Village of Peppershot 


A tourist brochure for beautiful Peppershot. It was found stuffed in-between the pages of Frankie's schematics journal..

Welcome to Peppershot!

Good day gentle traveler, and welcome to Peppershot! Peppershot is a humble village situated in the greater Sunterrance, home to great innovation and a promoter of education in all of it's finest forms.

Brief History: Peppershot began as a gathering place for tinkers, who found opals littering small caves in the local hillsides. As gnomes began to gather, a village sprang up, and knew prosperity. After twelve years, give or take a cycle, a crafty kobold leader, known to his followers as "Seeth the Nozzle", gathered up a few tribes of kobolds and prepared them to raze and pillage our village.

Even in the village's youth, our founders were prepared. A tinker and militiaman by the name of Peppershot was out on patrol when he spotted the kobolds creepin' down the western bounds. He hurried back, and the militia force organized themselves. The battle that took place went down in history as "Peppershot's Run". Even though the kobolds greatly outnumbered the defenders, Militiaman Peppershot seemed to be everywhere, firing bolts from his x-bow and taking down a kobold with each hit. The kobold leader began to realize that he had to kill Peppershot, so ran up to face him. Peppershot walked out to face him in turn, and in the immortal words taken down by our first mayor, the honourable investigative reporter Ellantinum, "On the count of three, lets get busy".

Seeth snarled, "To the count of three, then I run you through gnome!" Grinning, Peppershot counted to two then quickly shot the kobold leader dead on in the head.

Most of the other kobolds did not have the education to realize the gnome's trick, and began to flee believing their leader was bested.

Ever since then, the village of Peppershot has been left in relative peace!

Peppershot nowadays: Peppershot is a thriving community, where the word peasant stands for "poor education", and we don't want none of that!

If you want to live in a peaceful setting and contribute to our society, your children and you are entitled to good gnomish education!

We are governed by a council representing different aspects of our community, presided over by a lord mayor who is in charge of investigative reporting and our community paper.

Peppershot attractions: Peppershot has been noted for many of the fine tinkers that have been educated in the village. Our tavern, "The Scholar's Schema", hosts the infamous "Smartening up drink" (0.1% alcohol).

Peppershot civil enforcement: Being a law-abiding community, we ask those visiting us for a short time to behave in a civil manner. If you have any questions, or require aid, any of our militia men wearing the "red and steel" tabard can be of assistance. Please remember that our clockworks are full members of our society, and offenders who insults or attempts to abduct them, will be sentenced under the full penalty of the law.

The village council and mayor wish you a pleasant stay in Peppershot!


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