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Berrona Eoselunday to Berrona Claireselunday

News heard from sailors between Dunwater & Cauldron

A lot has happened in the rest of the world since the Companions entered the Devourer in the Lonesome Vast

- The central government of Zulary, an old confederate aristocracy and competetive monarchy, has collapsed, several principalities now govern their own pieces of small territory indepedenetly. Fighting between some of them has been reported.
- Rudimentary communication has been restored across the Federation
- Some border principalities have joined Gallant
- Federation Governments are increasingly indebted to even minor Merchant Houses. They are trying to use this to gain more political leverage.
- about 4 weeks (20 days) after the Doomseye Eclipse, the city of Sunfalls, capital of Bithal province, fell during a surprise siege from within Bithal and, by some reports, from within the city itself. A similar siege from Lake Dakar was reportedly thwarted by the Keepers. Acting on an anonymous tip they found a large weapon stash and a dimensional portal. Similar Giantish portals are being sought throughout the major cities of the Federation.
- Newspapers have been issued several no publish orders and several have defied it, multiple times.
- There are concerns
about civil disorder throughout the Federation
- There is a resistance in Sunfalls, but the slaughter has been unspeakable.
- Plans for anational draft order has been passed by the executive is only days away from taking effect

Cuthberta Eodakarday

The Portcullis
(Riot's Gate)
                             SPECIAL DOOM'S EYEEDITION
- Claimers' betrayal of the Federation unleashes legendary "Watchers"
- Hundreds Dead or Missing
- Levitation Tram Tragedy: Lord mayor, most of cabinet, members of every merchant house, politicans of all all races & factions, and all but one Orindish Royal, amongst the dead & missing
- Maddock, de la Espada, War Authority survive, declare martial law
- No Magick, No Gods, No Powers - Alone in our darkest hour
- Healers overwhelmed
- Communication blackout with the rest of the Federation
- Temple Ward fires still raging
- Gold Dragon appears, teriffies us, helps us, then leaves us
- Skybridge tram disaster heroically averted by quick thinking samaritans

Cuthberta Eoselunday

The Portcullis
(Riot's Gate)
The Eye of Independence
Try not to get press-ganged into the Legion!

Tirna Umbersularday

The Portcullis
(Riot's Gate)
- Senate debates bill to borrow money from banks in Kronos
- Crime wave in the Dock Ward grabs Federal attention
- Horde vs. Horder: Our Orcs vs. Theirs
- Withering Outbreak Spreads!
- Drawing of puppies wins our Picture of the Day contest

Tirna Umberfreeday

The Portcullis
(Riot's Gate)
- de la Espada takes on the Landholders Faction over Orindish Royals
- More of the Order's attacks on Divinity could take place from Sunterran territory, says War Authority
- Delegation from Divinity pleads for Sunterran assistance
- A River Runs Through It - Can you Name all the Wicked River Baronies?

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