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Nonplayer Characters
Adiya (Dead) (B-Janarl) A venerable T'kel farmer of Krin. Great uncle to Janarl - his maternal grandfather's brother. He seems to have left Krin on some mission blessed by Akanart when he was transformed into a vampire spawn by the vampire, Inigo Tarrega, and then killed by the Companions at the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast.
Adunar (Sj1) A T'Kel member of the Order of the Claw , Janarl helped to rescue him and Croquin from Dream Merchants in Divinity.
Aethlyr (B-Inigo) An ancient Lunar Elf, he is the former Counselor to the House Tarrega. He raised Inigo and his sister, Isabel, after his parents, death. Before Inigo set out on his travels, Aethlyr advised him to seek out his people if he would learn more of his missing surviving family members, scattered by fate and the wars. Aethlyr had always advised them that, in their peril, they ought to seek out the Lunar Elves.
Akanart (B-Janarl) A T'kel shaman of Krin. Mother of Janarl. Wife to Banwel.
Allan-ahs (???) (27) A RAD scout in Divinity. One of Capt. Suleiman's men, Thalazzar charmed him and he sang like a canary. He disappeared when the Companions raided the RAD picket.
(B-Janarl) “The Fateful Fairy.” She is a Dryad who lives near the T'kel village of Krin. Janarl's mentor.
Albras (Dead) (5) The drunk Dwarven captain of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Aminah (29) A Theonian woman who patrols the jungles of the northeastern border of Divinity as a Ranger. Her mentor, Berkerris, was an Elven ranger hired by what passes for a regional government in Elysium to steward and patrol the lands along the border. Berkerris was killed by Capt. Suleiman of the RAD soon after arriving in the region. Aminah has carried on the work ever since, more for love of the land and country as well as her intense hatred of the Dream-trade, than the love of money and adventure that inspired Berkerris. Her animal companion is a hare named Xylo. She wears a demi veil over the bottom of her face.
Amilya, Puesim (Dead) (Sj1) A long dead (more than 700 years) druid of the Grey Watchers. Son of Amittali, he created the weapon Woodclaw.
Ariana (32) A Stackmaster of Finance from the Libriohenauem in Kronos.
Ataraxia (28) The mercenary owner of the One Hole, a brothel in Al-Gleasahl, a bordertown between Divinity and the Monotheocrate Order. He has black brill-creamed hair and a large handlebar moustache. He has a wife (Samsi) and two young children, a boy (Hajij) and a girl (Isa). Having a family is a rarity in Al-Gleasahl and, in itself, singles him out as a man of means and influence.
Auger (20) The swaggering, swashbuckling Clockwork first-mate of the Daisy Cutter.
Colonel Azaf (21) A hero of Selunaport, prison marshal for the Great Bastion of Selunaport, bearer of the ice-halberd "Shizzladeen."
Baba Yaga / Gladys, Mistress of the Glade
(29) A witch of legendary power. Her powers appear to give her access to the Cradle of Creation. She lured the Companions into her magical Hut, using Tiberio as bait. According to the Stack Master of Divine Beings at the Librioheneaum in Selunaport Baba Yaga is as the gods, though she is not herself divine. Although she is more like a Force of Nature, in truth, she is better understood as a Force of Tales, though she is not bound by any one story or consistent set of motives. Her power is as great as her objectives are mysterious. In Orcish, she is known as Bidug Yidig.
Banwel (B-Janarl) An accomplished T'kel farmer of the Raven Clan in Krin. Father to Janarl. Married to Akanart.
Bao Xi (B-Rin) Based in Selunaport, he is a business associate of Lu Rin from Selunaport. Tiganis Rin travelled with him to Cauldron to look for business opportunities in Lake Dakar's shipbuilding indusrty.
Bahsten (J-22) The spoiled son of a merchant in Cauldron, he joined the Zealots of the One, so she hired a thug named Dugren to find him and bring him home, kicking and screaming if necessary. Apparently , he is in Telemar.
Berkerris (Dead) (29) An Elven ranger hired by the government in Elysium to patrol Divinity 's Northeastern border region and report back. Mentor to Aminah. Killed by Capt. Suleiman of the RAD. Apparently, he was something of a mercenary.
Besth (?) (13) A Hobbitish adventurer with the skills and contacts of a master researcher. Hired by someone she refers to only as "the Client," in Sunfalls, she appears to have been the author of the mysterious map discovered by Domaldi's father in the Caves of Göesse. Judging from her increasingly disturbed journal entries, and the trail of bodies, her expedition to map the way to and through the ancient Durgoshii power site known as the Devourer appears to have failed. It is unknown whether she yet lives, let alone escaped from the Devourer, but it would seem that she lost her hand. She hired Sally the Necromancer, Gurghur the Dwarf and Thom Glass, a Cleric of Erythnuul, to assist her in her task.
Biabon (Dead) (Sj1) A dead adventurer associated with the weapon Woodclaw. An associate of Cotel, Firth and Limbis. Perished in the Devourer.
Billybontelle (33) A Gnome of Peppershot. The Master Clockmaker of the Great Workshop. She is a distant relation of Frankie.
Bilpin (16) A hobbitish tobacco merchant and apothecary in Cauldron. Thalazzar left an invisible arcane mark on his shop so that it would be easy to find again.
Bishop, Jones (Dead)
(3) A stuttering researcher for the Libriohenaeum who works in the catalogues at the Temple of Heironeous in Riot's Gate. This aged, human scholar is held in high esteem by those involved in arcane research. His shy nature around strangers is related to his jarring studder. It is somewhat common knowledge among his peers that Bishop was once an amateur adventurer in his younger days, in search of rare lore and artifacts. At the age of 35, he was a seasoned traveller and adventurer with a solid sense of humour and significant wealth and completed research.
During the Wars of Independence, he put his personal ventures aside to support the emerging Federation. He was a part of a small team that sought a wicked noble who had abandoned his retreating army near Eoport. The nobleman fled into a cellar and magically ambushed Bishop and his party with a summoned Demon. This demon killed all of Bishop's companions and only with the use of a powerful magic device did Bishop defeat it and survive. While he did capture this "nobleman" alive, Bishop's health was never the same and his voice became broken and disordered ever after. He never did return to field work but instead joined the Libriohenaeum and has been committed to an austere life of learned scholarship for the last 23 years. He was severely wounded during the disaster that befell the Order of Heironeous during the Eye of Independence Eclipse. He later died.
Black Stripe (5) The name Thalazzar has given to the massive leader of the Sahuagin raiding party that slaughtered most of the crew of he Lusty Wench. He was badly wounded, but managed to escape.
Blaylock (???) (B-Ts'elf) The mysterious ClockMaker in whose subterranean laboratory, somewhere in Lake Range, Ts'Elf awoke. Baerest's brother.
Grandma Bleetwiss (B-Frankie) Frankie's maternal Grandmother. A Gnome of Peppershot, she never approved of Frankie's lack of religion.

(J-22) An old halfling shopkeeper, his yondering days now well behind him, he runs Bobble's Curios, a shop filled with peculiar things in Cauldron. Donovan the maskmaker was one of his frequent customers and suppliers.

Boram (GT) A Dwarven knight at Forward Advance. He is the regular commander of Alexi Company.
Boslin (Gunther) An old Heironean Knight. The Commanding Legate of Forward Advance.
Bottom, Lester (2) The Gluttony Cultist subdued and captured by the party. A wee slip of a man. A former federal bureaucrat
Brusier (1) A Half-Orc barbarian, Bruiser was a member of the Viper's Watch in Riot's Gate.. A bunch of do-gooders (the Party) beat the crap out of him while he was pillaging a Hobbitish and Gnomish refugee camp with his friends. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and for his role in kidnapping a Hankuan merchant's young daughter and selling her to Gluttony cultists.

(19) One of the Boddyjons of Tiberio's old band, "Finbell and the Boddyjons," Buzzerglum is a Gnomish percussionist. He and Finbell grew up together in Twareg.

