Updated: 24 February 2006

Cure Wounds spells bug me.
So long as there are healing spells or potions available,
there is no game incentive for the character to behave rationally and avoid pain
or even to respond to losing hit points as though he actually sustained injuries.

In short, healing should not be like eating the "power up" square in a computer game.
Like everything else... injuries should have consequences. Here they are.

MAGICAL HEALING As per an optional rule outlined in Unearthed Arcana, from now on, all magical healing transforms lethal damage into subdual damage. Nonlethal damage heals at a rate of 1 hit point per hour per level.
Critical Hits The Critical Hits system I will use will shortly be on the Combat House Rules page. When a character has sustained a critical hit in combat. Cure Wound spells will have limited effects on wounds from Critical Hits as per the optional rules in "Torn Asunder Critical Hits" by Bastion Press (p. 37).
Cure Wounds Spells

Cure Wound spells accelerate healing. They do not "erase" the wound. As such, they will not make scars disappear and they do not remove the need to rest after having been reduced below zero hit points.

Cure Wounds with Divine Energy

Cure Wound spells in channel divine energy from Priest or Paladin to wounded man. There are variable modifiers if a priest is healing a fellow believer in the same pantheon, a believer in the same god, or someone who worships no God at all.

  CROSS PANTHEONS = Normal Healing, as in PHB
  IN-PANTHEON = ADD Wisdom modifier of the Healing Priest
  SAME GOD = ADD Wisdom modifier of Healing Priest + Recipient
  HEALING AN ATHIEST = SUBTRACT Wisdom modifier of the Recipient
Heal Skill As per the optional rules in "Torn Asunder Critical Hits" by Bastion Press, for every 5 points above the DC the Healer rolls on his skill check, the normal rate of healing increases by a factor of one. The nature of the wounds being healed set further modifiers. (p. 32-33)
Healing Equipment Surgery kit, Bone Setting kit, Masterwork Healer's kit, Field Surgery kit (See "Torn Asunder" pp. 40-43). Cool stuff.
Potions of Healing Potions of Healing do not benefit from Healing skills. Cure Wound potions will have limited effects on wounds from Critical Hits as per the optional rules in "Torn Asunder Critical Hits" p. 37.
Reduced to Negative Hit Points

When a character is reduced to negative Hit Points, regardless of whether he receives magical healing he must take a day of rest to fully recover from the trauma. A Heal skill check (DC 15 +1 / hit point below 0) can be made to reduce this to a half day (or over night). During this period, the character is "wobbly." His Strength and Dexterity and are effectively reduced by the number of points below zero and half the number of hit points below zero, respectively. If the character exerts himself, he must make a Fortitude check (DC 10+1/hp below zero + a modifier depending on the level of exertion) or increase the amount of time it takes to full recuperate. If the character succeeds, he recuperates as though he were one level of activity less active than he actually is.

Level of Activity
Time to Recover 
Heal Check
Heal Check
Rest - no exertion (can be moved by others)
1 hour
2 hours
Fortitude DC Modifier
Mild Exertion (walking, Int, Wis, and Con skill use)
3 hours
6 hours
Moderate Exertion (casting spells)
7 hours
14 hours
Serious Exertion (running, combat, Str or Dex based skill use)
15 hours
30 hours

e.g. So if Grog the Half Orc is stabilized at -8, and then healed back up to his full 12 hp. The DC for Rufus the Cleric's Healing check was 23. He failed, so Grog must rest for at least 2 hours. During this time, his Str 16 and Dex 9 scores effectively become: 8 and 5. If any score were at zero or lower due to this, the character remains bed-ridden for the period until his body recovers from shock. Grog goes to fight and makes his Fortitude check for the Serious exertion, which means he treats the effects on his recuperation as though he had only moderately exerted himself.

Scarring When sustains a Critical Hit, there will be a visible and lasting scar as well as lasting internal damage that will manifest in small aches and pains. The system for scarring will be based on the optional rules in "Torn Asunder Critical Hits" by Bastion Press (pp 38-39). Unlike the cruel bastards at Bastion Press, I will impose no Charisma penalties for scars, but they may bring about other debilitating effects (TBA). All other wounds, particularly those that reduce the character to below zero hit points, are assumed to leave sacars. Characters can keep track of their scars for the purposes of storytelling later.
Surgery Feat*

With a field surgery kit, the character with this feat can stitch together grievous wounds. He uses the Heal skill check to cure up to 1d4 +1/ level of the Surgeon hp or an extra 1d6 hp to Heal checks accompanied by magical healing. Surgery can be successful on a character only onece in a 24 hour period. Surgery requires 1d4 hours and an extra 1 hour for every hp below zero the patient has fallen.

A conscious character undergoing surgery must make a Fortitude check (DC 15 + amount of damage being healed) or pass out for 1d6 hours. A character who undergoes surgery is fatigued for 12 hours, -2 hours for every point above the DC the surgeon achieves. The period of fatigue can never be reduced below 6 hours in this fashion. Conducting surgery without this feat entails a -8 penalty. <