Typical Character:
Adaptable, Individualist

Game Background
Like Gnomes and Elves, Human settlements have existed on the Mazari mainland for as long as anyone can remember. The nations of men often seem as separate from one another in language, culture and religion as any of the great races of Sentar. Human nations on Sentar generally correspond to a "Earthly" counterpart, as described on the languages link.

The five Human Slaver Kingdoms (known as the Five Kingdoms) of the Old World (the island continent Terranse) have held sway over much of the Mazari mainland for generations, but the colonies and settlements of the mainland flourished largely on their own prior to Independence, mostly due to the security afforded by the presence of the old Dwarven city of Axes Bithtat, now Riot's Gate.

Orindo, Gallant, Hespan, Zulary and Trudor have either allied or competed with one another viciously for years on the island continent of Terranse, only occasionally pausing in their feuds and competitions with one another to disdain other more foreign Human nations: the basket case former colonies of Amtlan, the south sea island tribals of the Nesyian Arch archipelego, the sun worshipping Azmaiiy, the zealots of the Monotheocrate Order, and the countless little countries and principalities whose names those of the Five Kingdoms can seldom be bothered to learn.

The multiracial state that has emerged on the Mazari mainland is an even greater mystery to the humans of Terranse than the depraved and decadent River Baronies. At least most of the Baronies that can still offer at least token tribute to their patron states, and, moreover, most still depend on slavery. This makes them easier to understand and, of course, to influence. The Sunterranse Federation is much more troubling for all this bizarre talk about abolition, freedom, democracy and equality.

Humans are much more far flung than the Mazari, Amitlan and Terrans. Their are legends of ancient empires beyond the Wilderlands made all the more tenable by the sudden arrival of the Dragon Fleet of distant Hankuo.

The manner Humans regard the other races of Sentar varies from the salver's indifference to the aristocrat's contempt to the warrior's brotherhood. Humans are capable of being as sullen as a Dwarf, refined as an Elf, with the inventiveness of a Gnome and the appretite of a Hobbit shot through with the cruelty of an Orc and the cunning of a Goblin. They can hate them all, or find friends amongst them all with little pattern to their choices. They are the sum of the others yet less than any one - with the capacities of none of them yet more than all. Their resilience as a people is made all the more remarkable by their relentless will as individuals to destroy themselves.

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