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Alexi Company (GT) A haggard Company based in Forward Advance. During the Brute Invasion It has been fighting a rear-guard action since the Fall and have been collecting collapsed units and stragglers ever since. Under Gunther's Command, it rescued the 91st Sunfalls Regiment and the Chieftan of the Sunterran Orcs, Ogram. It is usallly commanded bya dwarf named Boram.
Bandeirantes (B) Slave hunters originally organized by the fallen House Bandera of Hespan. They were responsible for opening up much of the Mazari wildlands to Terranse colonization in their relentless pursuit of new slave stock. They were largely responsible for establishing the state of Bolva in Amitlan. Today the term is widely used to refer to any slave hunting mercenaries who track down runaways.
The Barren Night (3) A criminal organization in Riot's Gate.
Berin Company (GT) A Company based in Forward Advance.
Blue Conch Mercenary Company (B-Thalazzar) A notorious goblin mercenary company based north of the River Baronies near in the Land's Edge Wood. It sells its blood-soaked services to the cruel tyrants along the Bithtat Sengar. Its wizards are infamous "mechanics" who specialize in crafting and stealing destructive magic items.
Campei Company (GT) A Company based in Forward Advance.
The Circle of Eight (8) The Council of Elders that advises King Kausat, the leader of the Grizzled Scale Lizardfolk tribe in the Lonesome Vast.
Claimers of the Maddock

(B-Arek) a group of dwarves of noble descent, fiercely loyal to the person of the Maddock and what he represents to Dwavres more than they are loyal to what he represents to the Federation. The Claimers frequently venture in the underground sections of Axes Bithat to reclaim part of the lost city for the greater glory of the Maddock. The Claimers are comprised only of the noble offspring of the clans surrounding Axes Bithat / Riot's Gate. It is an elite guard, dedicated to bringing back the greater glory of the ancient dwarvish kingdoms. Graduated Claimers are all trusted members of the clans surrounding Axes Bithtat and de facto Wardens of the Watch in Riot's Gate. They are entrusted with many secrets of the Undercity and the Dwarven race. The section of Axes Bithtat that was opened up after the First Great Seal of the Stone Druids had been opened, had been abandoned for years - its hallowed halls emptied of Dwarves and infested with creatures of the Underdark! Besides that, the Stone Druids left traps everywhere during their retreat. Claimers require a great deal of training to ensure they die in battle, not at the hands of some diabolical device. Most serious, however, is the next Great Seal! No one had been in any hurry to break that one - and its warnings were taken much more seriously... at least for a while. In an apparent act of betrayal that few understand, but regardless know as the Claimer Conspiracy, the Claimers of the Maddock

