Typical Character: Laconic, Mystical

Updated: 7 May 2006

Game Background
Dwarves have inhabited the Mazari since time immemorial. Their great ancient city at the heart of Riot's Gate, Axes Bithtat, is synonymous with the passage of time. The history of the great city is so old, it is lost even to the Dwarves themselves. Indeed, the Dwarves of the Mazari have lost much this past age. A little more than a Dwarven generation ago, long-standing political divisions erupted into a terrible Civil War. Two and a half centuries later, the proud Dwarven race, and its Pantheon of Gods has been cracked into three distinct breeds, each associated with one of the old factions.

The Dwarves of the Heir, more commonly known as Lake Dwarves or Lakers, constitute the majority of Dwarves in the Sunterranse Federation. Their monarch, Cairn Gemfist the Maddock of the Dwarves, is the Head of State of the Sunterranse Federation, though the real power lies in the Executive Council. Lake Dwarves are a mystical and intense people who take everything seriously, be it melancholy or mirth.

The Steel Dwarves are the xenophobic faction of soldiers and officers whose military dictatorship ruled Axes Bithtat until the end of the Civil War. Their bulk retreated to the depths of Dreii Undermountain, and a few still live near the surface in certain corners of the Federation. They are as dark and sober as they are humourless and bitter.

The Dwarves of Kronos - known as Dari - inhabit the free market state founded on the far shore of Lake Seluna shortly after the Civil War began. It was never intended to be permanent and was always gripped by the need to feed the war effort. Today, wealth is an end and a good in itself for these Dwarves. Rather than join the Maddock and return to Axes Bithtat at the end of the war, they remained with their banks and stock markets and chambers of commerce. Kronos has no government and wants none. Dari are a cunning imaginative and almost invariably greedy people. If the first division of the Dwarves came with a crack that sundered the skies, the second came with a whimper and the tinkle of coins.

In the Federation, Dwarven surface colonies are concentrated in the provinces Lake Range, Dakar, Bithtal and Twareg. A few thousand are known to have ventured as far North as the Last Frontier.

All three Dwarven factions speak the same language, though they can easily tell one another apart, clan and faction, by their brogue.

Freed from the strictures of the military dictatorship and institutionalized jingoism of the Steel Dwarves, the past decade has seen a flowering and expansion of Dwarvish "surface" culture. Regardless, most Dwarves remain deeply embittered by the Civil War, the shattering of their clans and their "imprisonment" under the sun - the Stone Druid Guardians of Axes Bithtat having abandoned the Steel Dwarves and sealed off the splendid depths of the city shortly before the end of the war. Many Dwarves dream of reunification or finding a way back into the depths of Axes Bithtat. Others believe that spies of the Steel Dwarves are everywhere and that their cousins are intent upon their revenge.

Even Dwarves of the Heir, who live amongst so many other races, remain remarkably focussed on their own affairs. Live and let live... now leave me alone. Hmmm, Elven wine... enjoy drinking it where you wish. To Lake Dwarves, the fact that their ancient city and culture are at the heart of the Sunterranse Federation is a point of enormous pride - it shows just how smart these "frail races" actually are!

Dwarven Deities

• Dwarven languages are as per Sentarean rules for languages, not the PHB.
• Only Dari get a racial bonus on Appraise, Steel Dwarves and Lakers get a different bonus, as listed
Typical Aignment: These alignments are not hard or fast rules for any of these races
• Besides Common Dwarf racial traits from PHB 14, the three races of the Dwarves also receive the following adjustments:
Lake Dwarves (Lakers)
Kronos Dwarves (Dari)
Steel Dwarves
Typical Aignment: Lawful, Neutral, Good Typical Aignment: Lawful, Neutral, Evil Typical Aignment: Lawful, Neutral, Evil
• +1 Wisdom, -1 Intelligence • +1 Intelligence, -1 Strength • +1 Strength, -1 Wisdom
• +2 racial bonus Swim • +2 Racial bonus on Appriase • +2 Racial bonus Intimidate
Treat as Class Skills: Profession (Sailor) Treat as Class Skills: Profession (Merchant) Treat as Class Skills: Profession (Sailor)

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