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Full Name: 
Lothian Geyr (3.5e Stats)  
Scipio Geyr
Julia Hilk
Liam, brother, Amanda, Lille, Julia
Appearance & Personality:

Lothian Geyr was born in the Bostik city of Colbern on the border with Sunterranse near the Hinge. The Hinge is the open flood plain between Sengar Wood, Bithtat Sengar River and along the Silverta River. He is the son of Scipio Geyr and Julia Hilk and is their third child of six. Three to four generations back a large group from Meroëlle slaves were moved to this region of Bostik to establish a number of indentured communities. Over time, some were able to buy their freedom and even became slaveholders themselves. Due to their proximity to Sunterranse, they are rather indifferent to the issues of both the slave trade and the independence movement of the Federation.

Scipio has been the local blacksmith since before Independence and is a fixture of the community. Lothian was to be his apprentice but never enjoyed or really understood the family business. He was however always interested in the weapons and armour that his father made. His oldest brother Liam will inherit the smithy within a few years while his next oldest brother will be its chief armourer. The other three girls Amanda, Lille and Julia were all married to labourers in the community the year before Lothian went away.

Lothian grew up in his father’s smithy dreaming of the battles of the Colonial Hills led by Marius Tyran. He felt that manhood and honour were demonstrated by the tests of glory in battle. He ran away many times to join the Legions starting from the age of 8 but was never very successful. He was always a plain-speaking boy and never hesitated to tell anyone what he thought about any topic. By age 16, he had made such a nuisance of himself to his father that eventually Scipio released him to the Legions. His proximity to Twarg and the growing troubles in the Federation meant the normal citizenship requirements were overlooked. He was trained under the Centurion Aurean Norren and was commissioned as a Legionary Third Class in the 23rd Twarg Regiment early in the Nineteenth Year of Independence. His Regiment was sent north of Selunaport to guard the eastern side of Lady’s Meadow in case of trouble with Bostik. The reality of these two months in the 23rd Twarg showed him that in spite of “being at war”, there was no action and no way to test his mettle as a soldier. Duty consisted of patrolling and road construction. It was not long before he requested a transfer away from the 23rd to a more eastern unit to get into the action. His request was denied and he was assigned to a work party.

While he had always been a successful recruit and a quick study, his blunt nature earned him no friends among the centurions. Continuing duty in work parties was not consistent with his view of his life and so he became a more and more difficult to work soldier with whom to work. He never started any fights with the other Legionaries but he always finished them viscously. His faith in Wee Jas and fixation on Death also never made his peers very comfortable as well. Eventually, in spite of the general state of the Federation, he was given release from the 23rd and sent home. On returning to Bostik, he learned of the Baron’s need for mercenaries and enrolled without hesitation.

For service in the name of the Barony of Bostik

His Lordship, the Noble and Exalted Othon, Baron of Bostik, requires men-at-arms willing to earn gold and title in his service. He especially welcomes those warlocks, witches, and other sorcerers whose skills are in high demand.

The terms include:

• Willingness to bare arms against the dangerous beasts of the wild
• Willingness to serve for at least a month in lands bordering the Baronies
• Willingness to serve in wilderness conditions with limited supply
• Require ability to operate with relative freedom, under limited guidance, on specific tasks
• Acceptance and adherence of Bostikan agreements, current negotiating positions, and commonly-held trade practices with the Federation, the Nine, and other regional powers
• Payment shall be awarded for monthly service or on completion of assigned contracts in the service of his lordship
• Partial advance payments and certain operational costs shall be afforded by the Barony only in the event of continued service
• His lordship offers title to land to those with longstanding, most notable service in the event of a successful conclusion to Bostikan interests


Ehlonna Umberselunday to Corellona Mentemoraday

Being an account of by the former Sunterran Legionnaire, Lothian

The Beginning

In the thirty-second year of the Reign of Baron Othon of Bostik, the nineteenth year since the Independence of the Sunterranse Federation, on the day of Ehlonna Umberselunday, the writings of Lothian Geyr son of Scipio begin. My deeds I put to the page for the sake of future generations. I was born in the village of Colbern and joined the 23rd Twarg Regiment of the Sunterranse Legions. In this age of Strife and Wonder, the 23rd Twarg felt it necessary to dwell on routine and roads and avoid the challenges of the day. This was not for me and so I took leave of it one week ago. The Goddess charges me to greater glory in service of my native land. The Baron Othon called for men action and I heard the Call. Greater glory and a gold piece a day – five times what I made in the Legions!