Companions of the Eye In reference to the fateful Eye of Independence eclipse, this is the title the party began using for itself while it was in the Lonesome Vast. Arek, Calibre, Domaldi, Frankie, Janarl, Nimbus, Tiberio, Thalazzar, Rin and Ts'Elf.
Conclave of Voices (Sn1) The order founded by Nimbus, intent on building a web of tales capable of holding back the advance of the One.
Crawler Below Cultists
a.k.a. Cult of the Pig
(21) Obese Gnomish followers of Urdlen, a Gnomish demi-god of greed, hatred and uncontrolled impulses, and probably a anthropomorphic manifestation of one the Vile . They are known for their dark druidic magic and corrupted "chaos pigs" all covered in blue war paint.
The Daisy Cutter (MOVIE) (16) A medium sized dirgibile captained by the itinerant Clockmaker, Sparks Kantankerin, Frankie's prodigal Uncle.
The Dirty Half Dozen (17) Six prisoners of the Heironean Inquisition selected for a virtual suicide mission against a Brute encampment in exchange for completing, they would not have to face justice for their crimes. The success or failure of their mission would be interpreted as a sign of Heironeous's own judgment. They were: Domaldi Justinian, Braven Umbermoon, Posey, Victor Franco (a.k.a. Ennis Maggot), D'en Waterslough, and Vladic Granitefingers
Divine Guardians (B-Inigo) What passes for an army in Divnity. They spend most of their time fighting the Revolutionary of Army of Divinity, but they also engage in skrimishes with the private militias of the Dream Cartels as well. Battles with the Cartel are less about fighting an active threat to the state than a convenient matter of one big Dream dealer raiding a nother being Dream dealer's Dreamstock. The Divine Guardians do this mostly to fund corrupt politicians and generals and to keep themselves supplied.
Dream Cartels (B) The Dream Cartels are powerful merchant houses based largely in Divnity that control every aspect of the trade of the drug, Dream, including massive Dream Herds.
Dreamstock (B-Inigo) Also called Dream Herds, these pour souls literally have their life force extracted to form the potent drug Dream, used for religious ceremonies and as a social control in the Monotheocrate Order, in Divnity it is almost strictly a source of income, or an escape for the wretched Dream addicts that fill its cities. Most Dreamstock are peasants, slaves, kidnap victims, captured soldiers, and whoever is unfortunate enough to fall into the Dreamfarmer's clutches. Most Dreamstock are human. In Divinity, most combatants maintain a Dreamstock from which they continue to extract their golden drug.
Dripping Blade (B) An up and coming Thieves Guild that has been making a name for itself in Riot's Gate, particularly for its amateurish brutality. They have risen to strength amidst the power vacuum left by the slaughter during the massive gang war on Black Moraday. Their rise to infamy has been aided by the preoccupation of authorities with the Invasion of the Horde in the East, the Orindish crisis and the flare of tensions with Monotheocrate Order, and the great number of victims provided by the tide of refugees into the Gate.
Druid Council of Maywind (Sj1) An order of Druids that long protected the wilderness of the area around Bithal. It established Folha's Grove at the site of the Devourer. It is not certain that the order any longer exists.
The Earliers (B-Tiberio) An organization of abolitionists that help runaway slaves into the Sunterranse Federation. Their cells operate throughout Amitlan, Terranse and the Mazari. They try to help slaves they spirit away by teaching them the basics they will need to know about their new country and their freedoms. Security is a paramount concern for the Earliers and they seldom use their names, nor do they ask to know the names of those they rescue - in fact they absolutely prefer not to know. They are all "brothers" or "sisters," distinguished from each other by their characteristics, such as, brother grey-beard, sister one-eye, but even those names are not kept for long.
The Eastern District Watch (2) The Eastern District Watch in Riot's Gate is the police constabulary for the Steel Ward, the Dock Ward, the Craftsman's Quarter and Fortress Hill - each once having had a Watch of their own. Its employees are overworked and exhausted. They are patrolling four districts at a fraction ot their strength to patrol one. The invasion in the Northeast and the political crises on the coast have tapped the city's resources to the breaking point.
