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Aaftals and the Dragon of Tg (Sn1) A foolish wizard named Aaftals, now long dead, tried to learn the True Name of the Dragon of Tg. He sumoned a demon to help him. Eventually, the Demon learned the name and wrote it out on five rune stones. He only gave one to Aaftals and kept four for himself. Runestone in hand, Aaftals rushed to confront the Dragon. The Great Wyrm tormented him a long time for his impudence before destroying him utterly, long enough for him to question the wisdom of trusting a demon. The runestones disappeared for years. Mnemonium supplied one of them to Nimbus and told him that the remainder could be found with a Tribe of Dragonborn. Nimbus found another with an art collector, Ishaz Vishada.
The Cradle of Creation

The central location in a Dwarven legend about the Beginning of All Things.

Bithtat Womb
Vein Desolation
Steel Stone Room
Cradle of Creation

A few lines of poetry and a bit of folk memory recalled by Tiberio and Arek. This is form a Gallantish translation of passages from Ancient Durgoshii songs that mention Steel Stone. Arek later recalls knowing the poem as "Bones of Heart"         

Bones of Sentar
Flesh shattered tree
Dwarf’s Ancestor
The first Unity

Bithtat Womb
Vein Desolation
Steel Stone looms
Cradle of Creation

Such tomes are popular with treasure hunters so the Libriohenaeum have a policy never to share books that mention Steel Stone with anyone outside their Order. They were too often found shredded, if they were ever found again at all. Tiberio was a friend to the curator of antiquities in the Libriohenaeum stacks in the Court of Bostik.

the First Tree The axis mundi of Sentar. Was Sentar the soil in which it grew, or did the planet itself form around its bones? A religious concept that places Sentar at the centre of the universe. It connects Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Its roots begin in the past, its branches reach towards the future. Surely, it is allegorical, and was never, actually a real tree. An important concept in the Plaentae religion. Some say that the valuable steel stone are the petrified remnants of the first tree.
Nephilim Also called "the Watchers," these powerful winged humanoid creatures were thought to be the stuff of manichean morality tales and legends until the events of the Doom's Eye Eclipse proved them all too real. For forty years, the Unspoken, the Claimers and a few others had ensured that the events surrounding their sudden appearance after the First Great Seal of the Stone Druids was opened would remain a secret while they investigated the nature of the threat they posed. Indeed - it could hardly be believed then either that these powerful creatures of legend - Celestials and Infernals - had brought their ancient blood feud to the modern world, as if it were not troubled enough! Legend has it that they were the first beings to inhabit the world, and that they spawned the Giants and the Dragons and even ruled over the affairs of Dwarves and Elves. Their numbers, and their powers gradually faded (though their powers as indivudals was real enough), and then so did they. Regardless, for a time, they lingered on in the stories of several priests and bards, serving as moral allegories. The Libriohenaeum even discovered evidence of a cult of Nephilim worship during the Mazarean Empire, but whether the cult granted any powers, and if so what, and to what ends, has never been discovered. The Giants who battled them during the death throes of the Durgoshii Empire referred to them as "the Fathers."
Pillars of Sentar, The (a.k.a. the Pillars of the World, the Pillars, the Sea Pillars or just the Three)

Sailors and merchants from the Free City of Felis, at the southern most reach of the Mazari, at the tip of the Monotheocrate Order, have always told stories of three mighty pillars in the sea. The monoliths plunge into the blue green waters of the equator and reach into the clouds near the Nesyian Arch archipelago.

Around one, the currents are predictable and steady. Around another, the madly roiling waters are treacherous and destructive. The third is the greatest mystery, for it stands like little more than a docking pylon driven into a bay. They are each said to be kilometers wide and kilometers apart. Such cyclopean proportions would be remarkable, if true... but we all know how sailors love to exaggerate once they've hit the the ports.

Lately, new rumours of the pillars have emerged from the Hankuan market sections that wait patiently around the Federation for the return of their Emperor's emissaries and their cousins' merchant vessels. It has long been whispered in courts and boasted in taverns that the pillars emerge on the far side of the world, in the three corners of Imperial Hankuo. Of course, there are those who do not believe the sneaky outlanders and the diplomats of the Eternal Throne remain coy on the subject in public. On the other hand, as the denizens of Terranse and the Mazari have learned so often of outsiders, the far-fairers of Hankuo are not to be underestimated.

"By the Pillars!" is a declarative commonly heard in Terranse, Amitlan and the Mazari.

The Silver Tear of Moradin

The story that Arek tells to Baba Yaga to satisfy the crone's demand for payment...

It is said that every ten years, the falls of Clangladrin, set in the mountain range not far from Axes Bithtat, freeze over for one nigh only as Seluna shines brightest during Verisa. As a gift to all dwarves of valour, Moradin promises to grant a wish to the one who first breaks off an icicle from the frozen falls, that icicle was traditionally called the Silver Tear of Moradin. Many generations ago, an expedition was being prepared by one of the clans to claim the prize. All the warriors were ready to go, even Grundak the Blind. Grundak had lost his sight from a powerful curse in a terrible fight with an orc shaman years before and was only barely tolerated by the other warriors of the clan. An old blind dwarf was not much of a fighter. While Grundak could tell a fine tale, his worth to defend the clan had clearly diminished. Still, the clan tended to its elderly and its impaired members. Some thought it would be a good idea to have Grundak around so that he could tell his stories and distract the other dwarves from the bitter cold.

A few hours after the group of warriors had set out, they were caught by surprise by a migrating band of hill giants. Unprepared to fight their adversaries who were close to madness by lack of food, the dwarven party was slaughtered. All were killed, save Grundak who had merely been knocked unconscious. As Grundak came to, he quickly realized he was now alone. Deciding to continue his quest for the Silver Tear, he stumbled for hours until he slipped on a sheet of perfect ice. Grundak realized he was on the pool formed at the bottom of the falls. He made his way to the falls and pried a piece of ice from the falls. He felt the warmth of Moradin envelop him. Ask for your wish, Grundak the Blind, Grundak smiled as he heard what could only be the Soul Forger. Grundak thought that he would quickly ask for his sight back as he had always dreamt of. Instead, he realized what he had to do for the Clan. “I wish for my Clan to be restored. I wish that my fellow dwarves be brought back to life”. Grundack felt the light once more and then felt nothing at all as he fell into darkness. He was woken by a young guard from his clan: “Grundak, we have found you at last. You brought us back! You…” The rest of the words were lost in the thunder of the falls which had started flowing again. Grundak turned to face the sun, low in the sky. He could feel its slight warmth but more importantly Grundak could see the light! Moradin had restored his sight after granting his selfless wish to save his clan. Grundak smiled as he had not smiled in decades and as he turned to face his comrade who had woken him, a single tear fell from the corner of his eye.

The War at the End of Tales  
The War That Will Come This is the War that will engulf the world and will herald the Beginning the End as foretold in the Last Text. Zealots of the One are especially insistant that the Brutish invasion of the Federation and the Monotheocrate's War with Divinity are the beginnings of the War That Will Come. The Last Text says of the War That Will Come: "There will be no battles, no armies, no swords, no wizards no priests. There will only be the Becoming of this last world and its vile multitude of versus unto the One."

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