Where we “Speak the Deeds” of our fallen comrades

“87% of all Player Character fatalities
are the direct result of talkin' with some stupid bastard
when they should have been hackin'.”
                                                      - Johnny Kizinski, KODT

Updated: 9 May 2008

Linkosplitzit "Frankie" Kantankeran
~ Moradina Mentesularday, 20 A.I. ~
Killed by Ninja Assassins

In the streets of Valparaiso

Frankie's Last Words:
“The knowledge of the firearms dies with me.”
“Frankie can come back! Why don't you come back? You were my best friend. You were the only one I trusted in this strange world!”

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Tiganis Rin
~ Moradina Mentesularday, 19 A.I. ~
Given the opportunity to trade his life for his that of his companion, Ts'elf.
During Ts'elf's passage through Baba Yaga's dark labyrinth of the soul,
he came across the Black Spot, thereby sealing his doom.
Rin chose to allow Baba Yaga game to consume him instead.

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Sergius Justinus Octavius
~ Moradina Eofreeday, 19 A.I. ~
Died in Divinity shortly after arriving from his own Prime,
attling a large construct that had been terrorizing a herd of twisted humans.

Mr. “Blood Pudding,” We hardly new ye.

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~ Berrona Umbersularday, 19 A.I. ~
Died while trying to learn the truth,
Apparently at the hands of the man who sold him into slavery
His father, the necromancer, Mastof Golgadin,
Deep in the bowls of the Underdark, beneath the Wall of the Righteous

Plays a Zularean lament on his lyre
“Be at peace with Sentar, Nimbus(It is the first time Thalazzar has ever uttered his name)

“Dammit Wulfgar, what a cruel joke - I failed him. Forgive me Nimbus.”

Mastof & the Chasm

Arek bows his head, his two hands laying on Unity's head. He speaks softly:

“Son of Sentar, your light has only dimmed to our eyes. It will forever shine brightly in our hearts. You will be missed my mysterious friend. May you be one with Sentar.

Ervan dyeth kelosian sin albatar govaeth lo Sentar irridium.” (in Celestinal: "Your wisdom beyond your years has brought you into Sentar's splendor.")

“I can't believe he is gone. I don't believe he's gone.”
“I never understood his religion, but he was there when we needed him and we shall miss him dearly.”

Kneeling with his face to the ground and his hood pulled over his head, he removes his mask, and shows his face to Sentar. He speaks in Draconic,

“Earth Friend and Mighty Hero, go with Grace and on the Wings of the Raven. You will be missed until I see you on the Other Side.”

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Domaldi Justinian
~ Cuthberta Umberselunday, 19 A.I. ~

Died in combat, battling vile undead creatures
within a complex imbued with an ancient and unspeakable evil.
Known as The Devourer, it rests somewhere in the Darkened Swamp
Beyond the Federation, within the Wasted Sea

Plays a Zularean lament on his lyre

“Domaldi, elathar, never a more noble warrior have I seen. Your death here proves your commitment to the forces of good.”

Arek kneels next to Domaldi's body. He speaks softly:

“Heironeous please welcome your fallen knight. His valor saved his friends today as it has many times in the past. Pilus, welcome your son. He was worthy of your heritage. His name will live on as will yours.

“Moradin ervath und as livath bis elatar.” (in Celestial: “Moradin bless and protect this elathar”)

Presses a friendship gift into Domaldi's hand, then, speaking in Naurie, “Domaldi, you saved my life and a Kantankarin never forgets her debts... Take this gift and give it to your father... Gnomivation, baby!” (*SOB*)

~ Berrona Eosularday, 19 A.I. ~
Died again in a web of politics and betrayal,
His own unwavering character having sown the seeds of his final end,
Not at the hands of the Brutes that rended his flesh,
But by the wile of Men who made him a tool of evil.
As fell Sunfalls, so fell the Keeper's Son.

In Domaldi's dying sight, the swarm of Orcs that overcame their position
Were all eyes and tentacles, teeth and hate.
For a moment, Posey, fighting on, looked very much as though he was clad in a red uniform;
Clad in the colour of his dying blood.