Typical Character: Innovative, Curious

Game Background

Some isolated Gnomish communities and individuals have lived around Mazari since time immemorial. The majority living there now, however, have some connection to the Devil's Horn Canal in Twareg. They are the descendants, friends and family relations of the Gnomes who originally came to what would become the Sunterranse Federation at the invitation of the merchants of the Three Cities. Together, they conspired to build a canal to bypass the oppressive taxation the River Baronies extracted from trade along the Bithtat Sengar River.

As such, Gnomes are typically the object of great enmity of the River Baronies. Even so, Gnomish innovations are sought out by most nations' militaries. Today, the Gnomes of Sunterranse are respected citizens and there are many who are considered amongst the heroes of Independence. Gnomes themselves are of two minds about life in the world, and approach it from the perspective of magic or science - they excel as both Wizards and Tinkers, though they seldom know what to make of Sorcerers. The Gnomes are an ancient race, but it seems they have had little enough to do with dragons whose bloodlines have seldom manifested amongst their people.

They share a common language with Hobbits, Naurie. The two races share a long established civilization in the lands of Gaarth Naur, northeast of the Last Frontier, beyond the Wilderlands, called the Downelands.


Like Hobbits, Gnomes believe life is to be lived and cherished through living it well. Hobbits are great. Hobbits keep Gnomes grounded in the real world, for which they are grateful. Without them, Gnomes would probably starve to death while they spend all of their time imagining up all sorts of clever artifice. The meaning of life is not solving puzzles and unraveling philosophies, but in finding them in the first place - working on them long enough to establish that, "yes, they are indeed complex," and moving on. Gnomes often get a little depressed when they actually solve a problem, and are a little happier when things do not work quite the way they had planned. They are at their best when working on an especially complex technical, hand on problem! Leave the mysteries of the universe and its pedantic, circular thinking to the Elves. Give a Gnome a Robbix Cube or a Hankuan Puzzle any day of the week. If Elves are too serious about being haughty then Dwarves are too serious about being dour. Meanwhile, the cheapness with which Humans and Orcs regard life frightens Gnomes. Humans' passion for nihilism and tendency towards self-destruction is particularly terrifying; by comparison, the Orcs passion for battle and crude creature comforts seems almost romantic by comparison.

Tech Gnomes    
Preferred Class: Tinker    
Instead of resistance to magic, Tech Gnomes Get the Feat: Education - all Knowledge skills are treated as class skills.    
Saving throw vs. illusions remains (non-magical ability to see through bullshit)    
Technojargon: Like Thieve's Cant    
Gnomish Vocabulary (Naurie)
do you know the schematics? = what's going on?
= something really cool
get with the schematic = pay attention

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