Typical Character:
Aggressive, Adaptable

Most Half-Orcs were escaped slaves. Although they are more typically bred in captivity or the result of the terrible violations that can take place during an Orcish raid, a few actually emerged form actual consensual relations between Human and Orcish parents. Regardless o ftheir parentage, Half-Orcs are almost invariably more common in the frontier lands.

Like Half Elves, Half-Orcs are considered good slave stock, though more typically for labour than household work. The only place on the Mazari mainland that they enjoy status as citizens is in Sunterranse. They have taken well to freedom over the past decade and are often fiercely loyal citizens, even if they are easily lured into less than noble pursuits.

Half Orcs have also proven instrumental in bridging the gap between the Orcs of Ogram and the rest of Sunterranse society. The Orcs of Ogram generally mistrust the Half-Orcs more than anyone else. "Too human," they grumble, generally right after a Half-Orc beats them at chess.

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