Calibre (6) A four-armed, spellbound Clockwork with a 360 degree field of vision, designed for underwater activities. It was discovered on board the Lusty Wench deactivated, seemingly being smuggled to agents of the Monotheocrate Order waiting in Göesse. Calibre contained a thrall module, an insidious enhancement used to turn Clockworks into helpless slaves. Calibre had no memory of a previous life, and, much to Frankie's horror, it regarded her as her as its new Mistress since she was the one who activated it. When Frankie's uncle, Sparks Kantankerin, and Keratone removed Calibre's thrall module, they activated a planar portal that had been installed inside of him. Doing so opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water and a ancient and mysterious Clockwork derelict, the Venture. As it turns out, Calibre was a special agent on board, constructed to contain a portal to Sentar on the Prime Material Plane. He is a priest of Cable the Liberator. On board the Daisy Cutter, Sparks Kantankerin removed the thrall module and Calibre was set free. Calibre is a 6'4" True-born Clockwork who gives the impression of newborn innocence out of it's six eyes. Even though one would judge Calibre as appearing war-like, it would seem that Calibre is confused over the knowledge it was born with, and using such knowledge in an unpredictable, new world. Calibre's "mistress," Frankie, has added to this confusion by contradicting the hard-coded imperatives of it's thrall module that Calibre can barely register as "commands". Calibre is made of an alloy that Frankie recognizes as 'arcanalloy', a nearly rust proof magical concoction. The runes inscribed on Calibre were recognized by Thalazaar as allowing a lower rate of failure when Calibre casts spells. (Frankie)
Canchari, Yeoman
(B-Domaldi) Few outside the Church of Heoironeous know the Lord High Commander of the Sunterran Armies of Heironeous by his Azmaiiy family name. Formerly a janissary of the armies of the Monotheocrate Order, fewer still know how he came to be in the Mazari, nor how he came to the worship of Heironeous. What is known, is that during the Wars of Independence, he rallied slave and freemen, elves and half elves, even half-orcs to Heironeous's battle standard. Though he is elderly, he still cuts a formidable figure even when he is not wearing the armour of his station. In Riot's Gate, he has grown more weary of politics than he ever was of war. He died during the Doom's Eye Eclipse, in the ruins Axes Bithtat.
Captain of the Eastern District Watch (2) The Captain of the Watch for the Steel Ward, the Craftsman's Quarter and Fortress Hill in Riot's Gate is a tough old pug of a human. He commands an overcrowded Watch station in the Steel Ward originally meant to handle only one distrtict. He is overworked and exhausted. Balding, mid forties with greying hair.
Cecil (a.k.a. Old Cecil) (25) A Half-Elven patron of the Libriohenaeum in Selunaport assigned to the Dragon Fleet. He taught Rin to read and write and tutored him in ancient land claims and patents of nobility as a favour to his mother, Li’lia T’gannis.
Centripump, Lago (33) Gnomish barkeep at the Scholar's Schema in Peppershot.
Cilento, Aconçata (SG-B-Tiberio) A Zularean woman from the northern hills, near the border with Hespan, she is now the favourite concubine of Baron Othon of Bostik. She has born the Baron three sons and is therefore well placed in the Rivercourt. She took Tiberio under her wing when he was first enslaved. He was the gentle son she never had, and she, his protector and teacher. Together they secretly spoke Zularean, read the great playwrites of Homa, and worshipped Apollo.
“The Client” (13) The mysterious sponsor of Besth the researcher's doomed mission to map the route to and through the ancient Durgoshii power site known as "the Devourer." He (or she) hired Besth in Sunfalls, but her journal reveals little else.
Constantine (6) The Dwarven owner of the tent-cantine that bears his name in the village of Göesse. He also rents out "rooms," which are small tents with wooden floors. He is married to a bearded Dwarfess, Latja.
Corrumbley Mezazertzo, (a.k.a. Professor “Corie”)
(B-Frankie) Frankie's mentor is a female Gnome who teaches Advanced Micro Technology and Kinetic Enhancement (ADMITEK) at NUTTS (the New University for Training in Technical Secrets), in Selunaport. Corie explains ADMITEK as, "Making smaller things make bigger booms." According to Pikket/Quinn of the Unspoken, following her visit to Riot's Gate, "most of the pieces of her" have been mailed back to authorities. However she died, "it wudn’t pretty."
Cotel (Dead) (Sj1) A dead adventurer associated with the weapon Woodclaw. An associate of Biabon, Firth and Limbis. Perished in the Devourer. The master of the creature that would become the monstrous Garasoth.
Croquin (Sj1) A T'Kel warrior, Janarl helped to rescue him and Adunar from Dream Merchants in Divinity.
Crux (19) A Human thug in the employ of Ivindof Golgadin. One of the three men who kidnapped Thalazzar. He talks too much. (Crux / Hardigan / Xane). Last known to be in Cauldron.
Daeva, Sroasa Aesma (31) An agent of the Unspoken. He claims he is a member of a secret organization within the Unspoken, the Unseen Hand. He was charged with infiltrating a sophisticated mercenary operation ostensibly sponsored by Magnus Móhr. The mercenaries were to penetrate the Monotheocrate Order, and find Magnus's half sister, Tallim Nuvam. He was last seen in Valparaiso where he abandoned the Daisy Cutter. (OTHER AGENTS)
Dastard (16) The laconic one-eyed female half-Ogre proprieter of Uncle Ogre's Monocle, a low-end but comfortable Inn and Tavern in Cauldron.
Dialin (Sj1) A T'Kel farmer.
Domano (GT) A troop leader with Alexi Company at Forward Advance.
Donovan (?) (J-22) A mysterious human mask-maker from Cauldron. He claims to have witnessed the disappearance of Janarl's people, (CLICK HERE for a description) the T'kel, from the Enclave. Afterwards he went into hiding in the woods outside Cauldron (though it was never clear to what extent he chose to do so) with a clique of Zealots of the One. He insists that the "Inbetween Men" were responsible. After he was rescued by Janarl and Durgan, the three passed out on their way back to Cauldron. When Janarl and Durgan awoke, Donovan was gone.
Dragana (16) A lowly kobold captured scavenging in the village of Krin after all the T'Kel had seemingly vanished. The party captured him for questioning and then Thalazzar , whom he would now follow into the Nine Hells ("Yes of course I would. Master, may I lick your boot?"), took him under his protection. He is of the Khi'Gujtuppto tribe. Transformed to appear as though he is a human, Thalazzar introduces him as his alias's cousin, Mublin. Thalazzar left him in Cauldron after the party left (7,395 xp - 4rd Level)
Dragon of Tg (Sn1) Mnemonium's opposite. An evil dragon of enormous and malevolent power. Nimbus is attempting to learn its True Name in order to approach it safely and to endeavour to convince it to join the Conclave of Voices.
Durgan (J-22) A surly Half-Orc Barbarian from the Orclands. Seeking his fortunes in the south, he found his way to Cauldron where he met Janarl the Hunter at the Caver's Dive, as they both pursued the same mark, Zahan Zehaun.
de la Espada, Diego (B) The Vice-Chancellor of the Sunterranse Federation. He is a young human member of House Espada of Valparaiso. He became the Acting Chancellor after a failed assassination attempt left Chancellor Fabina Ziegeldaf in a magically induced coma.
Extrashaft (33) A Gnome-born Clockwork worker. He works in the Great Workshop beneath Peppershot.
Ezh-ire (Dead)
(30) A Moreau Cainen, his aboard the Theonean war barge, Thala Sanat. His true nature, hidden to all, was discovered by the captive Tallim Nuvam, whom he has since befriended. In Yithic, his name literally means "not beast." He died during the Battle of the Thala Sanat, trying to help the Companions rescure Tallim.
Ezuras (26) A T'Kel carpenter, he leads a small and beseiged band of T'Kel deposited in Divinity. He was assisted by Glaconer. A member of Raven Clan, he is a champion wrestler.
Fagorgitto (B-Thalazzar) An ogre mercenary with swirling green tattoos and missing eye. He claimed to work for House Rigottioni before he and his band sank the Bostikan merchant vessel that had brought Thalazzar to the foot of Riot's Gate. Of course, that was after they ate everyone on board alive, save Thalazzar.
Farmer, Alexandro (?) (B-Tiberio) Tiberio's young nephew, the son of his brother Sabbatino and Gwen Farmer. Tiberio was unable to account for his or his mother's death during the fall of the River Confederacy and does not know what became of them.
Farmer, Gwen (Dead) (B-Tiberio) The wife of Sabbatino di Talento, one of Tiberio's brothers, and the mother of Alexandro. She was a native of Pintère, a runaway slave who escaped to the River Confederacy, the one decent regime on the Eastern Bithtat Sengar River. She was pregnant with Sabbatino's second child when he was killed during the Fall of the River Confederacy. Tiberio was unable to account for her or her son's death and does not know what became of them. Apollo told Tiberio that he could be found in Bastion.
Ferinu, Lady of Adazi (?) (Sj1) A capricious dryad associated with the creation of the weapon Woodclaw.
Festerelis (6) The Half-Elven Headman of Göesse thorpe is a fisherman by trade, and a leader by necessity. He has wisely guided his small community through some of its darkest days: first, marauding Trolls, then the revelation of a Sahuagin colony in Lake Dakar. Sensible and honest, what he lacks in formal schooling, he makes up for in common sense.
Fezh (Sn2) The elderly Human clerk at the Libriohenaeum in Selunaport.
Finbell (B-Tiberio) - The front man for the Boddyjons, Finbell is a gnomish bard and inveterate trickster. He met Tiberio in Twareg in the tiny town of Ferris Dale on the Devil's Horn Canal. The band was taking a break from touring. They hit it off and Tiberio joined them for a time, Finbell's light-heated personality was the perfect foil for Tiberio's more laconic ways. Finbell was born in the Mazari, but travelled to the Downelands in the North as a young man. His tales and travels filled him with song.
Firth (Dead) (Sj1) A dead adventurer associated with the weapon Woodclaw. Her research uncovered the powerful weapon. An associate of Cotel, Biabon and Limbis. Perished in the Devourer.
Fizzerbig (B-Frankie) One of Frankie's uncles. Dalmotta's eldest broethr., he is a Gnome who lives in Peppershot. He is an alchemical engineer.
(9) A Dryad who lives in the oaks of an ancient power site near the mouth of a dungeon north of the Lonesome Flow and east of Göesse, beyond Where Lizards Weep. She appears to be an achingly beautiful woman with skin the colour of autumn leaves, with slender hands and hazlenut lips. She smells of flower petals and loam.
Fossey (Dead) (13) A deceased childhood friend of Besth, the Hobbitish researcher. She began referring to Fossey regularly in the final pages of her journal, which became extremely cramped, distrubed and personal. She wrote as though she were speaking directly to Fossey and as though Fossey were actually there.
Franco, Victor / Ennis Maggot
(17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. A bookish Cleric of Heironeous from Sunfalls who just wants to be left alone, he did not realize that he had a split personality and that he was also the notorious serial killer, Ennis Maggot, who always seemed to be ruining his life. Victor was driven to unconsciousness by Vladic and left for dead.
Frederic (Dead) (25) One of Mastof Louette's two former valets, 20 years ago in Eoport. A Gallantish servant, he was temporarily inhabited by Nimbus. The other is Louis.
Firiantos, Vallana (B-Rin) An aging courtesan who trained Li'lia T'gannis, the mother of Tiganis Rin.
Franchesca (21) A female human cleric of Kord in Selunaport.
Gahir (Dead) (12) One of the praetorian guardsman if the High Inquisitor of Heironeous, Lokiyar who tracked Domaldi and his companions to the Devourer. He was transformed into a vampire spawn by the vampire, Inigo Tarrega, and then killed by the Companions at the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast. He liked the colour blue and his father never told him he loved him. :o(
Gallantine (B) The God-King of Gallant. The Gallantish General who ended Gallant's internicine period, reunited his homeland and declared himself Emperor. Somewhere on his path to becoming a tyrant, he became a god.
Garasoth (Dead) (9) The name Folha the dryad used to command the great boar-shaped twist of bramble and thorn that violently attacked the Companions at the foot of her barrow grove.
Gaspar (Sn2) A Stackmaster of Sentar and Planetae from the Libriohenauem in Selunaport. A representative of the Dwarven race and the Libriohenaeum to the Conclave of Vocies.
Gaultier, Rene (18) A master bowsmith in Cauldron. He is a human. Cousin to Guy Sheffield, an armourer. Reputed to be the finest bowmaker in the city.
Gemfist, Cairn, a.k.a. The Maddock (B) The Maddock of the Dwarves, also known simply as "the Heir," is the venerable Dwarven monarch Head of State of the Sunterranse Federation.
Gemfist, Menhir (Dead) (B) The only brother of Cairn Gemfist. He died a hero, sacrificing himself to turn the Battle of Ajukit Shadow at the end of the Dwarven Civil War.
Gilchrist, Drizzen (2) A Half-Elf building supplies merchant from Riot's Gate. The Dripping Blade sold him to Gluttony Cultists for refusing to make protection payments. The party rescued him when they routed the Gluttony Cultists. A family man. He said he had been held captive for nearly two months.