The Ebb (B) Established by the heroes who battled the Nephilim 40 years ago when the First Great Seal of the Stone Druids was opened. They were Wizards of all levels, from the College of Magic outside Riot's Gate.
Elven Nationalist Movement (N.M.E.) (B) Base in the Sunterran province of Windhome Plains, the Elven Nationalists Movement is largely a culmination of hundreds of years of frustration and resentment on the part of the Windhome Elves for being consistently marginalized by the fast-breeding and shorter lived humans. It's leadersand adherents are well-placed throughout the military and bureaucracy of the Federation. Its most benign articulation can be found in the criticism of any policy that is seen to dilute Elven influence over their own lands. Lately a particularly extreme and secessionist wing of the of the Movement has emerged in the guerilla societies of Military Windhomes. For them, it is not enough that the Windhome Plains gain its own independence, but that the Federation itself fail. They tend to be very conscientious about "who is an Elf," and many members do not regard Lunar Elves as true Elves.
Eternal Cloud Fleet (B) The Eternal Cloud is the largest portion of the of the Dragon Fleet, the largest at 4,000 ships and nearly 40,000 men, arrived in the Mazari 30 years ago.
Federation Border Marshalls (16) Those who guard the borders of the Sunterran Federation and its cities are highly organized. As the Federation's front line, they control citizenship and customs.
Feraln Elves (B) A race of bloodthirsty sea-going Elves, who often appear grotesquely deformed and mutilated, the Feraln inhabit the waters off the coast of the Monotheocrate Order. They have long harassed the coastal settlements of the Mazari as well as merchant and colonial vessles plying the Sea of Lost Souls and parts of the Gold Coast. They are technologically advanced and are as famous for the enormous number of prisoners they take as they are for the swath of torture, mutilatation and destruction they leave behind them. Many regard them as more horrifying than the Drow, for the Drow appear, at least, to reason. The Feraln do not.
Finbell & the Boddyjons (B-Tiberio) A popular five-Gnome band in Twareg. Finbell and the Boddyjons spend most of their time in Selunaport, but wander up and down the Devil's Horn Canal, making the occasional appearance in the Three Cities as well. For a time, they were joined by a mysterious human, Tiberio di Talento. The visual juxtaposition, along with Tiberio's cool riffs, only increased the Boddyjons popularity. Tiberio was "the quiet one" and he drove the girls crazy. Tiberio is gone, but the Boddyjons go on! The Boddyjons are: Buzzerglum, Groaner, Tripplesemerick and Wakamara.
The Flow (B) An order of wizards closely related to the Ebb that also concentrates on understanding and directly exploiting the magic of the Ley Lines.
The Gentlemen's Society (18) An organization mentioned by the thug, Crux, in association with a bar in Cauldron called "Tenth Hell."
Gluttony Cult of Riot's Gate, aka Cult of the Devourer (2) A cult dedicated to the Vile Power, Gluttony. Its seven adherents once operated in the sewer system beneath the House Prail'os warehouses in the Dock Ward, between the Happy Acres Refugee Camp and Little Hankuo. They seemed to have procured at least some of the victims for their Vile rites from those unfortunate enough to cross the Dripping Blade Thieves Guild by missing protection payments. The party disrupted the cult, turned one of its surviving members over to the authorities, and rescued 10 of its hostages. The seven victimes who had been transformed beyond all sanity into mountainous blobs of obesity were taken to the Temple of Heironeous where they are undergoing treatment in an attempt to salvage what remains of their humanity. The cult leader managed to escape.
The Gremlins of Gnarrgyn (6) The extra-planar Gremlin swarm that Thalazzar summons to rend his enemies.
Grey Watchers (Sj1) An ancient order of Druids associated with the creation of the weapon Woodclaw.
The Grizzin Guild (J-22) A band of wererats in Cauldron that challenges the Gentlemen's Society for control of the city's underworld. Some of its members are associated with the city's Ratctacher's Guild.
The Grizzled Scale (8) A tribe of Lizardmen in the Lonesome Vast. They are led by King Kausat.
The Heironean Inquisition (12) A funadmentalist fringe movement that has emerged in the Church of Heironeous in the aftermath of the Doom's Eye Eclipse and the death of Yeoman Canchari. It is lead by a man named Lokiyar.
The In-Between Men

