( Gnome, Hobbit)
Typical Character:
Stubborn, Innovative

Game Background
Gnomlings can be found anywhere Hobbits and Gnomes can be found living together. The occasional products of unions between the two races, not only are they sterile, they are asexual as well, having neither male or female reproductive organs of any sort. To most other races, they appear to be male or female Hobbits or Gnomes, depending how they are dressed and how they choose to comport themselves. Gnomlings are typically very focused to the point of being obsessive compulsive or shy. They are aware of the unease that they can cause outside of their communities and seldom tend to wander far away as a result. They have an enormous capacity for detailed thinking and are typically repositories of enormous amounts of knowledge. Amongst Gnomish & Halfling settlements, the rarity of their births earns them a special reverence.

Like Gnomes and Hobbits, Gnomlings take a great deal of pleasure in life, but whereas Gnomes think its most fun to mix things up, and Hobbits to settle in with a decent story, Gnomlings tend to be more philosophical and withdrawn. Whereas Gnomes ask "How" ("How does it work?", "How can I break that?" "How many trolls does it take to fix and airship?" etc.) and Hobbits ask "What" ("What's for dinner?", "What happened next?", "What's gotten into you?"), Gnomlings ask "Why?" ("Why would anyone need that?", "Why would you say such a thing?", "Why am I here?"). Gnomlings are the consummate quiet observers, though not in the same way as the laconic and moody Dwarves. They always look like they are trying to figure you out, because they are. Some of this comes form recognizing how different they are and facing how uncomfortable their androgyny can make those outside their community. They regard most other races with the same bemused detachment that they regard most of the rest of the world.

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