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Dwarven, Undercommon
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Lawful Neutral
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Anarcho-Market: Kronos takes the laissez-faire market to an extreme. There is no higher authority than the forces of the free market. Responsibility for collective and civic duties are regulated through buying and selling.

The Coin ExchangeThis is not a place in the City of Kronos, but rather an important ceremonial event in the social and political life of the city that helps reinforce the peace that exists between the clans of Kronos, which ensures the city is able to function at all. The Coin Exchange takes place weekly in the uppermost part of Lower City. The heads of the most prominent clans come together to exchange coins that themselves represent various civic responsibilities that are held in turn, as the city has no government as such. The coins and their responsibilities are vigorously traded.
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Lawful Neutral
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Deep Delve A massive underground cavern from the ceiling of which the Lower City of Kronos hangs. A waterfall which is Lower City's principal water supply, plummets magnificiently from the cavern's centre deep into the Underdark below. The entire cavern is quite damp.
Gardens of Kronos Far beneath the Hanging Gardens, on the cavern floor, at the foot of the Stalagmite Stair and Ft. Kronos, the gardens include a mushroom forest and fields of fungus and other edibles cultivated to feed the city overhead. This area is surrounded by a Mushroom Forest riddled with makeshift favelas and bandit camps.
Glittering Tower The name of the waterfall that plummets through Deep Delve.
Fort Kronos Designed to defend Kronos City from an assault from the Underdark below, . Ft. Kronos stands astride the Stalagmite Stair and access to the Stair from the Hanging Gardens is only available through the fort.
Grand Port The commercial port of Kronos. It includes docks for air, sea and interdimensional trade. Harbourmaste is one of the most sought after responsibilities of the Coin Exchange.
Great Tunnel The great tunnel that descends to the Lower City is wide enough for several hundred dwarves to walk abreast and the arched ceiling rises above your heads at least a hundred feet, although the ceiling is veiled behind a cloud of smoke from the dwarven machinery. The platforms move on a pair of rails, one ascending, the other descending on a constant coal-fed parade of goods, slaves, and armoured dwarves. The remnants of old fortifications from the Dwarven Civil War clog the passage at various points, but most of these have been cleared aside to make way for the steam tram and the flow of business. It is easy to imagine how long this journey would have taken in ages past to walk downwards on foot - or worse to invade downwards during the Civil War.
Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens is the principal structure of the Lower City. Five spans arch between pillars based against the cavern walls high above the Gardens of Kronos and the Deep Delve. There is a latticework of smaller arches, spans, thwarts, and overhands between them. The biggest buildings in Kornos are concentrated near the bases of the spans, on the walls. Underdark foliage - mushrooms, vines, glowing lichens and the such - covers most of the buildings above the spans and hangs far beneath them. The five main spans are approximately 15 feet think and very wide, with entire blocks of houses and roads placed upon them. There are generally walls on either side of the spans. Amongst the minor spans, there are private spans, commercial spans and residential spans.

Kronos Steam Tram A Gnomish steam tram moves goods and people through the Great Tunnel through the Port of Kronos and the Hanging Gardens. It completes what would otherwise be a day long descent in approximately one hour.
Lower City or Lower Kronos  Upsiders or "sunskins" as they are somewhat deriseively known, are more of a novelty here. Addresses in Lower City use three umbers non-sequentially - the first indicates the Clan, the second indicates the main span and the final is a sequential designation for a building. The banking sector is located in Lower City. The wealthiest Dwarves live here.
Old Town True to its name, this appears to be the oldest section of Lower Kronos: it is extremely built up. It is situated around the only pillar with a span connected directly to Ft. Kronos. It is the site of the Great Clan Hall.
Stalagmite Stair  A narrow stairway that winds its way down the prodigious stalagmite that dominates Deep Delve and upon which Lower City itself is perched.
Undercity or the Underhang This area is comprised of vine-shadowed perches beneath the spans of the Hanging Gardens. This is, quite literally, the heart of Lower City's underworld. Escaped slaves, bandits, blackamrketeers, criminals and other reprobates. eke out their life here. From below the latticework of the Hanging Gardens appears to be arranged in a deliberate pattern to form a shield crest.
Upper City or Upper Kronos Over the years, the area around the Port of Kronos has been built up considerabley and has become a sizeable city in its own right. Non-Dwarves are far more common in Upper Kronos.


Farhang's Inn (Upper City) Located in a plaza off the Grand Port at the base of a colossal statue of a Dwarven King of old, a warlord with a broken crown.
Foaming Mug (Upper City) A tavern without a name, though it does have a sign displaying a foaming mug of ale. It is located in the Grand Port. It is a long and narrow establishment with stools along the bar and little else besides. It is run by a dwarf with an alarmingly noticable axe scar in his head.
Glanggedyn Bank Quarter (Lower City) A section of the Hanging Garden in Lower City in which Clan Glanggedyn banks its storage vaults.
Great Clan Hall (Lower City) This a public space that acts as a sort of Town Hall. It is located at the heart of Old Town.
Hall of Messages (Upper City) Something like a convention centre in Upper City in which various clan councils and representatives display and trade their good and services.
Tavern of the Glittering Tower (Lower City) A tavern located deep in the Hanging Gardens of Kronos. It is built at the end of an overhang rather than ona span or arch that leads elsewhere. It overlooks the Deep Delve and the pillar of water that reflects the lights of hte city and the glow of the Hanging Gardens as it falls from the cavernous ceiling, high above - hence the name of the tavern. It is owned by Clan Hakadin. It is very posh and hosts the "who's who"of Kronos. There's always a line. Guests are required to check their weapons at the door.
Grux Windmill
(Lower City) This windmill is powered by the moaning winds that draft through the massive underground chamber of Deep Delve and beyond. Located in the Gardens of Kronos, surrounded by the Mushroom Forest, it is used to grind spores, fungus and grains into a type of flour to feed the city overhhead.


