Updated: 19 March 2006

DIED ~ Cuthberta Umberselunday, 19 A.I.
DIED ~ Berrona Eosularday, 19 A.I.

Full Name: 
Domaldi Justinian (3.5e Stats)  
Former Squire, Itinerant Paladin
Pilus Justinian (Aquiifer) of the Forward Advance
Caroline Guerir
The Forward Advance Temple of Heironeous
Appearance & Personality:

While Domaldi is gifted in diplomacy, comely, and charismatic, his lack of lasting childhood friendships means that he is not outward going. He gained his knowledge of Elven by detailed study of them and has taken some of their philosophies as well. He can be dour and aloof in his own time and quickly become eloquent when needed. He does not waste time or words and rarely talks about himself. While capable, he would never attack with his wit or tongue but would choose direct means if motivated. However, he does not harbour disapproval of others that are less focused, devoted, or even frugal. That would imply arrogance that would not be appropriate within his humble life. He is only angered by indifference to suffering and the other evils that exist in the world..

As a natural leader himself, he believes that people need to be led and that order is important. His travels have shown him that many ways of government work but that rules are key to orderly society and peace. It is when leaders stand above the law or ignore injustice that he becomes enraged.

As a long-time traveler and minor merchant, he carries everything on his own back and on his pack animal. A lack of avarice means that even Pelu does not carry an unnecessary burden. He has all the goods necessary to live off the land in relative comfort in any climate. However, he has little experience travelling on the sea. Domaldi's ability to be eloquent and charming means that he always travels with others like merchants and adventurers. He does this for the safety not companionship. He travels openly as a simple warrior without arrogance or shame. He has traded spices, clothes, dried goods, and some documents in the past. He plays the flute (poorly) for his own amusement and meditation

He is average in weight and build, with a tanned cast to his skin. His eyes are green and hair brown. Coming from a military tradition, he is always well groomed and shaven. All equipment he owns is kept in a precise location and well maintained. He fights with his right hand. Wishing to live a simple life of service and devotion, he has few personal items of vanity. One is a hand mirror from his mother. She gave it to him before he died as a reminder of the need for self-respect. The other is a simple wooden talisman of his deity that he wears around his neck.
Quotes + Notes:

• “I hold the sword with my arm, fight with my mind, and kill with my heart”
• “Let goodness be your shield, law your compass, and justice your mighty sword.”
•  "Begone foul beasts for I will make trophies of your spines!"
• “By my Father's sword, I am the Light from which you cannot hide”
• “Feel remorse beast, for I am the storm from which there is no shelter!”

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Pilus Aquilifer was able to trace his roots through both Zulary and the Monotheocratic Order. For most of his life, he fought as a foot soldier in various campaigns lead by the Order. His final campaign as a foot soldier was under Lord Varrus of the Monotheocratic Order. In the province of Bithal, near the Federation Capital, there is a mountainous region that borders both Lake Seluna and the Wasted Sea, a massive swamp that was once home to an empire of serpent men that the Monotheocrate Order battled for years. The Yuan-ti dominated civilization was crushed and the tribes of serpents scattered. Lord Varrus's last campaign helped ensure that they would not be rising up again anytime soon.

In a desperate battle, a vast majority of his side was destroyed in achieving victory including Lord Varrus. Pilus was seriously wounded and saved by Caroline, a devotee of Heironeous, and taken to the temple where she was living. During his convalescence, he had many visions of Heironeous. After he recovered, they were married. He became a Paladin of Heironeous under the direction of the priests and changed his name to "Justinian" in the pursuit of the concept of Justice.

Pilus Justinian is counted amongst the Heroes of Independence. Pilus led the rag tag army of the federation to several spectacular victories over the colonial armies of Old Terranse. After the War of Independence, he helped to establish the Keepers, an order of itinerant magistrates, dedicated to dispensing justice in the vast, and still perilous, territories of the federation. Rather than settle to a life of politics however, he remained in the field, patrolling the border with the Wasted Sea.

A year after the marriage of Caroline and Pilus, they had a son, Domaldi. Their own son was born at the temple and raised primarily by his mother. Caroline's home village was one of the many villages of small farmers, frontiersmen, adventurers and runaway slaves that flourished North of the Wall of the Righteous amidst the security provided by the presence of the great Dwarven City of Axes Bithtat, now Riot's Gate. "Domaldi" in Caroline's Trudor tongue means "the time of Judgement". When Domaldi was age ten, she was struck down by a plague while Pilus was on a patrol.

