing so, allows the faithful to tap into the enormous power that surrounds them. To those who worship traditional deities or powers, their gods are the portal to the power that flows in the Ley Lines, their devotion is the key. Those who worship the Planetae, in essence, tap directly into the Ley Lines themselves.

Some of the tenants of the religion are as follows:
• Each of Dakar, Seluna, Sentar, Sular, the Three Pillars and Steel Stone are conscious entities. Each is a manifestation of the divine power of the whole.
• Balance and fairness in all dealings

Those who revere Sentar have a patron site - some prominent geographical feature of the world such as Lake Dakar, the Bithtat Sengar River, the Lake Range Mountains, the Wasted Sea, the Sengar Wood, the Sea of Lost Souls, and, even the Pillars and the Wall of the Righteous. These things are not "gods" but they are "manifestations" of Sentar's Life Force - called the Preservation - and to those attuned with Sentar's rhythms (such as yourself and the Lunar Elven Priests). Each of these sites is a manifestation of Sentar and offers Sentar's holy men access to a different Domains, and Patron Feats. Patron Feats are unique abilities available to anyone who adheres to the Planetae belief system. Activating a Patron Feat takes up a feat slot. The highest religious experience any faithful of Planetae can experience is a Geotranscendence – that is, to become a living part of the Subject of Devotion. Doing so may unlock secrets and reveal hidden truths, though it is a physically taxing, thoroughly exhausting, and even dangerous, experience.

Anyone who worships the Planetae has access to the Senatrean Feat, Ley Sight, and need not be a "3rd level caster" as per the pre-requisite.

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Clerics of Planetae may access any two of the following domains: the four Pantheon domains, any of those related to their specialized Subjects of Devotion, and, if they have a patron site, any of those as well.

Favoured Weapon
Creation, Life, Renewal, Time
Air, Emotion, Trickery
Oracle, Water, Weather
Sentar (The House of the Last Dream; the Dreamer)

Dream, Earth, Liberation, Mentalism + Patron Site Dependen

Fire, Hope, Sun
Three Pillars Ca
Chaos, Destruction
Worshipped as a Trinity
Law, Domination
Balance, Healing
Steel Stone
Magic, Portal, Strength

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Patron Sites
Patron SIte
Patron Feat
Asfar Sea Ocean, Tyrant, Water  
Atamara Desert Fate, Hunger, Sun  
Axes Bithtat Destruction, Dwarf, Portal  
Amagwa River Joy, Mysticism, Water  
Bithtat Sengar River Time, Travel, Water  
Colonial Hills Courage, Earth, Metal  
Dakar's Lament Repose, Shadow, Water  
Devil's Horn Mountains Earth, Knowledge, Protection  
Dreii Undermountain Cavern, Darkness, Earth Dreiig
Eanraia River Earth, Liberation, Water Eanrayan
Gold Coast Passion, Ocean, Weather Orran
Highmoor Gap Earth, Retribution, War Highmoorish
Io Dragon, Good, Portal Ionian
Iron Hills Destruction, Earth, Metal Ferrous
Jungles of Divinity Animal, Dominion, Plant  
Land's Edge Wood Animal, Plant, Summoner Edgewood
Lake Dakar Artifice, Moon, Water Dakarii
Lake Seluna Commerce, Moon, Water Selunarean Navigation
Lake Sular Oracle, Sun, Water Sularean Divination
Lakerange Mountains Community, Earth, Strength  
Maruss Ocean Storm, Ocean, Water  
Meta Sea Illusion, Ocean, Water  
Middlesea Luck, Ocean, Water  
Old Man's Wood Animal, Madness, Plant  
Plains of the Horselords Celerity, Endurance, Storm  
Sea of Lost Souls Glory, Ocean, Water  
Sea of the Serpant Men Ocean, Scalykind, Water  
Sengar Wood Animal, Fey, Plant  
Storm Cliffs Earth, Storm, Wrath  
Tg Dragon, Evil, Portal  
Twareg Flow Pact, Pleasure, Water  
Uxrhek-Vo River Purification, Suffering, Water  
Varuss March Repose, Trickery, Watery Death  
Wall of the Righteous Craft, Force, Protection  
Wasted Sea Hatred, Scalykind, Watery Death  
Watchers' Canyon Chaos, Earth, Summoner  
Wilderland Mountains Air, Earth, Orc  
Windland Plains Elf, Mind, Renewal  
Wyrm Wood Life, Magic, Plant  