A creature stands beside you. Short, naked, grey skinned, and thin limbed with a large hairless head. A universe of stars shimmers in its lidless black eyes. It speaks to you inside your own head.

Seven notes ring. The begin to repeat so quickly, they begin that they begin to sound like the drone of a cicada on a hot summer day. Then, the drone forms a voice. (from Bk III, Ch. 5 "The God & the Grey", Session 30)

(5) A reference to some mysterious group. They are able to hold some power over others. Woden said "that before he was Woden he was taken" by them. He also told Nimbus that he bore signs of being "taken" as well. Janarl recognized the same traits in Nimbus, though he asserted it was the mark of having been embraced by the Nature Spirit that embraced the T'Kel holy man, Zuras, who then enlightened his people, and, together with eth "nature spirit," raised them out of barbarism. Janarl later met a maskmaker named Donovan who claimed that the In-Between Men were responsible for the disappearance of all of the T'Kel from the Enclave. Donovan described what he saw in detail to Janarl.

When Nimbus, Janarl and Rin met upon the banks of the River Styx, they learned even more: The Inbetween Men suggested that they "made" Sentar and that they were somehow exiled and now incapable of returning. Moreover, they seem to have a close relationship to humans: "It may seem difficult to believe, but you humans are our fathers and we your children. That is the paradox that banished us from Sentar. Now, of that I will say no more." There are three factions of Inbetween Men: (1) those who believe Sentar went to seed during the exile; (2) those who believe that, during the exile, Sentar grew past its need for them; and (3) those who have come to believe the enterprise should be abandoned altogether. The first group now intervenes vigorously, more so than they ever did even in the past. Janarl’s people, the T’Kel, are the product of such interventions, for good and for ill. As is their recent disappearance. The second group believes any further veiled interventions might serve only to disrupt the balance that developed in their absence. They accept that they are now bound to Sentar’s rules, and seek to inhabit their "garden" at last. It is not clear what the third group means by "abandon the enterprise."

El Jabón Dream Cartel (19) A notorious Dream cartel in Divinity. They seem to have been the beneficiaries of most of the so-called "soap soldiers" created by the necromancer, Mastof Golgadin. The soap soldiers were created from ranks of their exhausted Dream herds. They are sometimes associated with R.A.D., sometimes with the government of Divinity.
Janissaries of the One (B) The elite slave soldiers of the Monotheocrate Order. They are fanatically devoted to the One. Their race varies, though they are typically humanoids and never scalyfolk. According to the stories the Keeper, Pilus Justinian told his son Domaldi, there was once a legendary division composed entirely of Giants.
Keepers (B) Established during the Independence Wars as a means for the burgeoning Federation government to deliver justice on the battlefield, the Keepers have evolved into itinerant magistrates for the Federation. They are the guardians of law and order in the vast areas of the Sunterranse Federation. Besides being judges and emissaries of the Federation, the Keepers function as a national police force, detectives, and even a paramilitary force. Ironically, the history of the Keepers is bound to an outpost beyond the borders of the Federation, in the Wasted Sea, called Forward Advance.
Khi'Ganad (B-Thalazzar) The tribe of Kobolds with whom Thalazzar grew up. They dwell within the Watcher's Canyon.
Khi'Gujtuppto (16) A tribe of Kobolds in the Wasted Sea that lives in the caves near the Enclave o fthe T'Kel.
Landholders Bloc (B) A faction in the Sunterran Seante sympathetic to Landowners who lost their holdings during the creation of the Federation and the abolition of slavery. They vigorously supported the Sunterran amnesty for the Orindish Royals and their government in exile.

(B) A solemn secular order of researchers, librarians and archaeologists that adheres striuctly to a code of non-interference and neutrality to all politics but that which affects or threatens their collections. The stacks are not public. The Libriohenaum can trace its origins back to the Mazarean Empire, and boasts libraries throughout the world. When the Dragon Fleet returned to Hankuo, amongst the emissaries was a collection of texts and a score of researchers from the Libriohenaeum.

Three ranks in the order include: Researcher (a junior ranking acolyte who helps to find information for people ); Proclaimer (a middling ranking acolyte who determines the value of information and arranges exchanges); Stack Master (a high ranking specilaist in a particular field) Some Stack Master specialists in Selunaport: Stack Masters of the Monotheocrate Order, of Sentar, of Divine Beings, of the Wilderlands Beyond; In Kronos City there is a Stack Master of Finance; Master Librarian (the head of any established Libriohenaeum library).

(Based on the Athenaeum in Touched by Gods. 2001. p. 5)

