Updated: 15 March 2009

“All history is remorse.”
                                         - Carlos Drummond de Andrade


Cradle Era The past of Legend
The Watchers' War The battle between rival factions of Chaos and Law-seduced Nephilim nearly brings about Sentar's end
Dawn of the New Gods The emergence of Sentarean Polytheism
Age of Dragons The Age when Dragons emerged and ruled Sentar as the dominant species
Age of Giants The Age when Giants emerged and ruled Sentar as the dominant species
Age of Mortals The Current Age
Age of Indistinction The coming Age foretold by the Theoneans (???)



Aelea The Aelea is a term some use to refer to all of Elfdom as a whole. More accurately, it refers to the ancient servants of the Inbetween Men who are themselves the forebearers of contemporary Elves. Some of whose ways still reflect their ancient masters' wishes, for the good (such as the Lunar Elves of Seluna) and for the bad (the Feraln).
Battle of Ajukit Shadow (48 OE)

Near the end of the Dwarven Civil War, in 48 OE, shortly before the departure of the Stone Druids, the Battle of Ajukit Shadow was one of the last great battles between the Steel Dwarves and the Dwarves of the Heir - that is, those loyal to the Maddock. The Maddock's Dwarves were slaughtered, and those few of them who survived the day wished they had not. Though the Steel Dwarves carried the day, historians accept that it was the Maddock who won the battle. The Battle of Ajukit Shadow marked the beginning of the Steel Dwarves' final defeat.

Battle of Bithal The battle that began with the surprise invasion of Bithal province and the fall of its capital, Sunfalls.
The Claimer Conspiracy TBA
The Dark Age of the Mazari Between the collapse of the Mazarian Civilization, approximately 1,000 years ago, and the rise of the Five Kingdoms in Terranse a little over 400 years ago, there was a great Dark Age of disorder and feudal warlords and on the Mazari mainland.
The Doom's Eye Eclipse a.k.a. The Eye of Independence Eclipse * Lunar Elves call the event “the Awakening,” when the smaller, ovoid moon, Dakar, passes between Seluna and Sentar, appearing to create a darkened "Eye."
* In the Sunterran Federation, the event is known as the “Eye of Independence” for it was widely interpreted as a good omen for the rebellion that led to the foundation of Sunterranse.
* In 19 A.I. the eclipse occurred during the pre-harvest Festival of Two Moons.
* It last occurred in 17 A.I.
The Dragon Fleet

A massive fleet of over 1,000 ships that set sale from Imperial Hankuo on the other side of Sentar shortly after the magical disruption that occurred following the opening of the First Great Seals of the Stone Druids. The Dragon Throne charged its Commanders with investigating the disruption of magic that so devastated the Empire and its own eternal war against demonic forces. There were three portions to the fleet, the Eternal CLoud, the Dancing Moons, and the Guiding Stars.

The Eternal Cloud portion of the of the fleet, the largest at 400 ships and nearly 40,000 men, arrived in the Mazari 30 years ago. Ten years ago, after learning much of the events there and witnessing the birth of the Sunterranse Federation, about two thirds of its ships returned to Hankuo, with a diminished and mixed compliment of sailors and merchants, promising to return again to reinforce the links that had been established. Most of the returning ships were fully laden with the finest goods the Mazari could muster. The fate of the Dancing Moons and the Guiding Stars is not commonly known.

Known as the Dragon's Tears, the full military flotilla that remained in the Mazari, 150 ships, is a force unto itself, and it is growing. Some of the best shipyards in Selunaport are owned and operated by the Hankuan. Today, it divides its time between its moorings at Selunaport on Lake Seluna "getting fat and playing politics," in the Sea of Lost Souls, battling pirates, and at ports further south looking for signs of the rest of the fleet.

Though technically neutral in the politics of the Mazari, the remaining Emissaries of the Dragon Throne are extremely pragmatic, recognizing the value of the Maddock's leadership and the Federation's control of Axes Bithtat.

Dream A highly addictive drug that comes in an oil paste. It is smoked or consumed to induce a euphoric state amongst other side effects. It is extracted out of living sentients in a process that is shrouded in mystery, but is believed to mean the doom of the "extractees." Most Dream is smuggled into the Federation from Divinity, the renegade breakaway province of the Monotheocrate Order. It is said the trade fuels a brutal Civil War within Divinity as well as Divinity's ongoing hostilities with the Order. People who use too much Dream are immediately recognizable. They are known as Dreamstock, Dream Herds or Dream zombies, but they are not actually Undead (Not yet, at least). The origins of the trade in this drug are generally unknown.
Dröss Jämmerlich
a.k.a. the Last City
Those who built the Devourer were denizens from the last City of the Giants, called Dröss Jämmerlich, also called “the Last City.” Built during the Durgoshii Empire, this city was a final refuge for the declining civilization of the Giants. It was established by a group of frustrated Giantish scholars, scientists, reformers and warriors in an effort to revitalize their failing civilization. They worried incessantly about Humans flirting with the powers of the One, a force they had long since grappled for an age. Established approximately 2,400 years ago, it disappeared after approximately 1,900 years ago around the time the Wall of the Righteous was completed. The Devourer itself seems to have been one of its last outposts.
The Dwarven Civil War

