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Updated: 21 January 2006

Full Name: 
Inigo Tarrega
Noble and Heir to the House Tarrega. Presently, sell-sword.
Baron Alphonso Tarrega (deceased, 0 OE).
Lady Maria Therese Tarrega (deceased, 2 OE).
Isabel (younger sister), one elder brother (Osmundo Tarrega) and one elder sister (Lupaa Tarrega) -missing, possibly deceased, three elder brothers and an elder sister-deceased.
Other Family:
Aethlyr, ancient Elf, former Counselor to the House Tarrega; Ruddick, Orindish weapon-master and duelist, former head of family bodyguard.
Appearance & Personality:

Aged 25.

Tall and lean with dark hair, dark eyes and a light complexion. Usually seen wearing a poncho over top of his leather armour and weapons.

Generally seen as intense and brooding at first impression, but this impression fades quickly when others get to know him. Although quite passionate and single minded at times, he is much quicker to laugh than to show anger. However, he has little patience for fools and for those who lack principles and convictions.


.Inigo Tarrega is the youngest son but last remaining heir to the fortunes, estates and titles of the House Tarrega. Sadly, the House now exists in name only-and it is a name which many have chosen to forget. While once a noble house of Hespan with tremendous political and financial influence in the colonies of Amitlan, the House Tarrega became an indirect casualty of the Sunterranse War of Independence.

While most remember the House as a symbol of old world corruption and arrogance, there are others who recall an honourable, family bound by tradition. Unfortunately, slavery was an inherent part of this tradition and the family made liberal use of slave labour on its coffee and sugar plantations in Corona and Bolva. In the politically charged climate of the War of Independence, this provided the excuse for those with interests in the family's business to wage undeclared war on the House Tarrega's estates and reputation.

Chief among the detractors of House Tarrega was the House Espada. Summoning the ancient duelists code of trial by skill of arms, Baron Alphonso Tarrega challenged the patriarch of the House Espada to a duel to restore the family's honour. Through circumstances thought by some to be suspicious, Baron Tarrega was slain and what remained of his estates forfeit to the House Espada as per the duellists' code. His blade, however, was never returned-a breach of honour which most have chosen to overlook.

From the age of five, Inigo was raised on the family's last estate, hidden in the forested mountains of what is now Amizaiiy along with his younger sister, Isabel. With no parents and all of his elder siblings dead or missing, and surrounded by a hostile nation, the two Tarrega children were raised by the last loyal servants and retainers of the House. Indeed, these are the only family the two children have ever known.

Taking charge of the children's upbringing was Aethlyr--a loyal servant and guardian of the house for three generations. This old Elf raised the children and instructed them well in the duties and responsibilities of nobility. He has even instructed Isabel in magic-lore, a profession in which she shows a great degree of talent.

Inigo, on the other hand, was inspired to learn great feats of arms. His instruction was the task of Ruddick, a duelist and at one time a slave of the House Tarrega until freed and promoted to head of the family bodyguard. He has instructed Inigo in the use of the blade and in the duelists code. Inigo has proven to be a brilliant student.

Several months ago, Inigo set out to satisfy his life-long desire to restore the honour of the Tarrega family-a quest inspired more by a noble romanticism than a desire to have his fortune returned…or understanding of the affairs of the world. His goal was to reunite with an elder brother and an elder sister-lost for decades and whom he has not seen since he was a small child. With his family reunited, he then plans to demand the return of his father's sword from the House Espada and when the time is right, renew the challenge lost by his father and restore to the family its lost lands in Hespan (all the family lands formerly in Corona were lost to the Azmaiiy, who despise the colonials) and its honour.

Having set out nearly a year ago, he has learned a great deal about the ignorance and cruelty in the world through a series of misadventures which have on several occasions brought him close to the slaver's brand. But at the same time, he has also seen the nobility displayed by the few who work to make the world a better place for everyone. It was in the company of some priests from the Order of St. Cuthbert that he learned of a mountain temple of the Lunar Elves above Lake Sular in the east. Remembering his old mentor Aethlyr's advice to seek out his people for assistance and possibly learn more of his family, Inigo set out and ended up in the fishing village of Gosse to find passage to his destination and strategize some means of replenishing his energy and funds to continue his quest.

See: The Journal of Inigo Tarrega for a more comprehensive version of his travels from Amitlan to the Mazari.

3.5e Stats: 
Human Vampire
Neutral Good
Strength 16
Dexterity 17
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13
Climb +6; Gather Information +2; Intimidate +3; Jump +4; Ride +2; Survival +3; Swim +5
Two Weapon Fighting; Weapon Focus: Longsword; Two Weapon Defense
Common, Hespanic, Aelven, Celestial
Armour & Clothes:
studded leather
longsword, shortsword
Magic Items:

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