The Lusty Wench (5) A trading cog on lake Dakar crewed by Dwarves, all slaughtered but one, Urban, by raiding Sahuagin. Bound for Göesse, the Company boarded her in Guania. A sketch by Domaldi.
Merchant Houses (B) Numerous powerful Merchant Houses hold sway over commerce in Terranse and the Mazari.
Minis Company (Sj1) A company in a RAD Front that runs a Dreamfarming operation in the Divinity interior.
91st Sunfall Regiment (Gunther / B-Saric) A Sunterran regiment active in the Plains of the Horselords battling the Brute invasion of the Federation. In an act of desperation it sent press gangs to a clan of Dragonborn in the Watcher's Canyon only to be driven away. The Legion was later driven into the Wasted Sea after the Fall of Sunfalls and Bithal Province, its remnants taking were driven by the Brutes to take refuge with the Heironean Knights of Forward Advance. (Notable Elements: B-Company Scouts)
Nine Hell's Angels (B) An organized crime network active in the Federation and its neighbours.
Order of Gordoniccus (17) Mercenary cavalry from Valparaiso of the highest caliber whose enchanted frost lances have been the bane of many a beast. They took heavy losses in the Federation's war against the Brutes after the fall of Sunfalls in the Battle for Bithal. Their armour is festooned with blue pennants and silver decals.
Order of the Claw (16) The Order of the Claw is a semi-secretive monastic order of the T'Kel. Acolytes enter at an early age and pass through a number of levels and duties as they receive their martial and religious training. Within the Enclave the tend to the Shrine of Zuras, providing religious advice, prayer and labour to community projects such as the harvest, construction or irrigation. [DESCRIPTION]
Quilombos (B) Villages of free Half Elves and runaway Half-Elven slaves that emerged through the Mazari throughout the years leading up to independence. Half-Elves fled deeper into the Mazari and even the Wilderlands, pursued by Bandeirante slave hunters filling contracts for their employers in the Five Kingdoms, the River Baronies and the Elven lands. They came together in defiant communities, called Quilombos, the Elven word for "respite." The descendants of these communities can still be found throughout Twareg, the Lake Range, Bithal, parts of the Last Frontier and even the Wilderlands. There is even said to be a massive Quilombo under the protection of the Horselords, though it has never been found.
Red Phoenix Clan A clan of Dragonborn that dwells in the Watcher's Canyon. The Red Phoenix Clan is an insular and militaristic grouping long since separated from the loose confederation of dragonborn remaining from the Great Migration from Arkhosia. Nominally within the Sunterranse, the Clan has always remained independent of all sides and uninvolved in Federation affairs.
Revolutionary Army of Divinity (RAD)
(B-Inigo) Inspired by an adulterated interpretation of Hobbit philosophies, members of the RAD considers themselves freedom figters - what passes for a government in Divinity considers them criminals. Since both are heavily involved in the Dream trade, it is hard to pick the lesser evil. They are based in Divnity 's large interior jungle near the boroder with the Monotheocrate Order. There have no shortage of enemies and they exist in a constant state of war against nearly everyone, including themselves, something facilitated by their organization in highly decentralized, militarist cells. They maintain their own Dreamstock and farm Dream themselves but their are few Dream addicts amongst RAD's ranks. Its revolutionary leadership frown on its use. In their view, the ends justify the means.

Symbol used by RAD forces near the Wall of the Righteous and the border with the Monotheocrate Order

The Seluna (B-RG) A river ship on the Bithtat Sengar flagged in Bostik.
The Seventeen (B) There were Seventeen prophets of the One. They all emerged simultaneously, long ago, in a distant land. Their teachings are the core of Theonean worship contained in the Last Book.
Stone Druids (B) The mystic backbone of Dwarven society, and foundation of the authorty of the Maddock, before the Dwarven Civil War. They represented the mysterious prophecy that tore Dawrfdom asunder. Originally the sided with the militarist Steel Dwarves, but after two centuries, they abandoned them as well. They disappeared into the depaths of Axes Bithtat, closing ancient stone seals, some of them dating back to the Age of Giants, behind them. This cut off the lower levels of the city and all who dwelt there from the Steel Dwarf authorities near the surface. In all the years since the fall of the Steel Dwarves, the STone Druids have never been heard of again, except as mysterious bogeymen to frighten Dwarven children who do not do their chores.
The Taken (13) Those amongst the T'Kel who reach a position of leadership and respect in their community frequently dissappear, as Zuras did, only to return a few days later, bearing the marks of the nature spirit that transformed Zuras himself.
Thala-Mourne (16) The Wizard-Priests of the One.
The Thala-Sanat, War Barge of the Jamahyria (31) A sand barge of the Monotheocrate Order. A warship.
23rd Twareg Regiment (B-Lothian) A regiment of Sunterran Legionnaires based in a small garrison village north of Selunaport in Twareg tasked with monitoring the border with Bostik, including the eastern and southern boundaries of the Lady's Meadow.
The Unseen Hand (31) A semi-renegade organization within the Unspoken, the Unseen Hand trusts no one but its own agents and operatives. It has its own, largely self-directed, agenda. It is committed to rooting out those “unseen” threats to the Federation and the Unspoken itself; threats that always work in the shadows, such as Agents of the Order, Gods and their spawn, Extraplanar Daemons, the Nephilim, the Inbetween Men, and even other rogue Agents of the Unspoken.
The Unspoken