(25) A faerie associated with the T'kel. He teaches Janarl the Way of the Wild to become a Stalker of the Wild. He is family of Argea. An abductor of mortals.
Gladin (Dead) (Sj1) A RAD captain of the Minis Company. Killed by the T'Kel.
Gladriel (21) An Elven fighter in Selunaport.
Gladys, Mistress of the Glade / Baba Yaga (B-Tiberio) A hideous, evil crone, relentlessly tormented by brownies and pixies and faeries in the Sengar Wood. She eats all mortals who tresspass in her glade. Except Tiberio.
Glass, Thom (Dead) (10) A cleric of Erythnuul recruited by Gurghur and hired by Besth in Cauldron to help her company explore the ancient Durgoshii power site known as "the Devourer." According to Besth's journal he died soon after Besth's team entered the site. The party later battled his reanimated corpse along with a corrupted water elemental.
Glindi (6-Arek) A Dwarven woman of Riot's Gate. Urban's long lost love, they split over his love of drink.
Golgadin (Louette), Aea (Dead) (24) Mastof Golgadin's older sister and lover, she mentored him in the dark arts of necromancy. She bore him a son that they sold into slavery to purchase their prestige - the Barony of Golga on the Bithtat Sengar River. That child grew to become the man, Nimbus. Mastof killed her when her obssessions became too depraved, even for him.
Golgadin (Louette), Ivindof (16) Ivindof is the younger brother of Baron Mastof Golgadin. He is a well known bon-vivant in Cauldron's most exclusive circles. His brother is losing his patience with Ivindof's spendthrift ways. Ivindof is a werewolf.
Golgadin (Louette), Baron Mastof (???) (16) The head of House Golgadin in Cauldron. He is a tall, scarecrow of a man with sharp, fox-like features. Well dressed, business savvy and subtle in accomplishing his goals. He is shrewd and ambitious and it is well known that he desires House Golgadin become an acknowledged peer of the Nine. He is a necromancer who has trade interests in Divinity he would rather the authorities were not aware of. This trade relates, somehow to "soap soldiers"and teh El Jabón Dream Cartel. It would seem that he was, in fact, the father that sold Nimbus into slavery. Nimbus worked to redeem him, and himself, with the assistance of the Inbetween Men. He claims he is Gallantine's son.
Golthek (a.ka The Big Dolphin) (1) A human member of the Viper's Watch. He managed to escape when a bunch of do-gooders beat the crap out of some of his companions while they were in the middle of pillaging the Happy Acres refugee camp. He remains at large. Description: Originally from Bostik, Golthek is a tall, thin human. He has a large mole on his right cheek and his left neck. He has serious scarring on his upper back, possibly from trying to remove traces of slavery records. He wears his dark hair long, usually in a braid. (Thalazzar - Wanted Poster)
Gorm, Sirol (B) A vicious Trudorean Noble who led the last of the forces of Old Terranse against the newly formed Sunterranse Federatiuon for three years following Independence from his hideout in the Wasted Sea. He was defeated by the forces of Heironeous our of the Forward Advance. His blue tower shield was used as the placard upon which the principles of the order that would become the Keepers were first inscribed. He has languished in a prison in Riot's Gate for the past 17 years.
Gralank (Dead) (26) A T'Kel miller. He was Janarl's mother’s cousin. Janarl found his mask, taken as a trophy by a wicked Red Cap, and later his body, in the jungles of Divinity.
Granth, Arur (B) The former Commander of the Dwarven contingent that took the lead in rebuilding the Forward Advance as an outpost of the Sunterranse Federation in the Wasted Sea, used to monitor the activities of the Monotheocrate Order and the remnants of the Serpant Suzerainty. He has retired to the small farming village that supports the Forward Advance, where he works as a smithy and building contractor.
Granitefingers, Vladic (17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. Captured for looting the still smoldering ruins of the Temple of Heironeous in Riot's Gate immediately following the Doom's Eye Eclipse. He pulled the trigger on the explosives that brought the mountain down on the innocent prisoners below. He escaped after driving Victor Franco into unconsciousness and ended up joining the 91st Sunfalls Regiment.
Grieg (Sts2) A Human fence in Valparaiso. An associate of Haast.
Grind'l (21) A Half-Elf Sorcerer in Selunaport.
Grinnel (16) A Lake Dwarf sailor on Lake Dakar with an interpretive approach to morality. For a "small fee" he registered Janarl as a visiting merchant in Cauldron, where he is a resident, in order to avoid the scrutiny of the authorities.
(2) A large Half-Orc discovered to be the bodyguard of Tallim Nuvam. He is unusually calm and self-possessed for his race, and given the state in which he was found when the party rescued him from Gluttony Cultists in the sewers beneath Riot's Gate. Domaldi has noted that he displays an obvious intelligence and wit.Grist stuck out from the other captives mostly for his size, but also for the fact that he moved like a person who could take care of himself, despite the beatings it looked as if he had endured. He said he had been held there two weeks.
Groaner (19) One of the Boddyjons of Tiberio's old band, "Finbell and the Boddyjons." Groaner sings bass and plays several wind instruments, incluing several varities of pipes, though his favourite is the crank pipe. He is a jolly, overweight gnome with one ear. He is Finbell's cousin.
Grodek (16) A gatekeeper in the City of Cauldron. Always looking for some inside information ion good investments.
Gruedo (B-Frankie) A goblin engineering student at NATURAL. He has a crush on Frankie. She considers him a "wannabe" engineer.
Grulac (28) One of Ataraxia's henchmen. A skulking, weasle of a man. He works in the One Hole, a brothel in Al-Gleasahl.
Grummond (GT) The Heironean Knight Commander of Ft. Tcyz.
Guerir, Caroline (Dead) (B-Domaldi) The Trudorean Mother of Domaldi Justinian. Originally from Fridingen, she was a Cleric and a teacher in a border temple of Heironeous called the Forward Advance. She died afflicted with Withering in Domaldi's tenth year. Wife to Pilus Justinian.
Gurghur (Dead)
(10) A Dwarven fighter hired in Riot's Gate by the hobbitish researcher, Besth , to help her company explore the ancient Durgoshii power site known as "the Devourer." According to Besth's journal he died soon after Besth's team entered the site. The party later battled his reanimated corpse along with a swarm of bloodbloaters. Calloused and cynical, he had many debts.
Guthbrand (31) A Trudorean mercenary. A monk. He led a band of mercenaries in the employ of Magnus Móhr to conduct a raid oin the war barge Thala Sanat in the Monotheocrate Order and rescue Tallim Nuvam.
Gustav (Dead) (5) A luckless Dwarven crew member of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Gwuzbuloolpip (Stt-1) Thalazzar's familiar. An infamous steam mephit who had lorded over the mephits of the Cauldron volcano when it had been active hundreds of years ago. An exclusive steam bath is named after him in Cauldron. He was in the Outlands when Thalazzar summoned him. He has a gambling problem.
Haast (Sts-2) A human sorcerer-rogue from Valparaiso. Too curious for his own good, he became mixed up with Ts'Elf and the crew of the Daisy Cutter after helping Ts'Elf and Keratone fight ninja assassins in teh streets of Valparaiso. He parted ways with the Companions in Peppershot. (SERIAL ALLIES & ASSOCIATES)
Haaurk (Dead) (31) A ½ Orc Sorcerer. Formerly an associate of the Trudorean mercenary, Guthbrand. He was one of the leaders of a band of mercenaries in the employ of Magnus Móhr that conducted a raid oin the war barge Thala Sanat in the Monotheocrate Order in oder to rescue Tallim Nuvam. Killed by the Companions.
Haggledip (???) (19) Baron Mastof Golgadin's enforcer. A particularly violent hobgoblin named. He is said to always wear a mask to hide his bright blue nose and often travels in disguise.
Halation (Sn1) A Horselord mare. She is not one of the Godlike, but she is one of the Great heroes of the Herd. She is the daughter of Salt and Aurora, both Godlike. She has the ability to teleport. She bears Nimbus on his quest, on the word of Salt and at the request of Mnemonium.
Hanrahan, Minos (4) The owner and sometimes bartender at the Billygoat & Broadsword. A surly, balding human in his middle years they enjoys too much roast pork and ale. Oddly, though his left eye was brown and his right eye green. He was also missing two fingers on his left hand but certainly proficient at his trade. He has a keen business mind.
Hardigan (Dead) (19) A Human thug in the employ of Ivindof Golgadin in Cauldron. One of the three men who kidnapped Thalazzar. Ivindof's head spy, he was purportedly the cruelest and most dangerous of the three. He was killed by Dragana. (Crux / Hardigan / Xane)
Harold (21) A blind Hobbit with the heart of a Kronos Dwarf, he is the owner of the Fraid Shell Inn in Selunaport.
Hashar (Sn2) A popular contemporary Dwarven artist in Kronos. His paintings depict horriffic scenes of destruction and chaos. Nimbus suspects that, at least in one instance, the subject matter of those paintings came to life and killed an art collector in Riot's Gate, Ishaz Vishada. In Vishada's ruined home, Nimbus found another painting by Hashar depicting an aged, though clearly recognizable Arek, wielding Unity and battling a great tentacled beast similar to those that had killed Vishada.
Hipparachus (B-Inigo) A Priest of St. Cuthbert Inigo met in Huygens. While travelling together, he informed Inigo about the Eye of Independence Eclipse and did his best to convince him to travel to Riot's Gate to witness the event, though, according to Inigo's journal, he did so a bit more than Inigo thought was polite. Eventually the parted ways in Telemar.
Hsi Jiang (1) A Hankuan textiles merchant in Little Hankuo in Riot's Gate. The Viper's Watch kidnapped and sold his daughter Mei Mei to Gluttony cultists when he was unable to pay their exorbitant protection fees. He bargained with the characters to find her in exchange for information about a mysterious tapestry Thalazzar had seen in his shop.
Hynanegg (Dead) (6-Arek) The Gnollish Sargeant of a doomed patrol traversing the Wasted Sea near Göesse. Being something of a rogue amongst his own people, his interest in the well-being of his wounded brother, his former band's war chief trumped his Gnollish instincts and lead him to spare the lives of Arek and Urban . The Gnoll recognized Arek as a priest who could heal his brother and resuscitated him to do so, even though their parley ended in a combat that saw both Dwarves fall to the his sword. He has yellow mottled fur with a brown spot shaped like a gauntlet under his eye. He was transformed into a vampire spawn by the vampire, Inigo Tarrega, and then killed by the Companions at the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast.
Ilsa (J-22) A priestess of a Zealots of the One street mission in Cauldron.
Irontusk (3) A half-orc in in McGreevy Town from whom the Dripping Blade would like the Party to collect something.
Istik (B-Tiberio) The old Master Librarian of the Vaults of the Libriohenaeum Order in Bostik. He has been in Bostik "Too long, too long, too many years. But I could never leave my books." He was kind to Tiberio, helped him to pursue his studies and gave him wide access to the Bostik's vast, though dwindling, stacks.
Iysabye (Dead) (6) A talentless and toothless Half-Elven fisherman from Göesse of questionable reputation and morales. He washed up on shore dead, his throat cut, presumably by his erstwhile associates from the Monotheocrate Order who the Party believes had conspired to spirit away Calibre the Clockwork.
Jafar (28) The owner of the People's Pub in the village of Al-Gleasahl in Divinity. He has only one leg. He is the arch rival of Ataraxia.
Justinian (Aquiifer), Pilus (Dead) (B-Domaldi) The son of a Zularean slave, born in the Monotheocrate Order, he was the father of Domaldi Justinian. He adopted the name "Justinian" when he converted to the Church of Heironeous. He died a Keeper and a paladin of Heironeous in the Sunterranse Federation. He was a hero of Independence and a founder of the Keepers. He was killed while ridding a small village in Bithal, Göesse, of a scourge of trolls in 19 A.I. He found a map on scrawled on a strange parchment with the trolls and spoke of the word "anupkaz," the Drüüg (Giantish) word for "gate." Father to Domaldi. Husband to Caroline Guerir. Pilus was known to the T'Kel as Dimiltus Jusant, "the Spear of Justice." He was instrumental in opening the Federation's line of diplomacy with the mysterious wolfling race.
Justinus Octavius, Sergius (Dead) (27) A crusader of St. Cuthbert from another Prime Material world. The last of his faction, his quest was driven by the Prophec of St. Cuthbert to find Sentar, which he called "the first Prime." The Companions found him beset upon by yugoloth from Gehenna in an abandoned temple in Divinity. The yugoloth had just followed him through a portal to Sentar.
Jormak (19) A Dwarven agent for House Golgadin in Kronos. He acquires components for them.
Kelly (J-22) The cultured Orindian night manager of a bar, restaurant and boarding house called the Gaff & Bailey, in Cauldron.
Kantankeran, Dalmotta (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's Mother.
