Typical Character: Mercurial, Nomadic

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Game Background

Although several races of Elves exist throughout Sentar (Feran, Drow, Lunar, Sylvan, Grey, Aquatic and others), the most commonly found Elves in Mazari are High Elves, more commonly called Windhome Elves, named so for their great nomadic, pseudo-militarist culture spanning the Windhome plains. Although they have clashed with both Dwarves and Humans in the past, their grudges are not nearly as long lived as they are. They are proud and haughty, but their passions are quick to flare up and out.

For decades, the Windhome Elves have been critical allies to the colonists of the Three Cities and later the citizens of the Sunterranse Confederation. The Windhome Elves were instrumental in teaching the colonists the guerilla warfare tactics that secured their independence from Old Terranse. Today, the Windhomes are a pillar of the security of the Confederation. Lately, however, some Elven leaders argue they are a little too much of a pillar. Close proximity to the politics of other races has stoked Elven nationalism, sometimes to the point of violence. Rumours of secession are rampant, and Elven mistrust of the other races of Confederation, particularly the humans and dwarves who dominate it, is spreading like wildfire.

The Aelea is a term some use to refer to all of Elfdom as a whole. More accurately, it refers to the ancient servants of the Inbetween Men who are themselves the forebearers of contemporary Elves. Some of whose ways still reflect their ancient masters' wishes, for the good (such as the Lunar Elves of Seluna) and for the bad (the Feraln).


Given their longevity, Elves generally believe see their lives and history in broad strokes. They are easily given to believe in the meaningfulness of things and pursue it in the the arts with great intensity. Typically, they always want to take everything to a higher form. The life of an individual is something to be refined and perfected upon over the years. The mysteries of the universe are meant to be unwrapped, not collected and meaninglessly left unsolved as the Gnomes would have it. Art and music, company and philosophy speak to the soul. Elves cultivate themselves and the world around them to be vast gardens of truth and beauty. When they regard other races, it takes a great effort for many of them not to see them as one-dimensional stereotypes by comparison, e.g. Gnomish fetishism. Dwarven moodiness. Human narcissism. Hobbitish naiveté. Orcish crudeness. Goblin dishonesty.

Elven Deities

• Elven languages are as per Sentarean rules for languages, not the PHB.
• On account of their advanced years, all Elves count Craft, Profession and Knowledge as class skills and, given their refinement, start off with 10 extra skill points to spend any of them
Typical Aignment: These alignments are not hard or fast rules for any of these races
• Besides Common Elven racial traits from PHB 16, the five races of the Elves also receive the following adjustments:   
High Elves
(includes Sylvan & Windhome)
Wild Elves
Drow Elves
Aquatic Elves
Typical Aignment: All Typical Aignment: Chaotic, Neutral, Evil, Good Typical Aignment: Chaotic, Evil, Neutral Typical Aignment: Chaotic, Neutral, Good Typical Aignment:
Good, Neutral
• None • +1 Strength, -1 Intelligence • None • +1 Strength, -1 Charisma • +1 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence, -2 Strength
• +2 racial bonus on Concentration • +2 Racial bonus on Intimidate • +2 Racial bonus on Move Silently • +2 racial bonus on Spot • +2 Racial bonus Diplomacy
Treat as Class Skills: Sense Motive Treat as Class Skills: Survival Treat as Class Skills: Bluff Treat as Class Skills: Swim Treat as Class Skills: Gather Information

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Elves Description
Aquatic Elves  
Drow Elves  
High Elves  
Lunar Elves As their name implies, Lunar Elves are inhabitants of Sentar's largest moon, Seluna. Seluna has no atmosphere, so there, the Lunar Elves live in a great domed cities as well as in underground caverns where they tend farms grown with the transmitted light of Sular. Lunar Elves are Spelljammers, plying Wildspace, though little of such things is generally known on Sentar. Small groups of Lunar Elves are known to live throughout the Mazari. Besides formal diplomatic representation, there is an Enclave at the Nocturnal Temple above the heights of Lake Sular, just beyond Federation territory in the Wilderlands.

Little is known about the Lunar Elven culture on Seluna, and the Lunar Elves are secretive even amongst themselves and their society is riddled with many more secret orders and societies than is typical even amongst other Elves. The Lunar Elves revere Sentar, the planet, as though it were a deity, and their priests channel its power. There is nothing more important to a Lunar Elven society than Life itself, and they will go to great lengths to ensure its preservation. Many are avowed pacifists.

On Seluna, Lunar Elves tend towards Neutrality. They frown upon both Law and Chaos.

Lunar Elven features are somewhat different from those of other Sentarean Elves. Their eyes are larger, their ears are longer and, most strikingly, their skin tends towards a shaded lavendar. Some High Elves on Sentar, particularly the doctrinaire members of the Elven Nationalist Movement (NME), do not believe Lunar Elves are Elves at all, but rather another species altogether.

Wild Elves  

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