Updated: 22 August 2006

Magic exists everywhere, permeating every aspect of nature and society in thsi world.
Its powers have limits and areas of great concentration.
Few practitioners, even the wisest and most learned, understand well how it works.
Magewright engineers have woven it into the fabric of civilization, and it often seems to underlie reality itself.

No one can imagine life without it.

The Collapse of the Ley Lines

BASIC MECHANIC: Because of the events of Independence Day, every time someone casts a spell, they must roll to see whether or not the magic actually takes effect. Whether or not it does, the spell is spent.

DC 12+ spell level
• When you left Riot's Gate it would have been DC 15
• I will let you know when it changes again.

You roll: d20 + Concentration + MODIFIERS

MODIFIERS: Modifiers stack. If you can think of a modifier that I haven't iuncluded, let me know.

Feat: Ley Sight (+4) (allows the character to see the Ley Lines)
• Meta Magic Feats that Empower spells (+2)
• Sorcerers (+1)
• Power Focus - as identified by the DM,
    e.g. Unity (+1), Tiberio's Lyre (+1), a Familiar (+1)
• Bardic Music (+1)
• Bless Spells (+1)
• Action Points
• etc.

UNINTENDED EFFECTS: Low dice rolls result in an "unintended effect. I am using the "Wild Magic" tables from AD&D for unintended effects.

• A die roll between 1-5 on your d20 Magic Failure check results in an unintended effect, whether you get the spell off or not.
• when you left Riot's Gate it would have been a roll between 1-6.
• I will let you know when it changes again.
• whether an unintended effect occurs is unaffected by modifers.
• unintended effects result whether the magic fails or not.

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Nature of Magic
Ley Lines:
The web of magic that binds and envelops all of Sentar and its moons. They are maleable and often in flux, though they are also capable of outlasting all living, and even written, memory.
Divine Magic:
Gods are themselves powerful sources of magic and clerics and other faithful draw upon this magical source in order to invoke their powers.
Draconic Magic:
The use of the Draconic tongue is most commonly used by wizards for evoking and controlling magic derived from the Ley Lines. Sorcerers also utilize Draconic magic, but do so intuitively, drawing upon the lingering power of some powerful ancestral being, such as a Dragon.
The drugs Dream and Distance are used in Yithic magic.
Powers Magic:
Magic that taps the magic that pools around principals, ideals or concepts, such as the Vile, the Wild or the Academy.
Yithic Magic:
The use of the Yithic tonngue as a means of evoking and shaping magic is not widely realized. It is known only to a handful of people outside the Monotheocrate Order. This is the prevalent manner in which wizardly magic is shaped and evoked in the Monotheocrate Order. Using it, even reading it, can be dangerous.

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Theories of Magic
The Blood and Words of Dragons:

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