(B) The Federation's mysterious and feared secret service. Established after the Claimers opened the First Great Seal of the Stone Druids in Axes Bithtat. They investigated, cleaned up, monitored and controlled the panic caused by the "flicker" in the magic and teh appearance of two opposed Nephilim. The event lived on in folk memory until the events of the Doom's Eye Eclipse, but Unspoken remains a pillars, now, of the Federation.

The Unspoken has evolved into the Federation's first shadowy line of defense against the dark forces arrayed against it. Riot's Gate, they say, is infested with spies and interests contrary to the Federation. Kronos and the Steel Dwarves; the many Human nations including the Monotheocrate Order; the criminal gangs; the River Baronies; Zealots of the One; the unsanctioned priests of evil religions; cults of Serpents and of the Vile; slave hunters; fortune hunters; wizards… the Unspoken see enemies everywhere. They encourage you to think the same way! (LIST OF NPC UNSPOKEN AGENTS)

The Venture (20) A massive derelict Clockwork submarine. It has been drifting through the eternal depths of the Elemental Plane of Water for several centuries. Its crew lost long ago. A portal to the Venture was found inside Calibre.
The Viper's Watch (1) A small time crew of hoods working in the Dripping Blade. The Part caught them shaking down Hobbit and Gnome refugees in the Happy Acres Refugee Camp in Riot's Gate. They also preyed upon the Hankuan merchants outside the Forgetown Market section. At least two of their members were beaten up and turned over to the authorities, several others escaped in the conflagration with the Party. (Wanted Poster)
Whorable Shell (21) A privateer vessel sailing Lake Seluna Captained by an angry dwarf known as "Steamy" when it is not in drydock being repaired.
White Crane Assassins (St2) A clan of ninja assassins normally associated with the political machinations amongst the Hankuan of the Dragon Fleet. As they have never been known to murder anyone outside the Hankuan, they have not yet run seriously afoul of Federation authorities. Someone called "Wind" seems to be in charge.
The Workers' Protection Concord (WPC) (B) A loose affiliation of slaver nations that have agreed in principle to return runaway slaves to their masters. It has served more to standardize slavery holding and branding practices. More often, runaway slaves are recaptured and placed back on the market, unless a higher price can be earned for finding their original owners and returning them.
Zealots of the One (a.k.a. the True Worshippers) (18) Religious fanatics committed to the most apocalyptic aspects of devotion to the One, their were deemed too extreme for the Monotheocrate Order. There presence in the Federation has tested the reach of the Federation's liberal attitudes towards freedom of religion even as they have strained relations with the Order who have deemed them apostate and would see them put to death. In the past, given their small numbers, they were generally tolerated, regarded as pious and eccentric. Since the Doom's Eye, their relentless proselytizing has swelled their ranks and their sermons have taken on a more strident and aggressive tone.
Zephyr Corp. (16) A shipping company. one of the aerial shipping companies that uses Cauldron as a hub.