Ariana (SG-32) A Stackmaster of Finance from the Libriohenauem in Kronos.
Ballybock, Glinden

(RG-2) Glinden leads a small band of hobbit mercenary delvers and has traveled widely throughout the Federation and the River Baronies. He has received a salvage commission from the Rarulfyn to recover items lost when a potion of the Hanging Gardens collapsed to the Gardens of Kronos far below. He frequents the Tavern of the Glittering Tower where they spend all of their earnings on booze and food. They had been in Kronos a couple of weeks by the time the party met them.. He wears brightly coloured expensive clothes and a large feathered hat. He has enormous curly brown sideburns.

Bouldertoe, Beldruck (RG-2) An aged, whited-bearded lanterneer in Lower Kronos. He guided the party to the Tavern of the Glittering Tower from the Tram when it first arrived. A member of Clan Bouldertoe.
The Displacer Beast (RG-2) A Dwarven Enchanter & Golem Fighter, the "Displacer Beast" is a famous competitive golem enchanter. He is never without one of his trademark small fighting golems, generally no larger than a goblin but sometimes quite small. He has long, finely combed white hair and beard, decorated with silver beads. He favours purple attire, often wearing a plumed cap.
Grox (RG-2) A Rhinotaur who gaurds the perimeter of the collapsed section of the Hanging Gardens far below on the cavern floor amidst the Garden of Kronos. He likes a good fight.
Hashar (SG-Sn2) A popular contemporary Dwarven artist in Kronos. His paintings depict horriffic scenes of destruction and chaos. Nimbus suspects that, at least in one instance, the subject matter of those paintings came to life and killed an art collector in Riot's Gate, Ishaz Vishada. In Vishada's ruined home, Nimbus found another painting by Hashar depicting an aged, though clearly recognizable Arek, wielding Unity and battling a great tentacled beast similar to those that had killed Vishada and Nimbus had battled.
Jormak (SG-19) A Dwarven agent for House Golgadin in Kronos. He acquires components for them.
Rubyheart, Lady Prynne

(RG-2) A Dwarven noble, Prynne is the star attraction at the Tavern of the Glittering Tower. The daughter of one of the wealthiest elders of Clan Hakadyn, she is perhaps the most famous dancer, singer, lover and heartbreaker in all of Kronos. One of the most beautiful dwarven women in Kronos, a favorite fancy of many courtiers but attached to none.She exalts in the attention that her great skill wins for her and her self-confidence borders on oblivious conceit. Prynne is voluptuous and stout with the athletic body of a dancer. A stage performer, she is constantly attired in the finest of clothing and jewellery. When performing she often wears only the scarves of Kronos that she swirls provocatively around her while dancing. She is dear to Barundar Silvereye.

Silver-Eye, Barundar
(RG-2) Barundar Silver-Eye is one of the most notorious dwarves in Kronos. He is the Steel Dwarf leader of a band of dwarven mercenaries known as the “Silver-Eyes” who are traders in violence and information. The band holds substantial assets, including a substantial slave stock of well trained combatants. His clan is one of the few Steel Dwarf communities that reconciled with their brethren and joined the dwarves of Kronos after the Civil War. Some of their slaves include dwarven criminals sold into slavery who seek to reclaim their honour in combat. They would be loathe to provoke a major conflict between the dwarven clans, but conduct operations against those on the surface, those who default on their payments or individuals of questionable nature. Silver-Eye Longbeards are some of the most ferocious warriors in Kronos. He has been paid to serve as a contact for the Unspoken in the Hanging Gardens.

Barundar spikes his hair and gathers his beard into half a dozen small braids. Each braid is gilded with golden beads. He has dark skin normally found amongst the Steel Dwarves. His remaining eye constantly darts about, gathering information and watching for threats from every angle. His other eye has been replaced with an orb of solid silver. He is rarely without his bodyguard: a massive tattooed cave troll. He is beholden, in some way, to the Unspoken (though this known only to a select few).


Lanterneers (RG-2) Wearing green caps and bearing lanterns, the lanterneers are readily recognizable guides in Lower Kronos.
The Silver-Eyes (RG-2) Dwarven mercenaries based in Kronos who trade in violence and information. They are led by Barundar Silver-Eye.
Stonehewers' Guild (RG-2) They have a contract to repair the Hanging Gardens.
Clan Bouldertoe (RG-2) A minor clan.
Clan Craghelm (RG-2) Holders of the Security Coin.
Clan Gagdrin (RG-2) A clan of masons. They have a contract to repair the Hanging Gardens.
Clan Glanggedyn (RG-1) A banking clan with few physical interests. It focuses largely on the mechanics of finance, buying and trading storage spaces. It is a rival to, though not a competitor with, Clan Rarulfyn. They hold several vaults. This clan is not as ostentatious as others. It plays political games, as others do, but it does so less overtly, endeavouring to fly below the radar.
Clan Hakadyn (RG-2) They own the Tavern of the Glittering Tower.
Clan Quildyn-i (RG-1) A small trading clan that deals in information and knowledge. In the Hall of Messages, they occupy a small, rather backward and huble looking desk that one could almost miss entirely.
Clan Rarulfyn (RG-1) A banking clan. Rival to, though not a competitor with, Clan Glanggedyn. Its High Council chamber in the Hall of Messages is especially well appointed, even if its seven High Councillors putting in their time there to hear petitioners are generally quite bored.

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