Kantankeran, Finpen (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's younger brother. He is trying hard to fill Frankie's role in the family.
Kantankeran, Mibbikor (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's Father.
Kantakerin, Sparks (B-Frankie) Frankie's uncle - her father's youngest brother - is a Clock-Maker. He left Peppershot years ago, while Frankie was still a bobbin, to travel to the Downelands and Starfall in the North. He now commands the dirgible, the Daisy Cutter. He arrived in Riot's Gate from the North to learn about the collapse of the Ley Lines. Tufimatix told him Frankie was in trouble, so he and his crew tracked her down to Cauldron.
Kalsaut (B-Janarl) The Chieftain of the T'Kel Enclave.
Kausat (8) The lawful Lizardman king of a tribe in the Lonesome Vast. He passed judgement on Inigo after the duelist cut down two lizardmen trying to aid a third to escape. Though the tribes laws and its counsel of elders called for Inigo's death, because Kausat did not want to invite long term trouble with the humans and decided, he intervened at the last moment to make Inigo a slave. In light of recent strange events, Inigo offerred his services instead, to discover and destroy the strange force that had recently begun haunting the nights. Kausat ensured Inigo would keep his promise by invoking the lizardfolk god, Semuanya, and having his shaman cast a powerful gease upon the duelist.
Kenalvel'os (Sn2) An Elven Proclaimer of the Libriohenauem in Selunaport.
Kenna, Susan (aka "Saucy Susan") (B) Buxom brunette half-elf barmaid at the Bell & Dragon. Plake hired her when he first opened and has relied on her to keep his business going. She is a flirt and has a knack for knowing all the the customers by first name after a single visit. Plake is like a father to her and she worries about him constantly. She doesn't drop her facade while she works and she never give up any details about her life, let alone her background, but she's always got a smile and a wink.
Keratone (16) A multi-fingered Clockwork cleric of Cable the Finder and companion of Sparks Kantankerin aboard the Daisy Cutter.
Kijugitat (B-Thalazzar) A shamanistic warlock of the Khi'Ganad tribe of kobolds.
Klack (33) A Gnome-born Clockwork of Peppershot. A craftsman of the Great Workshop. One of a pair of Clockwork twins awakened simultaneously by Sparks Kantankerin - they were the first Clockworks he created as a Master Clockmaker. The other is Klick.
Klassat (Sj1) A T'Kel farmer, father of Sengar. A member of the Owl Clan
Klick (33) A Gnome-born Clockwork of Peppershot. A craftsman of the Great Workshop. One of a pair of Clockwork twins awakened simultaneously by Sparks Kantankerin - they were the first Clockworks he created as a Master Clockmaker. The other is Klack.
Klija, Mithra
(B) A cleric Heironeous, in 20 OE. A former paladin of Heironeous, he became a cleric after losing his eye to an assassin of Hextor. He became a missionary of Heironeous in the wild regions east of the City of Axes Bithtat to spread the faith based on honour and justice. Within ten years, he had fully established the Forward Advance and had a small but healthy community around the fort. He died after helping compile what would become the Code of the Keeprs.
Krenok (Sn1) Krenok of the Northern Bear is a Orcish Shaman formally aligned with a tribe fighting the Federation in the Plains of the Horselords. After some discussion, Nimbus convinced him to joined his Order, the Conclave of Voices, as his first member. (SERIAL ALLIES & ASSOCIATES)
Kulakk the Quartermaster (2) The Quartemaster in charge of supplies in at the Temple of Heironeous in Riot's Gate. He supplied the party with equipment to pursue the Glutonny Cultists in the sewers. After the death of Yeoman Canchari and many other ranking priests during the disaster that befell the Order of Heironeous during the Doome's Eye Eclipse, and given that much of the rest of the Order was at the front lines in the battle with the invading Orcish Horde, Kulakk is the ranking High Commander in Riot's Gate.
Kust (Sn2) Krenok's spirit totem - a boar.
Kybbo Mezori-os (B-Arek) Kybbo is a Half-Elf priest of the Ascendant deity, St. Cuthbert in Riots Gate, and he is a friend of the Cleric Arek. Together, he and Arek attended the ceremony at the High Command of Heironeous where Domaldi spoke the deeds of his father.
The Lady of the Wood (B) The near god-like spirit that oversees the Sengar Wood. She is he force in the Wood against which the River Baronies of the Southern shore of the Bithtat Sengar have long feared and made war. She despises all Humans - but she has a particular hatred for those of the Baronies.
Lance (J-22) A clueless Half Elf acolyte of the Zealots of the One cult in Cauldron. He is very happy to be alive.
Latja (6) The Dwarven wife of Constantine, the cantine keeper in the fishing village of Göesse. Though sheis bearded, she is the brains of the outfit. She knows everyone in town and all of their business. Constantine finds her insufferable and will willingly tell whoever will listen and do so in great detail.
Leader of the Gluttony Cult (2) The Cleric who led the Vile Gluttony Cult that practiced its foul rites in the sewers beneath Riot's Gate escaped the destruction the party brought unto the rest of his cell. He remains at large. The following description was overheard one night in the Bell & Dragon: I remember going into the room full of freaks. The leader stood out, due to him not wearing a mask that forced his mouth open. Instinct took over, and as I sighted down my x-bow, I saw the leader's bloodshot eyes with their yellow irises. A true whacko if I ever saw one! My xbow bolt fired off and nailed him just below the heart (I think). I don't think it sunk in too well, but he sure yelled hard! That will definitely leave a scar! His full leather garb sure wasn't designed very good against xbow bolts. Next thing I know, the freak leader is making a getaway, flashing his long grey cloak to disappear in conjured darkness. (Frankie)
Limbis (Dead) (Sj1) A dead adventurer associated with the weapon Woodclaw. An associate of Biabon, Firth and Cotel. Perished in the Devourer.
Lockheed (Dead) (28) An "Othersider" wizard of indeterminate race (human?) working out of an abandoned sawmill outside the village of Al-Gleasahl, Divinity. He appears to have been killed after an awry attempt to summon a slaad. Judging from his notes, he did a great deal of research on Yithic and Draconic form sof magic.
Lokiyar (12) The Heironean High Inquisitor who confiscated Domaldi's body. Appears to be of Theonean or southern islands racial stock.
Louie, Sgt. (2) The Orcish desk Sergaent of the Steel Ward Watch in Riot's Gate. He is overworked, has little patience, no sense of humour and you are geting on his last nerve. Doesn't seem to like Goblins too much, or anyone else for that matter.
Louis (Dead) (25) One of Mastof Louette's two former valet, 20 years ago in Eoport. A Gallantish servant, he was temporarily inhabited by Rin. The other is Frederic.
Lucinda (GT) A spell caster with Alexi Company at Forward Advance.
Lu Rin (B-Rin) A friend and favoured patron of Tiganis Rin's mother, Li'lia. Lin is named for him, though he is not his father. Lu Rin, a quartermaster for one of the great Dragon galleys of the Eternal Cloud fleet. He acts as Rin's guardian and benefactor.
Maggot, Ennis / Victor Franco
(17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. A fiendish Vile Cleric of Lust and notorious erial killer known as "the Surgeon of Sunfalls," Maggot was actually one of two personalities that unknowingly shared the same body. The other was a bookish Cleric of Heironeous, Victor Franco. Ennis allowed the would-be commandoes to bring the mounatin down on a tent full of Federation prisoners.
Mahgnus Móhr (4) The eighteen year old Crown Prince or Orindo, and the only exiled Orindish Royal to survive the catastrophe that struck Riot's Gate during the Doom's Eye Eclipse. Tallim's half brother. Woden says he is "not very nice." Following the disaster he managed to get himself elected during by-elections for the Sunterranse Federation senate, representing Cauldron.
Mahit (29) A wizard or sorcerer employed by Captain Suleiman of the Revolutionary Army of Divinity (RAD) to track down Mohadir and the Companions. Suleiman was not satisfied with his efforts.
Malik (Dead) (28) One of Ataraxia's henchmen. A brutish thug. He worked in the One Hole, a brothel in Al-Gleasahl, Divinity. He was killed by a Blue Slaad while accompanying the companions to the home of the "Othersider" wizard, Lockheed.
Markiss (Sj1) A T'Kel scout. A member of the Owl Clan. He commands a small scavenging party in Novas Enclavas.
Marla (2) A high strung human administrator for the overworked the Steel Ward Watch Station in Riot's Gate.
Masim (Dead) (Sj1) A T'Kel fighter. He was killed in Divinity helping Janarl to rescue several T'Kel from a Dream Herd.
Mei Mei (1) A seven year old Hankuan girl kidnapped. The Dripping Blade and sold to Gluttony Cultists who practice their fell rituals beneath the city when her father was unable to make their exhorbitant protection payments. The party successfully rescued her and returned her to the merchant in exchange for a tapestry depicting a portal seen in their Dream of Horrors.
Milkian (B-Janarl) A T'kel butcher, married to Rana, daughter of Rahman. He is amongst the first group of T'kel Janarl found transplanted to Divinity.
(3) A female Gold Dragon, old beyond recknoing. She appears to be an associate of Woden. She helped in the failed attempt to secure the Second Seal of Axes Bithtat against the zealous efforts of the Claimers. Her presence was a deciding factor in defeating the invading force of brutes and Feraln Elves found assembling on the other side. She later helped defeat at least two of the six Nephilim wreaking havoc in Riot's Gate as a consequence of the seal being opened. She also helped to save the party. (They did not say thank you. She noticed.) Her appearance in Riot's Gate on Cuthberta Eoselunday was the first time she had been sighted in the Federation since the time of Independence.
Little is known of this awesome creature, except that she lives in the North West, perhaps in the Wyrmwood, or beyond. Some say that she has a vast horde of treasure in some mountain enclave in the Watcher's Canyon but no one can say for certain. She had some influence in the Wars of Independence and fought against the summoned evils of the old regime, but not necessarily on behalf of the rebels or the fledgling Federation - it just so happened that her interests sometimes coincided with those of the mortals clinging to the Mazari coast. In general, while she is undoubtedly motivated by the highest ideals and sense of order, her reasons and her motives are her own. Regardless, her name is rarely spoken out loud even in the full light of day. A small cult of Mnemonium worship began in Eoport and Riots Gate after Independence but quickly disappeared and has not been heard from in several years. (SERIAL ALLIES & ASSOCIATES)
Mullj (Sj1) A T'kel cooper. Addicted to Dream, he is being treated in Novas Enclavas.
Aunt Namni (Dead) (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's Great Aunt. Grandma Bleetwiss's sister. She was the family historian. She died during the attack of the Marut Inevitable during Frankie's funeral.
Nili (Sj1) A T'kel fisherwoman.
Nulzdindantilus (16) An Elven Magus of the Ebb resident in Cauldron. He has expensive and exotic tastes. He resides in a white-stone tower in the Silver Stone Trade District, which required crossing a lengthy stone span to a platform in the middle of the structure where the tower split into two spindly spires that reached upwards into the sky. Thalazzar sold Kalthanalas to him.
Nuvam, Tallim
(1) Tallim was first sighted during the Dream of Horrors. She was accompanied in that encounter by an owl familiar. She said she had been trapped in the labyrinth for weeks without seeing or hearing anyone, and the silence was driving her near mad. Despite her state, she is clearly a woman of refinement. She is also a magician of some skill but still early in her training. Though not the type of woman most men would deem beautilful, she appears competent and pragmatic in a away that makes her undeniably attractive. Her striking features are her black hair that shimmered red in the light, and her piercing blue eyes.
She is a known associate of Woden, an Ordinish wizard in Riot's Gate. (Domaldi) Indeed, Tallim is Woden's apprentice and, moreover, the illegitimate child of the Orinidish Queen and a Gallantish slave. Woden accepted her as his apprentice when she was still an infant, in order to protect her. He has kept her geneology secret. Woden has secured the Companions' promise that they would find her. The Companions learned that her half brother, the conniving Mahgnus Móhr hired mercenaries to hunt her down as well. The Companions managed to rescue her from the Monotheocrate Order with the assistance of Sparks Kantankerin. (SERIAL ALLIES & ASSOCIATES)
Nuzaht (Stt-1) A Palerethe T'anari with an unnatural attraction to Lemure Battezu. He hides out in the Outlands.
(25) An Avolakia who, twenty years ago, in the form of a bronze skinned Half-Elf, attempted to sell an Inbetween Man transformed into a Bodak to Aea Louette. Nimbus, Janarl, Rin and Mastof Golgadin travel back in time to Eoport, a year before the revolution, to prevent the transaction and destroy the Bodak. Oesslen was, for a time, Aea's lover.