From our camp in the Hinge, we boarded the river ship, Seluna. The leader of this motley band was the hobbit adventurer, Loifan Three-Feathers. We sailed up the river for eight days until we passed Ghadans. At Smithsvinland, Loifan told us we were to go ashore in Solland to protect the Baron’s interests. The House of Solland had disappeared some years ago and was now ruled by the Druled Clan. On Corellona Eofreeday, we put in at Ghadarville and spent the night in an old compound. On Eosularday we marched to Poggerton. These were not the Mules of the Legion. We were a score of random rabble and another score of hobbit mercenaries traveling around two stores wagons. At the edge of Poggerton, we established our camp such as it was.

I went into town with Vargo and Coram two spellcasters I had bunked with on the Seluna. I was clearly blessed by the Goddess to have found them and talked to them often about their use of magic. While Corum spoke of prayers and his deity, it mattered not: his magic flowed! Vargo spoke of this Flow and I could not stop my questions while we were on the ship. I will have much to learn. Thank the Goddess!

We entered Poggerton and found the local tavern. We drank and talked with the barmaid, Linda and with the local constabulary. They were a bit scruffy but there blue and red tabards were clear from a distance. They talked of faeries and geants in the southern hills. Locals that had been were not particularly helpful either. Finally learned from Linda of a band of dwarves that had come through last summer. She knew few details but pointed us to a dwarven smithy in town that might know more. We managed to find him still working in his forge at that late hour. The smith Thrundrun told us of a group of dwarves that had came from Kronos last summer in Heironea. They were well provisioned and skilled and numbered thirty but never returned through Poggerton. He did speak of the old Baron’s castle to the south. The Solland clan has not been heard of for fifteen years. We bid the Smithy farewell and we returned to our camp.

Corellona Menteselunday

The next morning Loifan told us we were going up the Solland River to find the Old Solland Road. We marched up the road and eventually the it was blocked by a landslide. We stopped for lunch and then we were sent to scout out ahead. Vargo, Corum and I headed up the road past the slide. We saw a tree filled with birds of all kinds: a strange sight indeed but not a source of concern at the time. We eventually found that we had to work around a narrow path while using handholds to assist our progress. As we rounded the corner, I saw another tree full of birds of all varieties but quiet as the night. Vargo called out to them as if they were a man. Suddenly, they all turned to look at us and then launched towards as if to swarm us. Swarm us they did cutting our arms and faces before they flew away. We returned to camp and reported it to Loifan. His decision was to send us out again which this time resulted in no incident. The night passed without incident.

Corellona Mentedakarday

We were sent ahead this day to scout the route out to the Pass at the top. We walked the road for three hours and saw the top of a building with a Red and Blue Flag. It looked like a way station with a tower bull all overgrown. In the tower there were guards dressed in the tabards of Druled. They seemed nervous at our stories and we left quickly and without incident after we paid a small toll. We were certain that they were brigands using the position for personal benefit. We were near to the Pass by late afternoon when we heard vibrations. We hide off to the side of the road in the forest waiting for some new horror. We looked up and found we were hiding in the legs of some Forest Giant. It became aware of us and started trying to smash us with its club. Corum cast an obscuring mist to cover our escape. Bless the Goddess. We went back North to the Camp and met up with another group of mercenaries. They talked of an white Elven tower in the Pass but did not approach it.

Corellona Mentemoraday

We awoke the next morning and marched off to take the Elven tower with six others from our party. Loifan offered us each a month’s pay to capture the tower. We reached it by mid-day without incident. The tower was a beautiful snow-white stone tower but added to it was poorly made wood structures. We crossed the river and mad our way through the swamp. At night fall, we went to the terraces and I climbed ahead of our group by rope. Along the terrace we were attacked by a ninja goblin. I engaged him as another entered combat. I struck this new enemy down easily. The others pummeled the other to death. Moving along, we attacked the wooden structure as goblins came out and charged us. I killed the two in front of me and we continued our charge. Corum called on his divine magic to heal my flesh while Vargo stunned four goblins with a blast of colour. The power of the magic drove me on as our enemy launched a net that entangled our limbs and stopped us cold. We cut ourselves out as the remainder of our foes were dispatched. Our assault continued along the wall, over the bridge and to the peasant compound. We entered into the Elven tower and attacked the goblins inside. Our fight on that first floor was hard and long and our losses bitter. Now we sit on this floor of binding our wounds after barricading the entry points against a counter-attack. We await our relief from the hobbits to lift the new siege.

3.5e Stats: 
Lawful Neutral
Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 17
Climb 4, Craft (Weaponsmith) 2, Jump 4, Ride 2, Swim 4
Feats & Abilities:
Improved Initiative / Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder
Open Book (-6 to Bluff and Diplomacy)
17 / FF 15 / T 12
Armour & Clothes:
Scale Mail Armour + Light Shield
Longsword, Spear, Kukri
Common, Dwarven, Meroelle

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