Updated: 23 March 2009

DIED ~ Cuthberta Umberselunday, 20 A.I.

Full Name: 
Linkosplitzit Kantankeran, aka Frankie
Undergraduate Student, at NUTTS (New University for Training in Technical Secrets)
 Mibbikor Kantankeran
 Dalmotta Kantankeran
Family (living):
Finpen, Frankie's younger brother - trying hard to fill in the family role Frankie left

Mother's side (living):
Grandma Bleetwiss - never approved of Frankie's lack of religion
Uncle Fizzerbig - alchemical engineer
Soubelknicker, cousin - zoologist
Pilnig, cousin - female gnome, closest thing to a family lawyer to prevent "patent infringement" of gnome technology
Aunt Namni - family historian

Father's side (living):
Grandma Olffnig - suffers slightly from alzheimer's, kept to manageable levels from Fizzerbig's concoctions
Uncle Tufimatix, the great gnomish lawyer
Uncle Sparks Kantankerin
Zooktwiss, cousin - female Gnome that helps run a general goods shop in Peppershot
Aunt Schepfoodle - school teacher

Gruedo - goblin engineer who had a crush on Frankie in NUTTS
Militia Seargent Whistleflix
"Rusty" - old clockwork bartender in Peppershot that fought against the kobolds (bard with few levels of ranger from it's fightin' days)

Peppershot (village), Lake Range (province), Sunterranse Federation
Appearance & Personality:

Frankie stands roughly 3'6" tall, has shoulder-length dusty-black hair and likes to wear a head-band to keep her slightly unruly hair out of her purple-irised eyes. She is always quick with a smile, and tries to keep an open mind in every situation, even though she tends to lean towards the law in most matters. The only bias is the prejudice she grew into that the gnomes of Peppershot have against kobolds.

Quotes + Notes:
Frankie's Description: Leader of the Gluttony Cult,

Frankie's background: Frankie, aka Linkosplitzit Kantankeran, was born in a small village called Peppershot. This village was named after a famous gnome militiaman who held off a force of kobolds trying the raze the village for it's opal mine. Frankie is the second oldest, but scored the highest in the family Engineering examination. This, along with her engineering acumen, placed her as the Kantankeran engineering heir designate. Her parents sent her off to NUTTS to get her official engineer papers.

The highlights of her youth growing up in Peppershot was spent between studying, Engineer training, and participating as a Peppershot militia person. Many gnomes commented on her prowess with the Peppershot repeating light X-Bow. The thesis she worked on to celebrate her coming of age concerned micronization technology.

Her father recognized her ability early on in life, and tended to monopolize her time by passing on his engineering knowledge.

Frankie and religion: Even though there are many temples of good-orientated faiths in Peppershot, Frankie was not influenced by her parents' towards any specific worship. They wanted her to make her own decision. With what little time Frankie had for personal introspection (outside of her love of the X-Bow and engineering), she never bothered to investigate religion. In the peaceful setting of Peppershot, engineering was enough to satisfy her.

Frankie's world view: Frankie believes in a need for structure, but has followed her granpappy's mindset which can be summed up in one of his sayings, "a gnome with too structured a mind leaves no room for innovation!"Frankie has never experienced violence in her early years, and when the topic came up she would be quick to quote laws that her uncle Tufimatix, the great gnomish lawyer, practices. She firmly believed that making offenders aware of the laws they would break could prevent crimes from happening.

Frankie's education: Frankie was an undergraduate at NUTTS, and has received her official engineering papers there.

3.5e Stats: 
Neutral Good
Strength 11
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14
Appraise - 8 • Concentration - 8 • Craft: Alchemy - 13 • Craft Tech: Clockwork - 8 • Craft Tech: Mechanist - 14 • Craft: Weaponsmith - 7 • Decipher Script - 11 • Disable Device - 11 • Gather Information - 8 • Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering - 10 • Knowledge: Local (Sunterrance) - 7 • Search - 11 • Use Technological Device - 10
Education • Tech Feat: Adapt Device • Point Blank Shot • Exotic Weapon: Peppershot Light Repeating X-Bow • Exotic Weapon: Big Nasty Wrench • Tech Feat: Mechanologist • Precise Shot • Tech Feat: Build Machine
Base Attack
Armour & Clothes:
Gnome Tinker Jumpsuit w/ toolbelt
Big" nasty wrench, unfinished Peppershot Militia x-bow (light, repeating crossbow)
Magic Items:
Who needs magic when you have technology?!

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