Typical Character:
Adaptable, Mercurial

Updated: 9 June 2006

Game Background

Humans and Elves have lived in close proximity in the Mazari for generations, and Half-Elves have inevitably been around for at least as long. They are most frequently the offspring of unions between humans and Wild Elves, Half Elves and humans or Half Elves and Elves. The old Mazarean Empire collapsed under the weight of the growing rifts between the short lived humans and the long lived elves, leaving their offspring to choose allegiance. So began the difficult history of the Half-Elves. Elves and Humans alike looked down on them and mistrusted them and their allegiances were soon bought and sold and traded. From this point it was a short distance to their being considered preferred slave stock. They are human enough to be familiar, but not so much that they might inspire guilt.

Half-Elves fled deeper into the Mazari and even the Wilderlands, pursued by Bandeirante slave hunters filling contracts for Terranse, the River Baronies and the Elven lands. They came together in defiant communities, called Quilombos, the Elven word for "respite." The descendants of these communities can still be found throughout Twareg, the Lake Range, Bithal, parts of the Last Frontier and even the Wilderlands. There is even said to be a massive Quilombo under the protection of eh Horselords, though it has never been found. Quilombo born Half-Elves throuyghout teh Mazari speak their own patois.

Today, the only places on the Mazari mainland that Half-Elves enjoy the status they would in a Quilombo are in the territories of the Sunterranse Federation and the Moran Alliance. Mistrust still abounds however, particularly on the part of Elves, but these attitudes are not actually a hold over from long Elven memories. Degrees of Elven racism towards their "half-breed" and "bastard" cousins is generally inversely proportionate to the degree of their attachment to the Elven Nationalist Movement. For their part, most Half-Elves tend to take this in stride. Half Elven abolitionist societies were instrumental in the Revolution and the establishment of Sunterranse, and they remain active shuttling slaves from the River Baronies, Terranse and the Order. Their privateers actively hunt slaver ships in the Pirate Isles and their activities have brought the Federation to the brink of war with the Monotheocrate Order, and to war with several of the kingdoms of Old Terranse many times since Independence.

The great hero of the Independence to achieve godhood and join the Ascendant, Plentok Veris, was, as a mortal, a Half Elf. This has been a great inspiration to their race.


The outlook of Half-Elves varies a great deal depending on the individual. The deciding factor tends to be whether or not he or she was born in bondage or not. As slaves, Half-Elves are more often used for court work, as they are more graceful and refined than Half-Orcs, who are more typically employed for heavy and dangerous labours. There is an unfortunate lingering mistrust between former Half-Elven slaves and their Half-Orc brethren. Most free Half-Elves have gotten over eh animosity this mistrust has engendered, though for some a slight prejudice remains. For its part, the Elven Nationalist Movement looks down on Half-Elves. Otherwise, the Half-Elves of Sunterranse are fairly well regarded and look well upon others themselves. It is when they leave the boundaries of their fair country that they most often begin to encounter problems.


Half Elves in Sunterranse are different from those in the standard D&D realm. They are generally mixed blood - a quarter, three quarters - as often as they are actually "half" elves. This breeding has made them especially hardy. Some joke that their Elven blood brings out the best and the worst of their human heritage. Some sages believe such observations are more than mere jokes.

Like Humans, only more so, Half Elves are hardy and rugged (+1 Constitution); but also like humans, only more so, they tend to be foolhardy and reckless (-1 Wisdom).

In addition to the Half Elf characteristics listed in the Half Elf characters choose one additional racial trait derived from either their Human or Elven parentage from the following features:

* 4 Bonus Skill Points
* Bonus feat

* 5 extra Skill Points in any Craft, Profession or Knowledge (see Sentarean Elves) + 2 Languages

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