Updated: 24 March 2009

Full Name: 
Jarnal the Hunter (3.5e Stats)  
Apprentice Farmer
Banwel (Raven Clan)
Akanart the Shaman
Krin, The T'Kel Enclave
Krin, The T'Kel Enclave
Appearance & Personality:

Janarl the Hunter
Quotes + Notes:


Janarl of the Jaguar Clan was born in the village of Krin near the shores of Lake Dakar in a land called the Enclave. His father was a prosperous farmer named Banwel (Raven Clan) and his mother a village shaman called Akanart. Endless wandering in the forests and a general avoidance of his farm chores marked Janarl’s youth. In the forest he taught himself much about the ways of nature.

One afternoon two years ago, his uncle Adiya sought after him to complete his task to clean a barn. He chased the boy for an hour but was unable to catch him. The chase forced Janarl into a section of the woods rarely visited by the T’kel. There he met a dryad named Argea the Fateful Fairy.

She was impressed by his knowledge of wood and blade. She taught him the deeper secrets of the forest and the language of the animals. Janarl continued to be loyal to his clan and more dutiful in his chores but slowly he began to drift away from his community.

The night the Dark Eye rose in the West, terrible storms tore through the Enclave. Even the ground shook enough to scare the T’kel. Janarl had a dream where all the trees and hills collapsed, crushing his tribe and village. He awoke to the screams of this mother. She sobbed, “The Magic is gone. The Web has been cut. It is like there is a shroud that stands between Zuras and us. Those that Dwell in Stone have broken a Fell and Mighty Door. Woe on all that Live! My son, I saw you in my nightmare too. Oh my flesh, I weep for the trials to which I must submit you.”

The next morning the Council met in secret chambers. Their deliberations took two weeks while the men ringed the Enclave with constant patrols. Rumours began to circle about a fell beast that preyed on the night. The great horns finally blew one morning calling all T’kel to the Shrine of Zuras. The Elders spoke of many dreams of their shaman and a Dark Shadow that would come. The Elders said that they were T’kel and would not cower under its Dread. They would organize into guards and patrols to Resist that which would Stalk the Night. However, the Prophecy of Akanart demanded that they would spare one hunter for another task.

The Spear of Justice arrives in Krin
Years ago, the Jaguar clan took in a human from the Federation. This human wore blue armour and was one of their Keepers: a mighty warrior who hunted their lawbreakers. This one had fought the Jamhyria Theona'la and was respected even among the Suzerainty. He had brokered peace between the Terranse, Suzerainty and the Enclave. His honour and powerful words ensured the Elves too supported the Peace. The T’kel called him Dimiltus Jusant, the Spear of Justice. He had left a token to seal the Federation’s bargain and it still hung in the Shrine. Though he encountered the T’kel on his Errands, he rarely visited the Enclave again out of respect for their privacy. During Akanart’s dream, she saw Janarl carry the Token to this Keeper. He would return as if on a thunder cloud to fight the Darkness.

Janarl was staggered. He would seek this Human! He knew the story well enough as the pride of his clan. The Spear of Heeroneeous was twice the height of a T’kel warrior and could crush rocks with his bear hands. The Giants of the Forest that made spoke of his people were like chaff before his Sword. Janarl’s heart beat loudly in his ears as the crowd called his name. He suddenly remembered in his dream he was to seek the Three Trees of Stone. Argea had spoken of them and he was sure that Spear would be there. His mother told him he would depart tomorrow.

The next morning was bright and again all were there. His mother said a blessing and gave him the Token, an ebon mask of steel, forged in the dreadful controtion of battle. So unlike that worn by Janarl's people, and yet clearly of value to this great warrior, and all the more significant for this common bond. His father passed a magnificent bow and sword into his hands. He said, “Son, you have walked a strange path your whole life. It seems that Zuras himself must have ploughed the row you must toil. We know few among us that could get to the Three Trees unscathed and as fast as you can. go with our prayers and fly like a raven.”

Janarl set off immediately for Argea for her guidance. He quickly reached her Grove but he could not find her. He tarried too long and was caught in a strange grove at sunset. That night, he heard the screams of lizardmen and the strange sounds of some fell beast. Clearly something truly Stalked the Night. His terror kept him awake that night and he fled East at first light. Moved carefully and cautiously for five days always avoiding any contact. Often he only made a few leagues a day. Many a night he slept in a tree while he heard the Stalker hunt. Often he thought he should run what must be only two score leagues to the Stone Trees. No! He was a Hunter! Patience and cunning were his gifts from Zuras. If this Beast could wipe out a lizardman hunting party in a heartbeat, what use has his sword?

He reached the Trees and his heart soared. A band of humans had come through only two days before. They had stayed for some time and then were joined by a powerful knight: the Spear! His markings were unmistakable: heavy footprints, long and confident strides and dutiful prayer on his knees. These humans had to be his pages, other Keepers and shield bearers. The footprints of a stubborn beast of burden confirmed it: all knew the stories of the Keeper’s donkey Pelu. Their confidence was obvious since they went through the forest like a summer storm. Janarl set out immediately in their wake. His caution caught up with him the next day since Others followed the Spear. A hunting band of the Grizzled Scale was so focused on tracking the Humans that their leader had not noticed Janarl.

These Keepers entered a Dark Wood. The trees themselves howled almost in madness. Argea had once called it “Where the Lizardmen Weep”. His heart froze when he saw the remains of a ghastly battle. He almost wept until he saw the Keeper had been victorious over a foul evil. It was at this stage that the Hunters no longer followed while their leader continued. That night the Stalker struck and killed the hunters with brutal precision. It came so close to Janarl he was sure he could smell it. He stayed in his hiding spot for another day. He tried to pick up the trail but was unable in this mad wood. A day of wandering nearly caused his panic. It was only because of a vague memory that he had the courage to continue. He remembered a comment by Argea about another dryad named Folha who lived in the heard of the Dark Wood. Hers was a Bastion against the Darkness.

Animal Companion:  
Albino Raven
3.5e Stats: 
Neutral Good
Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 11
Hide 8, Bowmaking 5, Knowledge(Nature) 8, Listen 4, Move Silently 8, Search
6, Spot 4, Swim 4, Profession (Farmer) 2, Climb 1, Tumble 4, Survival 7
Feats & Abilities:
Improved Initiative / Point Blank Shot / Precise Shot / Favoured/ Alertness
Enemy (Giant and Undead) / Track / Wild Empathy / Endurance / Rapid Shot
/Dark vision 60'/ Animal Companion (Adiya the Albino Raven)/ Many Shot
Open Book (-6 to Bluff and Diplomacy)
  16 / FF 12 / T 13
Armour & Clothes:
Leather Armour
Scorpion's Tail (Composite Bow +1 (+1 Str)) , Scimitar, Kukri, Claws; Woodclaw (+1/5 levels, Venom Attack +1d4 damage, Power Attack, Woodland Stride, Draw as Free Action)
Common, Sylvan, Draconic