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Seven heroes united during a dreadful nightmare. Only six awoke to find each other all too real in the mountaintop capital of the Sunterranse Federation, Riot's Gate. The seventh, they discover, is both the apprentice of a mysterious and powerful wizard and the hidden heir to the exiled Orindish Throne. To unlock the mystery of their shared dream, the heroes must learn to work together in a world engulfed in war and drained of magic; to find the Princess, they must cross into the ominous lands of the Monotheocrate Order, beyond the Wall of the Righteous and face the secrets of its terrible god, the One.

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Welcome to the Mazari! It is an ancient continent on the world of Sentar, filled with adventure and intrigue. A new political order has emerged from the ashes of the Dwarven Civil War and a slave revolt in the Old Terranse colonies. The Sunterranse Federation is a confederate democracy, inspired by the Hobbit philosophers of the Downelands in the north.

Twenty years on, even the gods acknowledge that the alliance of idealists of all races and runaway Half-Elven slaves, Elven bedouin and Dwarven monarchsists is a force to be reckonend with. Its enemies, however, are everywhere and the Federation is under seige from all sides and from within! Whether it survives will depend the great deeds of brave heroes.

“A collective work in progress,” that's the best way to describe the setting, the story and this web site. We are thirtysomethings from all walks of life brought together every few weeks by our love of high fantasy and epic storytelling. Using edition 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons, we are building this fantastic world together as we go. It is our hope that, long after the Shades of Grey story-arc is complete, Sentar, the Mazari, Riot's Gate and our web site will live on to see further adventures and continue growing. Whether you begin with this orientation page or back at the Portcullis index page, you will find there's a lot here, and a lot more to come. If something seems incomplete or doesn't seem to make sense... just use your imagination to fill in the blanks. We do. We invite you, then, gentle reader, to explore and lose yourself a while in our world.
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