(B) A Half-Orc barbarian Chieftain raised on stories of the ancient Rakkish Empire. Five years ago, a tribe of 5,000 Orcs and their Goblin slaves into the Sunterranse Federation from the Wilderlands. They sought to become citizens. After much deliberation and contentious debate in Riot's Gate, their wish was granted and they begin a pastoral life in the wild territories to the North, beyond the lands of the Horselords. Ogram became a blood brother to the Maddock himself. The capital city os called Ograth and Ogram serves now as a symbolic Chieftain, in a role similar to the Maddock. When the Wilderland Hordes invaded the Federation, he personally led the Free Orcs of Sunterranse to battle against them.

From: Other Paths Unfold: Gunther's Tale

As the Legion moved into the Pass a smallish, crippled Half-Orc approached at a gallop alongside on horseback, “Who is the commander here?” he inquired simply in flawless Mazarean.

Gunther stood as the cleric bound his arm, “I am Gunther, I command here.”

“I am Ogram. I took command the 91st and my thanks for holding his pass. We hurried once Twerg reached us because we knew your situation was grave. The Keepers, by the Pillars, found a faster way. That was hard fighting lad. Well done!” The orc bellowed toothily.

Ogram the Great Chieftain was here commanding the 91st? Impossible! Yet his legendary broken appearance, noble bearing and horsemanship left no room for doubt. What was going on? It must have been the blow to his head. No, it was Ogram himself. The troops filling through the Pass were mostly Legionnaires but also mixed with half-orcs, barbarians and even orcs from the Federation North!

