Typical Character:
Tribal, Aggressive

Game Background
Five years ago, a tribe of 5000 Orcs arrived in the Federation of Sunterranse from the Wilderlands. Under the leadership of Ogram, a barbarian Half-Orc raised on stories of the ancient Rokkish Empire, they sought to become citizens. After much deliberation and contentious debate in Riot's Gate, their wish was granted and they begin a pastoral life in the wild territories to the North, beyond the lands of the Horselords.

The city of Ograth was established 2 years after his sudden appearance, following the exodus north, and it has grown rapidly, attracting more goblinoids from the Wilderlands, seeking to come in from the cold, so to speak.

In keeping with one of the conditions of integration, Ogram himself maintains only a symbolic position in the Orclands State, similar to that the Dwarven Maddock holds for Sunterranse. Although no one in the Federation can deny the fierce loyalty of an Orc who has sworn a blood oath (which all of the Orcish citizens have done), the existence of the Orclands as a part of the Sunterranse Federation remains controversial and a matter of some political and public tension. The rifts of the debate over whether to admit them still exist in the governing bodies of the Federation and they have become an increasingly troubling flashpoint.

Outside the Orclands, Orcs frequently run afoul of local authorities whose bylaws and sense of justice are not quite as freewheeling as they are in the Orclands. This has been a perpetual source of headaches for magistrates throughout the Federation as tey try to make sense of Orcish tribal "rules for what to do and what to not do" - they can't really be called "laws."

Of all the races, Orcs relate best to humans, but often wish they were a little more straightforward ("No more talk-talk! Just smash already!"). Elves are boring and talk too much. Gnomes are funny but talk too much. Hobbits are helpful but talk too much. Goblins make good sounds when you kick them, but they talk too much. Half-elves... YECH! Who would want to mate with an Elf? I bet Half-Elf talk too much! Half Orcs are wussy and talk too much. Dwarves don't talk too much. Dwarves make smash good. Now a Dwarf is our King. I do not understand. Ogram says I do not need to understand. He says I talk too much. He says "Just eat and farm and mate and smash." I smash my cousins and half-orcs and whatever comes out of big Canyon. I like it here.

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