Pilus then began to take Domaldi on campaigns as his squire focusing on combat and religious training. However, as Pilus came to Heironeous late in life as a fighting man and was never an adept, this education was not detailed beyond nightly readings of the Luminia, the Book of Heironeous. Pilus was however extremely devout and only took missions where the aim was justice not wealth. Therefore, missions required much travel and were never lucrative. Pilus learned that he could supplement his income with by trading some goods along merchant roots. It did mean that Domaldi learned to interact with large numbers of people and races leading him to be an expert diplomat and speaker of Elven.

Domaldi learned that a well-lived life is based on not compromising a triangular relationship between Justice, Compassion, and Devotion. He believes in these so strongly that their symbols are tattooed on his arms and chest. He continually surprised his father by negotiating excellent terms for goods and then donating the additional profit to local temples even those not of Heironeous. He prays several times a day always washing his hands first in piety.

As Domaldi was about complete his apprenticeship at age eighteen, Pilus learned of a farming village called Göesse that was being pillaged by a local band of trolls. All estimates from local lore and the villagers made the band out to be a small group in a nearby cave. Pilus and Domaldi went to caves and Pilus insisted that his son stay with the gear and guard the rear. Several hours later, Pilus clawed his way out of the caves with twelve troll scalps, ruined armour, and a broken sword. His father had a piece of map parchment in his case but succumbed to his wounds before he could tell Domaldi its purpose. Pilus did state with his dying breath that he had fought an epic battle against more in the cave than trolls. He severely injured something or someone called "Anupkaz" but was dealt a crippling blow before his opponent escaped. Domaldi swore vengeance but days of searching the caves found no other way out or any other living creatures. He returned to the village and cremated his father only keeping his broken sword and the map. The villagers were grateful for the defeat of the trolls but Domaldi would not take even their tiny offerings because the scourging by the trolls was so devastating. He left the village with his donkey, Pelu and all their remaining goods for the next major centre.

Because Pilus had planned to journey to Riot's Gate once he completed his errand in Göese, Domaldi felt compelled to travel there himself. He would inform the High Command of the Church of his father's death.

Domaldi spoke of his father's final deeds in the Hall of Valour. Besides the Faithful of Heironeous, Sunterran dignitaries, philosophers, and representatives of other churches - including Plentok Veris and St. Cuthbert - also assembled to pay their final respects. The Superintendent of the Keepers accepted his badge of office from you. Afterwards, the Lord High Commander of the Sunterran Armies of Heironeous, the highest priest in the Church, paid his respects to the father and son. He looked Domaldi in the eye a long time before speaking:

"Battle also dried the font of my bloodline lad. We were brothers in arms, your father and I. I have known warriors - a few are even compassionate - but none so much as your father. I've few years ahead of me and could now only hope for a death such as his. May we all live and die as he did. Heironeous give you strength."

Great words from a great man, but Domaldi had to remind himself of that. He would have preferred to have listened to his father speak his own deeds in the Hall of Valour.

Only now that his duty was dispensed, the sorrow of his death begun to affect the young Paladin. Barris Tarnin, a Windhome Elven Praetorian, and old friend of Domaldi's father from the Independence Wars, has made arrangements for his lodging at the Heironean barracks in a market section of town. Barris is an admirer though not an adherent of the faith. He divides his time between the Windhome Plains and Riot's Gate. He has been involved in politics, but his influence is fading. He is a Federation Loyalist whose strong admonishment of Elven Nationalists has lately won him few friends amongst his own race. He invited you to spend the harvest Festival of the Two Moons with his family, though Domaldi graciously declined. Father and son had planned to stay in Riot's Gate for the Festival but Domaldi simply does not have the stomach for it.

During his final week, Pilus spoke endlessly of the "Eye of Independence." In Fridingen, another Keeper, a priest of St. Cuthbert, switched routes with him so that he would be able to take Domaldi to Riot's Gate. This year, the Festival of Two Moons would culminate with the ovoid moon Dakar passing in front of Seluna, something it has not done since the Independence Wars began. For it to happen twice in as many ten years is apparently quite rare, and, according to Pilus, Riot's Gate is the best place in all of Sentar to see it happen!

For the past days Domaldi has been gripped by a restless need to leave the city. With the last honours and ceremonies done with, he felt free to leave. Riot's Gate is impressive and magnificent, but its chaotic rhythms do not suit a student of Order. Though the eclipse is two days hence, Domaldi has decided to leave the city the first thing tomorrow morning.

3.5e Stats: 
Paladin (Heironeous)
Lawful Good
Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 17
Diplomacy 6, Handle Animal 3, Heal 4, Kwg Religon 2, Ride 2, Profession Merchant 2, Concentration 6, Gather Info 2, Sense Motive 4
Feats & Abilities:
Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Investigate, Improved Sunder, Smite 2x/day, Special Mount
Code of Arms (Suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls made against an enemy not armed with a melee weapon or natural weapon).
Armour & Clothes:
Chain Mail, Explorer's Outfit