Olaf (3) An Elder Cleric of Moradin in Riot's Gate. One of Arek's tutors. The Party tried contacting him in order to learn more about the fate of the Claimers.
Grandma Olffnig (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's paternal grandmother. She suffers slightly from alzheimer's, but it is kept manageable using Fizzerbig's concoctions.
Othon, Baron (B-Tiberio) The cruel and cunning Baron of Bostik, one of the few River Baronies whose power has actually grown since the collapse of the robber-baron economy on the Sengar. He owns the third largest fleet of merchant lakers on Lake Seluna (after Kronos and the Sunterranse Federation) and commands the second largest navy on the Lake (after Köln).
Othon, Romain (B-Tiberio) The youngest, and possibly the wickedest, of three sons the Zularean concubine, Aconçata Cilento, bore to the Baron Othon. When he was not scheming against his brothers or his father, he was making Tiberio's life miserable.
Pellis (6) A puny, luckless human fisherman from Göesse. He owes a lot of money, but not enough to let himself be convinced to take agents of the Monotheocrate Order into the Wasted Sea.
Pelu (B-Domaldi) Domaldi's beloved donkey.
(3) The old Zularean groundskeeeper for the Temple of St. Cuthbert in Riot's Gate.
Phillip (a.k.a Philly Ten Bones) (1) Phillip claims to be an innocent by-stander, but the party believes he is the leader of the Viper's Watch, a street gang in Riot's Gate affiliated with the Dripping Blade. He claims to have a lwayer. They brought him into the Watch, but could lay no charges. Description: Phillip is a goblin citizen with green skin, long thin ears, and a particularly short nose for a goblin. He is found of wearing hats and wears a ten-bone bracelet. He is suspected of leading the Viper's Watch and working with the Dripping Blade. (Thalazzar - Wanted Poster)
The Phoenix Feather (18) An eccentric old gnomish woman, she is a master fletcher who works with Rene Gaultier, the finest bowmaker in Cauldron.
Pichmonger, Grutt (Sa2) A lone Steel Dwarf, encountered by Arek in the caverns deep below beneath Axes Bithtat. When Arek found him, he was beset by multiple Duergar. He has pledged his axe to Arek's service.
Pikket, Cpl. Freeman (Dead)* / Quinn / Rivven ???
(2) A Coporal with the City Watch of Riot's Gate stationed in the Steel Ward Watch Station, in the Eastern District . He's originally from a farm on the Bithal frontier and has been in Riot's Gate about four years. He helped the party rout the Glutonny Cultists in the sewers and rescue the Hankuan girl Mei Mei.. He left the farm and his sixteen brothers and one sister to seek a means to augment his family's meager income. An unassuming man, he is quite thin and of average height. His most remarkable feature is his red hair and beard. A freeman in the true sense of the word, Pikket is honest, extremely polite and competent with his spear and crossbow.
Cpl. Pikket was, in fact, a creation of the Federation's secret service, the Unspoken. From his vantage point, he followed several cases, including the question of whether the Companions posed any threat to the Federation. He quickly determined they did not, but events ran away from him and Domaldi inadveratntly blew his cover. Pikket had to be "killed," but the man with the frontier drawl would come to be known as Sub Inquisitor Quinn of the Heironean Inquisition. Agent Sroasa Davea informed the Companions that the man they knew as Pikket had disappeared in an "interplanar event" and was offically listed as MIA by the Unspoken. (OTHER AGENTS)
Pilnig (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Fankie's cousin. Tufimatix's daughter. She is the family lawyer with a small practic based in Peppershot. She works to prevent "patent infringement" of gnome technology.
Plake (B) Affable, overweight Half-Elven owner of The Bell & Dragon, an Inn in Riot's Gate. He is originally from the town of Bellhold, but he has been in Riot's Gate about 2 years, and has put down roots. He tells tall tales and brags, but he is good natured. Probably more cunning than one would think initially.
Pontijas (B-Janarl) A successful T'kel rancher and head of the Wolf Clan. Father of Rana.
(21) Elderly arcane elementalist sentenced to twenty years imprisonment in the Great Bastion of Selunaport for mercenary work leading to the death of Federation civilians, recently escaped. Recently captured, dead.
(17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. A Half Orc, brother to Braven Umbermoon, on their mother's side. He was He is not that smart. He was taken into custody after killing several Knights of Heironeous while trying to rescue his brother. He died fighting alongside his brother.
Pucker (2-Arek) Pucker is a female Hobbit agent of the Unspoken that participated in Arek`s interrogation (see Pug - DM). An unremarkable female hobbit, Pucker appears to be just like any other wandering Hobbit. While Hobbits always appear youthful, Pucker at times seemed old and tired during the interrogation. This led Arek to believe she was also a senior agent. Pucker, like Pug, has an intimidating stare. Has there ever been a Hobbit with a cold, hard stare? The naturally joyous traits of Hobbits are a tool for Pucker as she can switch from menacing to motherly without missing a beat ("From Ice Queen to Dwarven Nanny") She may have access to magic as Arek was unnaturally put to sleep before and after his interrogation. (Arek)
Pug (2-Arek) Pug is a male Dwarvish agent of the Unspoken that participated in Arek`s interrogation (see Pucker - DM). An older dwarf, with a pug face, greying beard, and braided hair, he wears plain clothes and looks like an average dwarf. He has no remarkable physical traits, save for his dwarvish accent. He has none, making his clan identification nearly impossible. His cold, intimidating stare ("icy lumps of coal that betray nothing") indicated this dwarf was a seasoned agent, not to be trifled with. He may have access to magic as Arek was unnaturally put to sleep before and after his interrogation. (Arek)
Qaari (29) Another wizard or sorcerer, more powerful than Mahit, employed by Captain Suleiman of the Revolutionary Army of Divinity (RAD) to track down Mohadir and the Companions. He was better able to establish a fix on his quarry than Mahit.
Qalati (Dead) (Sj1) A legendary Elven weaponsmith associated with the creation of the weapon Woodclaw.
Quareei (Stt-1) A powerful Glaberzu who sometimes stalks the Outlands
Quill (Dead) (B-Ts'Elf) A young half-elf from Manyberries. He and his older cosuin, Verissa, escorted Ts'Elf to Cauldron where they were abducted. It appears he and Verissa were killed in the necromatic laboratory beneath House Golgadin.
Quinn, Sub Inquisitor / Pikket (Dead)* / Rivven ??? (17) This battle hardened priest of the Heironean Inquisition is actually an agent of the Unspoken, assigned to watch after the activities of the Inquisition and particularly High Inquisitor Lokiyar. The Companions once knew him as Corporal Freeman Pikket of the Riot's Gate Watch. Pikket is now "dead." Agent Sroasa Davea informed the Companions that the man they knew as Pikket had disappeared in an "interplanar event" and was offically listed as MIA by the Unspoken. (OTHER AGENTS)
Red Rider, a.k.a. Foreign Officer, a.k.a. St. Cuthbert
(1) First seen in the Dream of Horrors, he is called by other names such as the Mysterious Knight, the Commander or the Red Rider. His dress appeared tobe a military uniform of unkown origin and was exemplary right down to the polished buttons on his tunic. His armour and weapons were of the highest quality. He spoke something that sounded like heavily accented Orindish, and I understood, though I do not speak Orindish. While thinking, he twirls his well-maintained moustache. While not evil, his bearing bespeaks a man of arrogance earned from martial success and knowledge of the arcane arts. Before the on-rush of the evil hoard in the Dream of Horrors he said with a smile, "This I remember."

