Updated: 24 March 2009



Day #
# of Days
Game Events
Session 1
Dream of Horrors
Tirna Umberfreeday & Umbersularday
A mysterious dream unites six strangers; a search for clues turns into a search for missing girl and a confrontation with a gang of thugs
Session 2
Into the Maw
Tirna Umbersularday
A lengthy visit to the police to turn in the thugs, while one companion is interrogated by a secret organization; a descent into the sewers to recover a kidnapped child from a vile cult
Session 3
Moons Ascendant
Cuthberta Eoselunday
A tapestry with an image form the Dream of Horrors is recovered; the companions search Riot's Gate for clues as a portentious eclipse of two moons fast approaches; a friend is kidnapped by a bloodthirsty gang; Thalazzar's shadowy past comes back to haunt him.
Session 4
Independence Day
Cuthberta Eoselunday
An eclipse, a seal cracked, an invasion begins, magic dies, ancient enemies unleashed, a city in chaos, rampaging dinosaurs, a invading army, secret societies, a gold dragon, a wizard, a missing princess (Tallim Nuvam), 200 lives hanging in the balance & six heroes unite to save the day!!
Session 5
Out of Riot's Gate
Cuthberta Eodakarday, Eomoraday & Eofreeday, midnight
Woden pays Nimbus a disturbing and inexplicable late night visit; the Unspoken are looking for the heroes; The heroes try to leave Riot's Gate without drawing the attention of the authorities; they intend to investigate Domaldi's mysterious map; they hire a cog on Lake Dakar, whose crew is slaughtered by Sahuagin raiders; the companions defeat the raiders and capture one for questioning.
Session 6
Vengeance for the Keeper
Cuthberta Eosularday & Menteselunday
The heroes manage to sail the Lusty Wench; in Göesse, they meet an Amitlanean wayfarer, Inigo Tarrega; Frankie activates an enthralled Clockwork they found in the cargo hold; investigate a pair of Theonean agents who had been skulking about; travel to the Caves of Göesse where Domaldi's father died; there they battle a lone troll.
Urban & Arek
Tracking the Agents
Cuthberta Eosularday & Menteselunday
Meanwhile, Arek and the surviving crewman track the agents to an abandoned Scalyfolk temple; they find the agents' bodies, evidence the agents had stayed there, signs that Tallim had been held there, & that something had recently left its catacombs; they are overcome by a wounded party of gnolls who spare them as they are looking for healing.
Session 7
Riddles for Answers
Cuthberta Menteselunday, Mentedakarday & Mentemoraday
A search of the caves reveals a pile of rotting flesh, a dirty blanket and (finally) a secret chamber filled with a Brutish weapons cache, a malfunctioning magical portal and half a hobgoblin all seemingly linked to the Brutish invasion of the Federation; the companions return to Göesse to report and recuperate; they leave for the Saltwater Barrows where they battle four ogres, taking one hostage.
Session 8
Blood in the Marshes
Cuthberta Mentefreeday, Mentesularday, Claireselunday & Clairedakarday
A late night attack by undead stirred in the Saltwater Barrows; the ogre hostage escapes; a model of the legendary Pillars of the Earth discovered as a part of an overgrown astronomical site of Giantish proportions; Inigo runs afoul of a local tribe of Lizardfolk for killing some of their scouts in their own territory; he is sentenced to death, but the Lizard King decides instead to curse him to find the thing that has been hunting the swamp at night.
Session 9
Where Lizards Weep
Cuthberta Clairemoraday
Inigo departs; the party moves deeper into a darkened swamp, following Domaldi's map they encounter zombies animated by a carniverous plant; with Tyconderoga's help, they reach their destination on the map, the mouth of a tomb-like cavern; to reach it they battle a tainted bramble beast and several warped wood woads; they meet a dryad in a grove that stands as a bastion of natural purity in a sea of blackened corruption.
Session 10
Stumbling Into Depths
Cuthberta Clairefreeday
The party learns that a group of four had previously entered the dungeon, known as the Devourer, only one, a she-hobbit, emerged; they place four keys in the entrance; they enter, loudly, and begin to feel a terrible unease; inside, they battle two animated corpses, a water elemental and a hoard of bloodsucking jellyfish, trigger a trap marked on their map, disarm a trap and nearly get swept away before calling it a night and returning to the Dryad's grove.
Session 11
Flame & Shadow
Cuthberta Clairesularday & Cuthberta Umberselunday
Deeper inside the Devourer, the walls are shifting illusions, something draws out the companions' worst nightmares and gives them life; motes of evil sworl; the party is ambushed with a magical fireball, they escape into a room of mighty armoured statues, two of which animate & attack; an insane goblin sorcerer appears and battles them as well; the hall is filled with colourful and disturbing frescoes; they discover a secret cache of ancient documents.
Session 12
Darkness Falls
Cuthberta Umberselunday, Umberdakarday
Thalazzar departs; the heroes battle a giant librarian gibbering a language that sows frightening confusion, and his zombie ogre (zogre) minions; Domaldi falls in battle; the heroes recuperate within before leaving; an inquisitor of Heironeous waiting in the dryad's grove confiscates Domaldi's body
Session 13
Ancient & Unspeakable
Cuthberta Umberdakarday, Umbermoraday & Umberfreeday
A childhood friend of Domaldi and another new ally, rescued form the Devourer by Thalazzar, join the party; the new ally is a lizard-like T'Kel from a nearby tribe; the party finds a terrible experiment in the torture of a Nephilim that has lasted centuries; they smash the heart of the haunted dungeon; find a Brutish outpost set up to gaurd three separate magical portals - like that in the Caves of Göesse, none is working reliably and all of the Brutes - gnolls, bugbears & hobgoblins - have been slaughtered.
Session 14
Taint of the Devourer
Cuthberta Umberfreeday & Umbersularday
Before departing the Devourer, the heroes defeat a taint elemental and numerous undead Brutes; they learn that the entire complex is itself some sort of weapon; they seek a druid to cleanse the taint they accumulated in the place; they finally defeat the bramble beast and encounter an old ally, Inigo, in the middle of the night.
Session 15
That Which Stalks the Night