Updated: 11 August 2007

Oh, t'would be marvelous if the world and its moral questions were like some game board, with plain black players and white, and fixed rules, and nary a shade of grey.
  - Glen Cook
 “Shadows Linger”


His sole pastimes were reading the papers and playing whist. He often won at thi sgame, which, as the silent one, harmonised with his nature; but his winnings never went into his purse, being reserved as a fund for his charities. Mr. Fogg played, not to win, but for the sake of playing. The game was in his eyes a contest, a struggle with a difficulty, yet a moitionless, unwearying struggle, congenial to his taste.
  - Jules Verne
 “Around the World in 80 Days”


The probable, the marvelous-taken-as-fact, the marvelous-known-to-fiction—such is the triple equipment of the post-Renaissance poet... But this triple heritage is a late conquest. Go back to the beginnings of any literature and you will not find it. At the beginning the only marvels are the marvels which are taken for fact... The gods must be, as it were, disinfected of belief; the last taint of the sacrifice, and of the urgent practical interest, the selfish prayer, must be washed away from them, before that other divinity can come to light in the imagination. For poetry to spread its wings fully, there must be, besides the believed religion, a marvelous that knows itself as myth.
  - C.S. Lewis
 “The Allegory of Love”


And that's what I do today - create interesting stories in the frame of an interactive game. Create interesting game-play in the frame of an interactive story. Story and game working together to provide the ultimate fantasy that either one alone can't quite achieve. The story giving you a sense of why what you're doing matters. The game giving you sense of how it matters.
  - Ken Troop
 “30 Years of Adventure:
A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons”


For friends with whom I've gamed for years, the RPG has become our shared mythology...
  - Nik Davidson
 “30 Years of Adventure:
A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons”


I can not stress too much the importance of having mystery in a world setting. If one is escaping reality by means of a fantasy game, the known must be minimal, sufficient for conveying a feeling of being a native to the make-believe world, but otherwise so nebulous as to promote the sense of wonder children display about our earth. This being lost all too soon in reality, the fairy tale and the fantastic story replace the real and the sense of wonder can continue.
  - Gary Gygax
 “To Forge a Fantasy World: Greyhawk's Creation”


Well hey, I didn't spend all those years playing Dungeons & Dragons and not learn a little something about courage.
  - The X-Files
 “Jose Chung's From Outer Space”


In essence, games are the only universally serious activity.They leave no room for skepticism.

    - Arturo Perez-Reverte,
“The Club Dumas”


Yes, game. Suspense, uncertainty, a big level of skill... The possibility of acting freely yet according to rules as an end in itself. With a sense of pleasure at the difference from ordinary life...

    - Arturo Perez-Reverte,
“The Club Dumas”

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