Somewhere in the forgotten past, a Dwarven prophet warned against cooperating with the multitude of other races - it would lead to nothing but sorrow.

This prophecy inspired the Dwarves to generations of xenophobia and mistrust. As they encountered other races, their mistrust grew. But prejudice had its discontents, and they too grew bold. They would challenge the strictures of the prophecy and its self-fulfilling interpretation. Now, only the most venerable Dwarves remember when these divisions erupted.

265 years ago, a militarist faction known as the Steel Dwarves, seized control of the Dwarven Nation of Dreii Undermountain and exiled the Maddock, the Dwarven monarch, and his followers. "If you love these frail races teeming upon the shores of Seluna and Dakar, muddying the waters of the Bithtat Sengar, go and live amongst them. You are no Dwarf." With those words, the Dwarven nation was torn asunder - even its Pantheon cracked in two. A horrible civil war finally erupted.

Kronos was founded on the far shore of Lake Seluna a couple of years later, and the two factions settled in for a long and bloody conflict. During the process, they became known as "Lake Dwarves." One of the first errors of the Steel Dwarves was to attempt to destroy the Three Cities - the human colonies of Old Terranse on the distant coast. They still felt the threat of the ancient curse. That just made the humans mad and prepared them for their eventual alliance with the Maddock, and the eventual rise of the Sunterranse Federation.

The Dwarven Civil War ended after the Maddock joined forces with the Elves and Humans of the New Terranse Colonies.

Durgoshii Empire An ancient empire of tyrannical giants. Its ruins can be found throughout the Wilderlands in the Durgosh continent, and in parts of the Mazari. The Durgoshii Empire was the most successful efforts by the last races of Giants to recapture their past glory. It flourished for only a few hundred years. At its height, however, it stretched across the mountainous continent that still bears its name amongst mortals, Durgosh, separated from the Mazari by Upheaval, the Great Range Mountains where the Wilderlands begin today. Humans, Dwarves Orkin dwelt among the Giants in their own communities, but served them as cattle, slaves and fodder for their entertainments. The decline of the Durgoshii Empire began with a massive slave revolt (the Winter Rebellion)amongst the Orkin who formed their own civilization, Rakka (aka Rakkish Civilization). Human slaves migrated into the Mazari, taking some of the Giant’s own gods with them (the Aesir). But the One destroyed the All-Father of the Aesir and others who rallied against the Theoneans after the Ra-Nephi and their Gods were all but wiped out. The death of the All-Father spurred the Giants into war against the Theoneans.
Fall of Sunfalls (Berrona, 19 AI) In Berrona 19 A.I., the City of Sunfalls, capital of the Sunterran province of Bithal fell during a surprise siege that originated within Bithal and, by some reports, from within the city itself. A similar siege from Lake Dakar was reportedly thwarted by the Keepers. Acting on an anonymous tip they found a large weapon stash and a dimensional portal. Similar Giantish portals are being sought throughout the major cities of the Federation. North east of Sunfalls, Bithal has been largely overrun, though pockets of resistance remain. Southeast of Sunfalls, Brutish scouts and raiding parties continue to harass Sunterran forces. A major push by the Brutes to occupy the rest of Bithal is widely expected during the coming Spring.
The First Great Seal of the Stone Druids

A year before the defeat of the Steel Dwarves, the mysterious Stone Druids of Axes Bithtat abandoned the city. They retreated into its depths of the Undercity and sealed their passage behind them. None knows the fate of those Dwarves they cut off below. The Druids left only the uppermost level open. The first Great Seal was broken 40 years ago and all hell broke loose. Quite literally. On that day magic was disrupted around the world for a single day. The devastation was massive. The effects were felt all over Sentar - the Dragon Fleet of the Emperor of distant Hankuo, on the other side of the world, was dispatched precisely to investigate what had happened. As if that were not enough - two creatures straight out of legend manifested in the burgeoning streets of Riot's Gate shortly after it happened: The Nephilim - an Infernal and a Celestial. Their titanic battle with one another laid an entire section of town to waste before they were finally destroyed. If not for the Wizards from the College of Magic, more people would