Sketch by
Frankie later revealed that the weapon the Red Rider was using in one of his hands, which appeared to be a powerful magic rod or wand that emitted a loud crack and an explosion of light, was, in fact, an especially advanced form of the bullet-throwing weapon. Such "fireams" are used by the mysterious Feraln Elves and upon which she had done her graduate research. Wulfgar, a Primate of the Cuthbertian Church, explained to Nimbus his belief that the Red Rider was actually an Aspect of the god of Justice, St. Cuthbert.
Reisman (16) A functionary of the prisons of the Heironean Inquisition. He helped prepare the Dirty Half Dozen for their mission.
Rahman (B-Janarl) A T'kel farmer.
Rana (B-Janarl) A T'kel farmgirl, daughter of Pontijas. Once rescued by Janarl, she became his betrothed. She broke the engagement when Janarl proved unable to settle down and focus on his pastoral responsibilities. Janarl later discovers her amongst the first group of T'kel he found transplanted to Divinity. She is married to Milkian, a butcher.
Ratchet (33) A Gnome-born Clockwork worker. He works in the Great Workshop beneath Peppershot. Friend of Extrashaft.
Rif T'Ling-os (B-Nimbus) A Lunar Elven of gardener. He lives in the Nocturnal Temple in the Wilderlands, above Lake Sular. Nimbus's mentor.
Ripplestick (7) A Gnomish name blurted out in anger and distress by Calibre when he was revived from having been attacked by a troll. T'Self also heard his name mentioned while Mastof Golgadin was dismantling the Clockwork. Apparently Mastof went to look for him. When Calibre's thrall module is removed, he explains that Ripplestick is a Clockmaker gone bad. He dabbles in necromancy and he installed the thrall module in Calibre.
Rivven / Pikket (Dead)*/ Quinn ??? (J-22) A name that Donovan the mask maker attributes to the man the Companions know as either Quinn or Pikket. Donovan seems to know that he is Unspoken. Agent Sroasa Davea informed the Companions that the man they knew as Pikket had disappeared in an "interplanar event" and was offically listed as MIA by the Unspoken. (OTHER AGENTS)
Ruddick (B-Inigo) An Orindish weapon-master and duelist, former head of family bodyguard for House Tarrega, now in Azmaiiy lands. He taught Inigo to wield a blade... or two. Formerly a slave, he was freed by Inigo's father.
Rusty (B) An old Clockwork bartender in Peppershot. He is a bard with few levels of ranger from it's fightin' days back when the kobolds were a problem. He owns the Scholar's Schema.
Rutabolt, Linken (33) A Gnome of Peppershot. He is the Carellon Master of the Clocktower.
Rwatlin (GT) A half-handed Dwarven centurion with Alexi Company at Forward Advance. He wields an axe. He was terribly wounded during the rescue of the 91st Sunfells Regiment.
Sadore (4) A Grey Elven wizard. An associate of Woden. He was at the Battle of the Gate, insidethe towers of Axes Bithtat on Indepedence Day.
Sahuagin Captive (5) The Party captured one of the Sahuagin warriors that attacked the Lusty Wench and took it to Göesse where they handed it over to Festerelis, the headman. He is eagerly waiting for Federation authorities to come and take over. The Sahuagin is very angry. They sent word to Forward Advance to send Keepers to collect the captive so that he might be questioned by authorities and face Sunterran justice.
Sally (Dead)
(11) A Goblin necromancer, and formerly an acquaintance of the hobbitish researcher, Besth. Sally was the first companion Besth took on to help her explore the ancient Durgoshii power site known as "the Devourer." Sally and Besth survived initial entry of the dungeon, but, according to Besth's journal they soon began to descend into madness. She battled the party and died at their hands.
Sa'houd (Stt-1) A powerful Balor who sometimes stalks the Outlands.
Sayre, Catherine (4) The mother of the child, called Johnothan, that Domaldi rescued from the jaws of the fiendish dinosaur at the Skybridge Tram during the Doom's Eye Eclipse. She believes it was Cpl. Pikket who rescued the child.
Sayre, Jonathan (4) The 2 year old child that Domaldi rescued from the jaws of the fiendish dinosaur at the Skybridge Tram during the Doom's Eye Eclipse.
Sayre, Kline (4) One of the surviving Senators of the Sunterranse Federation. His was the child, called Johnothan, that Domaldi rescued from the jaws of the fiendish dinosaur at the Skybridge Tram during the Doom's Eye Eclipse.
Aunt Schepfoodle (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's aunt, Mibikkor's sister. She is a school teacher in Peppershot. Mother to Zootkwiss.
Scuz (1) An Orinidsh lowlife human, and a member of the Viper's Watch. By all appearances, a loud-mouth loser who does not realize he is either. He thinks his nick-name is cool. It's what his "friends" call him. The Party beat the paste out of him, captured him and turned him over to the authorities. He was sentenced for his role in kidnapping a Hankuan merchant's young daughter and selling her to Gluttony cultists in Riot's Gate.
Sengar (SG-B-Janarl) A T'kel of the Owl Clan, he is a friend of Janarl. He is amongst the first group of T'kel he found transplanted to Divinity. Son of Klassat.
Sheffield, Master Guy (18) One of two Half elven brothers. He is an armourer who owns Sheffield Brothers Armory in Cauldron. The cousin of Rene Gaultier, a bowmaker.
Siprian (Dead) (5) The long sufferring Dwarven first mate of the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Baron Smiltsvin (19) The Head of a Trudorean clan of the River Barony Simltsvinland, that, 10 years ago, overran the Barony of Golga, sending House Golgadin (Mastof & Ivindof) into exile in the Federation.
Soubelknicker (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. One of Frankie's numerous cousins. He is a decade older than she is and lives in Peppershot. He was admitted to advanced technical training even though he never showed much interest in mechanical pursuits. He has a real passion for zoology, particularly the ecology of monstrous aberrations. He collects spores molds and fungus. His family deliberately mispronounces "zoology" as "zoogoly" just to bug him.
Spiroscope, Bubalo (33) A Gnome of Peppershot. High Priestess of the Duality, Acolyte of the Constructor. Wife to Wizzle Thermochain. She was badly wounded during the attack of the Marut Inevitable.
S'trassk (9) A Lizardman Huntwarden who warned the party about the dangers that lie in a forbidden patch of land known to his tribe as "Where Lizards Weep." He was motivated to do so by Tiberio's haunting rendition of a Lizardman song he remembered.
Stanislaw (6) The Dwarven Cleric of Plentok Veris in the village of Göesse.
Captain "Steamy" (21) A wild-eyed dwarven captain of the "Whorable Shell," a privateer vessel sailing Lake Seluna, noted for his raging attacks with a warhammer and indentured servant privateers who fear him more than the authorities, "steamy" is a nickname referencing his angry demeanour.
Steffan (Dead) (25) He was a farmer in life. He lived in Divinity. A year ago, he took up arms against the Monotheocrate Order and the only deity he ever knew. He did not do so for high principals of democracy and freedom. His dream was only to conceive and to raise his own children; a right denied all in the Order. The wife and daughter he fought for and won were the joy of his life before the Dream Cartels took them. He became one of Mastof’s undead soap soldiers at the end of his quest to get them back. He did live long enough, however, to see their beings hollowed out in the Dream herds, before he became a part of one himself. It is said that those who grieve produce a particularly potent form of the drug. As a zombie, Nimbus decapitated him, kicking his head in the air in a demented game to distract the cruel Nothics. This impacted Nimbus's alignment and was later an object lesson for the monk from the Inbetween Men.
Stooped Birch (B-Thalazzar) Thalazzar's Entish mentor in the Lands Edge Woods.
Suleiman, Captain (27) The Captain of a Front of the Revolutionary Army of Divinity (RAD) near the border with the Monotheocrate Order and the village of Al-Gleasahl.
Swampjaw (Dead) (15) A starving wolf from the Lonesome Vast who befriends Tiberio instead of eating him as Inigo, the vampire, ordered. He was killed after alerting his master and saving him from being murdered by wicked Red Caps on the other side of the Wall of the Righteous.
Swapgears (Dead) (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Frankie's Great Uncle - her mother's cousin. He was a renowned Captain of the Peppershot militia and dead shot with the x-bow. Uncle Swapgears taught Frankie how to be a dead-shot with a repeating crossbow.
Talin (21) An Elven ranger in in Selunaport.
Tarnin, Barris (B-Domaldi) A Windhome Elven Praetorian, and old friend of Pilus Justinian from the Independence wars. He is a Fellow of the Order of Heironeous - an admirer though not an adherent. He divides his time between the Windhome Plains and Riot's Gate. He has been involved in politics, but his influence is fading. He is a Federation Loyalist whose strong admonishment of Elven Nationalists has lately won him few friends amongst his own race.
Tarrega, Inigo (Undead) (5) A young duelist from Amitlan who the party met in Göesse. He accompanied them a while during their travels in search of the Saltwater Barrows but was compelled with gease quest to find what was hunting the Lonesome Vast after running afoul of a local lizardman tribe, i.e. "That Which Stalks the Night." When the Companions encounter him that which he hunted, a yuan-ti vampire unleashed from the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast, has transformed him into a vampire also. In a climactic battle, he manages to escape the companions.
Tasha (GT) A scout with Alexi Company at Forward Advance.
Teung, Legionnaire (GT) A Sunterran Legionnaire originally of Hankuan extraction. of the B Company Scouts with the 91st Sunfalls Legion. His heroism was critical in ensuring the safe arrival of the Legion at Forward Advance.
T’gannis, Li’lia (B-Rin) Born a half-elf thrall to a lesser house of one of the River Baronies, Li’lia T’gannis would eventually escape her fate as a slave, and rise to a position of comfort and not inconsiderable power as one of Selunaport’s prominent courtesans. Rin was The mother of Tiganis Rin.
Thala Xevar / T.X. (7) The name found written in Yithic on a hardened leather, magically empowered disk-key recovered from the agents of the Monotheocrate Order. Thalazzar's apparent namesake, he also appears to have been one of the powerful Wizard-Priests of the Monotheocrate Order, the Thala-Mourne.
That Which Stalks the Night (Undead) (8) An unnatural force that had begun hunting the Lonesome Vast since it was awakened from within the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast , it was actually a Yuan-ti Vampire Abomination. It transformed the fallen hero, Inigo Tarrega, into a vampire.
Thermochain, Wizzle (33) A Gnome of Peppershot. High Priest of the Duality, Acolyte of the Destructor. Husband to Bubalo Spiroscope.
Three-Feathers, Loifen (B-Thalazzar) A foppish hobbit mercenary who contracts privateers in Bostik. He wears a big yellow hat - plush, tasseled, and with three long, blue, elegant hippogriff feathers that make him seem that much taller than his three feet. He has a way with throwing daggers. With slight paunch and ridiculous hat, he would be something of an absurd figure if he were not so deadly earnest.
Timbershins, Piotr (B-Rin) A Lake Dwarf shipbuilder of Clan Dakar. He is a shrewd businessman and conservative shipbuilder. His small indebted business was revitalized when he took Tiganis Rin's patron, Lu Rin, as a partner. Tiganis Rin was the one who organized the deal.
Tokket (5) Plake's estranged half-elven brother. He is the owner of the Bell & Clapper in the Dakari village of Bellhold. The party agreed to take him a package on Plake's behalf.
Torntul the Schapple (21) The grizzled old owner of a scummy bar that specializes in watery beer and skunky spirits on the docks of Selunaport that once favoured by young Rin. A former army scout. A thief, a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel and, in his own way, a hero. He has a heavy crossbow named "Sifty" and a bastard sword named "Gladys."
Tovin (Dead) (Sj1) A long dead (more than 700 years) adventurer associated with the weapon Woodclaw.
Trin (Sn2) An adolescent Half-Elf Researcher with the Libirohenaeum in Selunaport.
Tripplesemerick (19) One of the Boddyjons of Tiberio's old band, "Finbell and the Boddyjons." "Trips,"as he is known, is the youngest member of the band. He does back-up vocals and plays all manner of string instruments. He was press ganged into the Federation militia in Cauldron and sent to fight in the Battle of Bithal. Finbell has not heard from him since.
Tufimatix (B-Frankie) Frankie's uncle, her mother's second second brother, is a great Gnomish lawyer from Claxxon. He practices law in Riot's Gate and occaisionally writes editorials for The Portcullis regading the goings on in the chambers of government. As a somewhat less old man, he played a major role in writing the laws of the Sunterranse Federation. His chaotic Gnomish heart has been perfect for the task of reconciling the variety of cultural and racial legal traditions that co-exist and collide within the new country. He has a daughter, Pilnig.
Twerg (GT) A scout with Alexi Company at Forward Advance.
T.X. / Thala Xevar (6) The initials on a note found with Calibre aboard the Lusty Wench that helped to identify the Clockwork as the victim of a nefarious slave trade.
(1) A great white owl with clear and penetrating gaze. First encountered during the Dream of Horrors before it escaped, Tyconderoga joined our intrepid Band after the Battle of Cuthberta Eodakarday to aid in the search for Tallim. This intelligent creature is clearly loyal to her mistress and is quite impatient with any delays in the quest to rejoin Tallim.
Ulgar (Dead) (B-Arek) The former Chief of Clan Dakar, Ulgar is the brother of Eriana, Arek Zaram Dakar`s mother. A hero of the Maddock`s resistance, Ulgar, with the help of over two hundred dwarves, continues to fight the Steel Dwarves on the slopes above Lake Dakar. Stocky, even by dwarven standards, Ulgar remains vicious in combat being an expert with throwing axes. He lost his right eye in a fight with a beaked creature of the Underdark that had strayed in the mountains. Having so far revealed important clues to Arek`s heritage, Ulgar still remains a mystery to the young dwarven cleric. Ulgar finds great pride in Arek`s induction in the Claimers of the Maddock but will only reveal more of Arek`s past until the young cleric has "walked under mountains, crossed the fields of battle, and crushed a few giant skulls, all for the greater glory of Moradin!" Ulgar is a hero of the Maddock's resistance. Ulgar was apparently a part of the Claimer Conspiracy and died after the Claimers opened the seal in Axes Bithtat. (Arek)
Ulgarovich, Leonid (18-Arek) The son of Ulgar. Arek's cousin. He is a priest of Moradin, a Stone Father. Leonid is two decades Arek's senior and he has always been mightily protective, more like a father than even a brother.
Umbermoon, Braven (Dead) (17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. An Orcish Barbarian converted to the Church of Heironeous who lost his Paladinhood inadvertantly for killing innocents while he raged in battle. He died fighting the enemies of the Federation.
Unga, a.k.a. "The Orc from New York" (1) The Orcish owner of The Dregs of Humanity, a crap hole in the wall bar in the Forgetown Market. He wasn't born yesterday and he doesn't take no crap. He's pretty good at sizing up his customers. He hated Scuz and the Viper's Watch for scaring away his business.
Urban (5) The surviving member of the five member Dwarven crew of the Lake Dakar trading cog, the Lusty Wench. The rest of thr crew were slaughtered in a surprise and an apparently unprecdented attack by Sahuagin. A Lake Dwarf, Urban is a Ranger, familiar with the ways and currents of Lake Dakar and its borders. His animal companion is a small brown speckled sea gull named "Gull."
Urtak (Dead) (B) The former Chief Cleric of Clan Dakar.
Valandil (31) A Windhome Elven Archer and member of the Elven Nationalist Movement (NME). He is openly hostile to the Federation. An associate of the Trudorean mercenary, Guthbrand, he was one of the leaders of a band of mercenaries in the employ of Magnus Móhr that conducted a raid on the war barge Thala Sanat in the Monotheocrate Order in oder to rescue Tallim Nuvam.
Lord Varuss (Dead) (B-Domaldi) A noble General of the Monotheocrate Order, he was the commander of Pilus Aquiifer's doomed expedition against a perceived re-emerging threat from the Serpent Suzerainty. The expedition devestated the already struggling serpentine races of the Wasted Sea.
Verissa (Dead) (B-T'Self) A young half-elf from Manyberries. She and her younger cousin, Quill, escorted Ts'Elf to Cauldron where they was abducted along with the valuable Clockwork. She and Quill appear to have died in the necromatic laboratory beneath House Golgadin.
Vinix (GT) A Heironean Knight. An officer at Forward Advance. Currently the Paymaster and guardian of the old vaults.
Vishada, Ishaz (Dead) (Sn2) A wealthy art collector in Riots Gate. Nimbus found him in the ruins of his oppulent home, apparently killed by one of the paintings he had recently purchased, by a Dwarven artist, Hashar, of Kronos.
Waclaw (Dead) (5) A member of the Dwarven crew of the Lake Dakar trading cog, the Lusty Wench. Killed by Sahuagin marauders on Lake Dakar.
Wakamara (19) One of the Boddyjons of Tiberio's old band, "Finbell and the Boddyjons." Wakamara was the good looking one. He does lead vocals along with Finbell and plays the fiddle. He was press ganged into the Federation militia in Cauldron and sent to fight in the Battle of Bithal. Finbell has not heard from him since.
Marshal Wali (16) A Half Elven Federation Border Marshal in charge of Cauldron’s northern gate. He is as corrupt as he is unpleasant.
Wali Jan (Dead) (Sj1) A long dead (more than 700 years) druid of the Grey Watchers associated with Puesim Amilya, creator the weapon Woodclaw.
Waterslough, D'en (Dead) (17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. A depressed and antisocial Elven Ranger. He was accused of drawing the Heironeans he served as a scout into an ambush. He did not warn his companions that living Humans were crucified in front of the tent they were to blow up. He escaped into the night during the final advance of the Horde.
Weevil (Dead) (21) A weasely, human rogue in Selunaport.
Whistleflix, Militia Seargent (Dead) (20) A Gnome of Peppershot. The crusty old Gnomish seargent of the Peppershot militia. He was also the town cobbler. He put Frankie through basic training. He was killed during the attack of the Marut Inevitable.
Whitey (Dead) (1) A Trudorean human member of the Viper's Watch. He managed to escape when the Party hunted down his crew in Riot's Gate while they were shaking down Hobbits in the Happy Acres Refugee Camp. Description: Whitey is a bald, dark-skinned human, a Coronan of Trudorean descent. He is fairly tall with narrow features. (Thalazzar - Wanted Poster) After he went to rescue Plake from the Dripping Blade, Grist informed the Party that "the Trudorean? He is no longer with us."
Wind (Sts2) Apparnetly someone in a position of some authority in relation to the White Crane Assassins. Ts'Elf scryed him interrogating a ninja assassin following the assassination of Frankie.
Woden, a.k.a. The Masked Wizard
(1) A mysterious Orindish wizard connected somehow to the Orindish Royal family in exile in Riot's Gate. A wizard of renown in Orindo and the Federation, though little is known of him. In spite of the instant recognition he receives in the streets of Riots Gate, he is a true enigma. He is known to be influential and powerful. While the mask that covers the right half his face clearly marks him at a distance, no one can answer why he wears it. Rumours abound in the taverns about scars from dragon fire or the claws of a witches coven but these stories change on a daily basis, often depending on if the storyteller is drinking wine or ale. It is certain though, that his left eye sees more clearly than many a Keeper: on this the rumours are always the same. (SERIAL ALLIES & ASSOCIATES)
Wolheim, Gunther (13) A childhood friend of Domaldi. When he learned that Domaldi was being sought out for heresy and other crimes, Gunther, believing his friend to be wrongly accused, set out from Forward Advance along with Lokiyar, the High Inquisitor of Heironeous. After Lokiyar returned to Göesse with Domaldi's lifeless body and was unable to raise him, loyal Gunther volunteered to return to the Devourer with two knights of Heironeous to search for, and release, the Paladin's soul. He met the party in Folha's Grove after narrowly escaping an encounter with Garasoth. After he departed the party, his travails continued... He is currently stationed at Forward Advance.
Wooden Toad (Dead) (2) A Hankuan Bard of the Dragon Fleet flotilla on Lake Seluna outside Selunaport. The Companions later learned from Tiganis Rin that he had died five years ago amidst mysterious circumstances. He had travelled throughout the Mazari and was very popular amongst the nobles and commoners of the Hankuan alike (to say nothing of his popularity with other folk as well). His ballads remain popular and express his own great passion for life. During an encouner with the Inbetween Men, Tiganis Rin came to suspect strongly that Wooden Toad may actually be his father.