Merchant & Noble Houses
House Bandera (Fallen) A fallen house of Hespan that dominated the slave trade in the Mazari before the rise of the Sunterranse Federation. Quilombo Veris saw their assets wiped out in the Banks of Kronos, and the Federation decisively defeated their armed force during the Independence Wars. The Patron of the House committed suicide and many of his children were left penniless, some even disappeared into debtor slavery themselves. The House is infamous for having established the Bandeirantes. The last heirs of House Bandera are said to have fled to Bolva where they eke out a hard living.
House Espada
(The Nine)
Based in Valparaiso, this is a Human house made largely of descendants of Hespan. It is one of the three great Sunterran merchant houses that helped to build the Devil's Horn Canal and to forgo slavery entirely. A particularly ambitious scion of this house is the Vice Chancellor of the Executive Council of the Federation, Diego de la Espada.
House Golgadin (Fallen) Once based in Cauldron, this Human house's mercantile interests dominate the soap trade in the central Federation. Golgadin cogs sail on Lake Seluna. The Master of the House is Baron Mastof Golgadin, formerly of the River Barony Golga. The House was destroyed when it was revealed Mastof was a necromancer. Mastof disappeared from the public eye.
Nine, The

The Nine Great Merchant Houses that hold sway over comemrce in much of Terranse and the Mazarii, notwithstanding national borders. In order to take advantage of the massive market in the Sunterranse Federation, Merchant Houses must be sanctioned and agree not to partake in the slave trade in Federation territory. To ensure compliance, their records are supposed to be audited everey year by Federal officials, but the bureaucracy has fallen behind. Four of the Nine have given up slavery entirely - those that are based in each of the Three Cities and Selunaport. They do a better job of keeping an eye on the other five houses activities in Sunterran territories than the authorities from Riot's Gate could ever hope to do.

House Louette (Fallen) A human merchant House once based in Eoport. Now defunct, before the revolution, it was used as the base of operations for Aea and Mastof Golgadin
House Malkahn A minor human merchant House based in Köln. The Nameless Warrior is a Marshal of this House.
House Ombreclair
(The Nine)
Based in Gaunt, Gallant - Human
House Prail'os Based in Selunaport, this is a predominantly Elven House. They deal in timber, coal and building materials and have warehouses all around Lake Seluna and in Riot's Gate.
House Rigotionni
(The Nine)
Based in Homa, Zulary - Human
House Solland (Fallen) Once based in the River Barony that bears its name, House Solland disappeared approximately 15 years ago under mysterious circumstances.
House Tarrega (Fallen) (B-Inigo) A fallen noble house of Hespan, House Tarrega saw its fortunes decline during political and economic conflagrations surrounding the Wars of Independence. Its holdings in Amitlan were lost when Corona was invaded by the Azmaiiy, and its the last of its lands in Hespan were lost during a questionably conducted duel between the family patriarch and the then-head of House Espada.


Dwarven Clans
Clan Bouldertoe (Kronos) (RG-2) A minor clan.
Clan Craghelm (Kronos) (RG-2) Holders of the Security Coin.
Clan Dakar (SF-Dakar Province) (B-Arek) The current Maddock's Clan chose to live near the ancient city, fighting a guerrilla resistance to the Steel Dwarves on the slopes above Lake Dakar. The Maddock, meanwhile, lived in Kronos, close to the political heart of the new Dwarven state, organizing the war effort from there. You know that, 500 years ago, the disappearance of an entire generation of Clan Bithtat's male children is somehow related to the rediscovery of Axes Bithtat by your ancestors around that time.
Clan Gagdrin (Kronos) (RG-2) A clan of masons. They have a contract to repair the Hanging Gardens.
Clan Glanggedyn (Kronos) (RG-1) A banking clan with few physical interests. It focuses largely on the mechanics of finance, buying and trading storage spaces. It is a rival to, though not a competitor with, Clan Rarulfyn. They hold several vaults. This clan is not as ostentatious as others. It plays political games, as others do, but it does so less overtly, endeavouring to fly below the radar.
Clan Hakadyn (Kronos) (RG-2) They own the Tavern of the Glittering Tower.
Clan Quildyn-i (Kronos) (RG-1) A small trading clan that deals in information and knowledge. In the Hall of Messages, they occupy a small, rather backward and huble looking desk that one could almost miss entirely.
Clan Rarulfyn (Kronos) (RG-1) A banking clan. Rival to, though not a competitor with, Clan Glanggedyn. Its High Council chamber in the Hall of Messages is especially well appointed, even if its seven High Councillors putting in their time there to hear petitioners are generally quite bored.

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