“Saltwater Barrows”

Somewhere in Bithal, Sunterranse Federation
A Map of an ancient Durgoshii Power site, known as the Devourer
Probably the same map a Hobbit researcher named Besth was hired to create.

“As Domaldi was about complete his apprenticeship at age eighteen, Pilus learned of a farming village called Göese that was being pillaged by a local band of trolls. All estimates from local lore and the villagers made the band out to be a small group in a nearby cave. Pilus and Domaldi went to caves and Pilus insisted that his son stay with the gear and guard the rear. Several hours later, Pilus clawed his way out of the caves with twelve troll scalps, ruined armour, and a broken sword. His father had a piece of map parchment in his case but succumbed to his wounds before he could tell Domaldi its purpose.

- Domaldi's Personal History


“I spoke this morning to a researcher from the Libriohenaeum at the Temple of Heironeous called Jones Bishop who was attempting to translate the map my Father found in the Caves of Göese. He stated that the writing near the top was the language of Giants called Drüüg and meant "Salt Water Barrows". I recall that this is a local name for a partially submerged and ancient cemetery near Lake Dakar, not 50 miles from Göese. He also stated that the markings on the bottom were the Bakare numbers "1037." He was unable to identify any of the writing barely detectable on the map, thus indicating a vanished language of inestimable antiquity.”

- Domaldi's Journal, (3-2)
Cuthberta Eoselunday