Typical Character:
Cunning, Survivors

The Free Goblins of Sunterranse are an uneasy addition to the racial mix of the citizenry of the Federation. Originally they arrived with the Orcs of Ogram as slaves but were freed as a condition for allowing Ogram's Horde to become citizens. Free Goblins were initially given badges to distibguish them from their "uncivilized" kin, but a booming counterfeit market quickly emerged. Hundreds of cheap knockoffs can now can be found in most trinket shops throughout the Federation.

As consummate survivors, Goblins quickly spread throughout Sunterranse. Some becoming fixtures in various criminal organizations, to the detriment of perceptions of them all. The fact that the first Goblin to indoctrinated into the Keepers was recently disgraced in a massive Dream smuggling scandal has not helped matters. Even those Goblins who have done their best to become law abiding citizens are often very bitter about the struggles they face.

There are deep factional and clan rifts amongst the Goblin community and they often seem to mistrust one another more than they mistrust other races.

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