(B-Nimbus) A Trudorean Primate of the Church of St. Cuthbert. He believes the Red Rider was, in fact, a vision of the god St. Cuthbert, and that the Dream of Horrors was elemental to the St. Cuthbert Prophecy. Nimbus first met him when he led a delegation of pilgrims to the Lunar Elven Enclave on the heights above Lake Sular. The Nocturnal Temple, as the Lunar Elves called it, was an astronomical observatory the Primature gifted unto the Lunar Elves when they first came to the Mazari over forty years before in an acknowledgement of their piety and devtion to Sentar. Wulfgar had claimed he wanted to exchange notes on star maps on the movement of stellar bodies related to the Eye of Independence Eclipse, known to the Lunar Elves as the Awakening, but was really visiting in order to proselyltize about the Prophecy. Wulfgar has travelled widely and freed many slaves.

Xenel Dathuk Char (Sa3) A demon Arek is advised to seek out.
Xane (Dead) (19) A hulking half-elf Barbarian thug in the employ of Ivindof Golgadin. One of the three men who kidnapped Thalazzar. (Crux / Hardigan / Xane)
YHOOA (Sn2) A beholder. A Bugbear Spirit told the Orcish Shaman Krenok that, "The key to the true name of the Dragon of Tg is that of the Eye Tyrant YHOOA." The Libriohenaeum in Selunaport was able to identify this creature's hive .
Yurgith, Baron (B) The Baron of a small Trudorean River Barony, Ravenna.
Zaranj (Dead) (Sj1) A T'Kel fighter. She was killed in Divinity helping Janarl to rescue several T'Kel from a Dream Herd.
Zahan Zehaun (J-22) An itinerant preacher and theologian linked to the Zealots of the One exiled to the Federation from the Monotheocrate Order for apostasy.
(14) A woodling elven druid who inhabits a portion of the Lonesome Vast in the Wasted Sea on some lonely vigil. She is known to Folha, who refers to her has "a woodland spirit."
Ziegeldaf, Fabiana (B) Fabiana Ziegeldaf is the elderly human Chancellor of the Executive Council, the Sunterranse Federation's Head of Government. Originally a debtor slave from Eoport, she escaped to Rut Mantel in Lake Range province as a middle aged woman. There, she established an underground railroad that helped many other slaves escape to communities deep into the Mazari interior. Ten years later she, helped to organize the revolution that led to the Sunterranse Federation. An assassination attempt has left her in a mysterious magically induced coma. The Vice Chancellor is currently governing.
Zillin (16) A T'Kel fisherman. Uncle to Janarl. Brother to his mother, Akanart.
Zito, Antonio (a.k.a. Tiberio) (18) Tiberio's alias. He used it in Cauldron with Ivindof Golgadin. History: Youngest member of Zito Family Players. Came to new world - River Baronies in particular - to escape the cynical corruption of old Zulary and the spectre of Gallantish oppression. Hooked up with Finbell and the Boddyjons and have been touring Federation ever since.
Zolas (Sj1) A T'Kel healer. A member ofthe Wolf Clan. Rescued by Janarl in Divinity and brought to Novas Enclavas.
Zooktwiss (B-Frankie) A Gnome of Peppershot. Fankie's cousin. She helps to run a general goods shop in Peppershot. Daughter of Mibbikor's sister, Schepfoodle.
Zuras (Dead) (B) The philosopher-king of the T'Kel, who led his people from what he calls “the serpent’s coils.” Almost two hundred years ago, Zuras claimed to have been hunting an Elven cadre of rangers when a “nature spirit” stopped him. It sat him down to tell him of the error of T’kel ways. They sat for fourteen days to reveal the secrets of natural harmony. Zuras took these secrets back to his people and reformed their society entirely. In short order they transformed from a savage and barbaric race of raiders to a race of farmers and tradesman. To this day, those T'Kel who rise to leadership positions are known to commune in the wilds with the "nature spirit" and they return enlightened and better capable of leading their race. These chosen few who are taken are said to bear "the Mark of Zuras." (NOTE: The T'Kel hero, Janarl, was surprised to see that the humble monk, Nimbus, bore "the Mark of Zuras," a series of small circular scars along the back of his arms from his elbow to his wrist that Nimbus himself had hardly noticed given the extent of his slaver scars and tattoos.) Knowledge of the race is not widespread, and their transformation is even less commonly known.
The numbers and letters in the brackets indicate when the NPC was introduced.
(B) = someone's backstory; (1) = Session, the First, etc.

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