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The Teaching of Nimbus, Sentar's Light

The Luminous Web

“… and so as I have explained, the true nature of all that exists is everything else that exists. Things are not things by themselves, that is to say they are empty of dependent existence, as non-self emptiness. We are the result of our parents or creators; we would not exist without them. Nor would we exist without food, water or shelter. Furthermore, we would not exist if the conditions for our parents to meet had not come to be. We shall live on after we die in stories and even be seen in the influences we have had on others. If we examine closely we discover that we are affected by everything we come in contact with and thus everything that everything comes in contact with. This self emptiness means we are interconnected and interdependent with all of Life. Indeed Life is like a luminous web where each and every thing reflects outward towards each and every other thing that once existed, exists now or will exist in the future.

“Consider the calm surface of Lake Sular. At first glance it might appear to be simply a calm lake. Even looking closely you would not be able to tell one drop of water from the next. If you threw a rock upon its surface you might notice ripples moving out like expanding circles. Eventually theses circles would collide and send more ripples out in all directions. However if you consider that the lake is actually made up of countless drops of water, each constantly affecting each other, then you may begin to understand the true nature of everything; for the smallest grain of salt put into the water ceases to be and becomes part of the entire lake. But the lake is not just in the lake, it is in the air, it is in the clouds, it is in the rain. Furthermore it is the creatures that drink or breathe, in those that eat them, in the ground were they died, in the plants that grew in that spot and perhaps even in the lotus plucked from that very spot and is now floating upon the calm waters of Lake Sular. If you observe carefully you will realize that Sentar is Life. It has a consciousness of its own and a will for Life. You are with it, indeed a part of it. Once you have removed the barrier in your mind that separates your “self” with it you will be with all of Life. This is known as Geotranscendence.

“Once we realize that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us we must treat others as precious bringers of Life. Every sentient being is part of the Web of Life and thus a part of every other sentient being. There is no difference between our enemy and us. We may not exist in the future if we destroy or harm our enemy now. You must at all times treat others as you would treat Sentar itself, for what are we all but part of Sentar. You must especially follow the path of Non-violence and the path of Mindful existence. Non-violence does not mean that we remain indifferent to the world. On the contrary, it means that we are fully engaged with it realizing clearly the impact that our actions have. We must help and nurture all that is part of life. Death too is part of life and we must not fear it. When we die we continue to do the biddings of Sentar. We will still be as we once were, as we shall always be. Undeath is entirely another matter. It is not the way of Sentar, not the way of life. The grip of undeath can be loosened, allowing Sentar to restore the natural relationship between Death and Life to that which was once its.”

(a curious student interrupts). “What about the One?”

“We shall discuss the One other day. For now all I can say is that the One is nothing and Life is everything. Life is a Luminous Web while the One is the absence of this Luminescence. That is not to say they are separate nor is it to say they are a duality. Within Life, within everything exist nothing. Even as the beginning began, the end was there. So within Life exists the One. However, within the One there is nothing, not even the smallest grain of anything. Let us return to our subject of the day and hope that the Last Dream never comes to its end.”

“You must cultivate the path of Mindful existence. You must constant meditate on the true nature of your existence and remain in the present. The present is the key to affecting Life, the only time for affecting everything that is. If your mind is clear in the present you will be able to affect your parents in the past as well as everything that might come to be in the future…”

Nimbus pauses as the students break out in a Mantra…

So long as Life remains,
So long as the Last Dream exists,
I too shall remain to sow its seeds
Across time and space.

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