Date Posted
05/02/09 After more four memorable years of D&D I am afraid I am going to have to take an extended hiatus from running the game. As a result I will be suspending the Shades of Grey campaign indefinitely.

Thanks for all of your contributions to building the game world and to weaving such an intricate and memorable narrative. I intend to leave the web site up and I will probably keep adding to it intermittently. I would even continue to welcome your input if the spirit ever moves you. I do not want to close the door completely on Sentar or the campaign, so, if you want, please hang on to your characters, and/or pass on a copy to me. That being said, I just don't know when I will be able to get back into it. I need to take a much longer break than I thought I needed.

I have had a lot of fun. It's been a pleasure gaming with a bunch of guys with levels in the the Awesome Gamer prestige class.

Please stay in touch.

03/29/09 Game Quotes, Back to the Future Frankie
03/24/09 NEXT GAME: 18 April 2009 NPCs, Peppershot, Frankie's Funeral Service, Gamedays summary, X.P, Photosession Pictures
03/15/09 NEXT GAME: 21 March 2009! Schedule has tentative dates for next games. Session Summaries will go back to being awarded 500 xp. Old Summaries & Stories: Gunther; Janarl; Arek 1, 2, 3; Thalazzar & Tiberio; Nimbus 1, 2; Frankie & Ts'Elf 1, 2; Latest Summaries: DM's Intro, etc, Ts'Elf, Janarl. The History section has been updated with the background on the Ancient Hrakuu Civilization, Base Languages and Language Levels have been changed (do you have an A-Level in Infernal or an E for Exemption?). More additions & updates to Organizations, NPCs, Locales. Meet Gingrash & Shadowcog! Gamedays summary (which includes a dount of days for all the solo sessions), and of course, XP.
11/09/08 Welcome Back to 3.5 everyone! Thanks for a great game. XP is done. As mentioned, I want to to aim for 29 November for the next game. For now this is a tentative date.
07/13/08 Had to change it... slight revision
Last night's xp!
07/09/08 Magic Items have all been identified. Sorry that took so long. Let me know what you sell, what you keep. Same goes for the Gew Gaws. Then tell me the adjusted numbers for the Loot page and how you will divvy it up among PCs.
03/30/08 The Unthinkakable... Frankie refuses a resurrection!, XP
02/03/08 Remember me? I've started running solo sessions. There have been two so far: One for Arek, and one for Tiberio & Thalazzar. There will be more soon. Meanwhile: Thalazzar's long awaited summary. Ever wonder whatever happened to Gunther?, Janarl Hunts
10/16/07 Sroasa, Baba Yaga, Nimbus, Nimbus 2.0, & Daisy Cutter Escape Sumamries; Legends, Creatures, NPCs, Organizations, Locales, Game Quotes Creatures
09/30/07 Gamedays summaries for sessions #30 & #31, XP
08/10/07 DM's Introduction, Tallim's Story, the God & the Grey, NPCs, Organizations, Locales, Vocabulary, XP, Game Quotes, Legends
07/16/07 Dispatches from Janarl... what happened after he left, NPCs
07/10/07 Tiberio chats up Baba Yaga - a little bit more...
07/07/07 Photosession from Session 28 & 29; a picture of a Cainen (Thanks Rin!); Tiberio finds Baba Yaga, Tiberio chats up Baba Yaga; Thalazzar & Arek; Questions & Answers; Gamedays Summary; Hall of Valour (Rin); Game 29 Quotes; XP (website XP rewards); NPCs; Sketchbook
07/01/07 T'self discovery, History
06/28/07 Rin's Summary
06/27/07 Frankie's summary of the last session.
06/06/07 Creatures update (the Cainen)
06/05/07 Loot Listings updated
06/01/07 NPCs, Locales, Gamedays Summary, DM's Introduction, Mohadir's Vision, Quotes, Gaming Calendar, Mohadir's empty web page. The next game is scheduled for 30 June. That's still a way's off, leaving lots of time for everyone to write summaries. To encourage you guys a little more, I am permanently lifting the cap on xp granted for all web site contributions.
05/19/07 XP - Great game guys!
05/17/07 Janarl's summary from last session just arrived from the other side of Sentar. Game night is this Saturday at the Wizard's Tower. June's game night is in flux.
04/17/07 The description of the Havali in Creatures; Frankie's game summary; XP
04/16/07 RAD Symbol
04/15/07 Loot THOROUGHLY Re-Listed; Hall of Valour, updated (Let T'Self know what is missing); Janarl says Farewell
04/14/07 Photosession is up, including the Short Movie "Do Something Dorky"
04/13/07 The long goodbye is done - Janarl said goodbye, the party moves on. Quotes, NPCs, Locales, the Gamedays summary and XP have all been updated. Next game is listed on the Shcedule. Check again soon for some pictures, a little movie and a revised Loot page.
02/18/07 WWDD? Good Luck in Afghanda, Janarl!, Janarl's last summary, Janarl's previous summary, with pictures!, photosession, NPCs, Vocabulary, Organizations, Locales, XP
01/28/07 Hyperlinks added to a bunch of the last few sessions (Janarl, Back to the Future, Enter Tigannis Rin, Nimbus's Protector, Rin's Letter Home) NPCs, Vocabulary, Organizations, Locales, Gamedays Summary, Quotes
01/21/07 See the game night video
XP from last night; DM's Introduction
01/20/07 Enter Tigannis Rin, Nimbus's Protector, Rin's Letter Home.

A summary from Arek and one from Janarl. NPC's,organizations, locales. Lots of new vocabulary. And a change of heart on XP for the TPK session - since I had so many flubs and take backs during the session... everyone will get rewarded xp for all encounters but that which was the last! Plus, the first draft of the Claimers of the Maddock Prestige Class. Let me know what you think...

Please send me your orders for INDIAN EXPRESS ahead of time. I will order the food around 6:30 pm.


We're back in business guys! Check out the three month gaming scedule; Nimbus faced his Father this weekend; we'll start where we left off, next Saturday at my place. Game Quotes; xp; NPC's; organizations; photosession; game days summary; locales; Indian Express menu.

SPECIAL BONUS: All summaries I receive between now and Saturday 7 pm will be worth the full 10% of the xp you need to go to your next level... (no maximum) this will be applied to the two summaries I have already received.

Please remind me if there was anything I was supposed to do (but have forgotten to do) before the next game!!

10/28/06 MAP OF THE DEVIL'S HORN CANAL & ENVIRONS! (soon to be interactive)
10/22/06 Check out the Barony of Bostik and Sengar Wood. Also - there will soon be a map of the area around Selunaport. "Adventurer's Wanted."
10/11/06 A new Introduction & Orientation page to which to direct newbies interested in the campaign but overwhelmed by the website. It's accessible from the Index Page. I've also started filling in some of the Geography pages based on the information revealed in the campaign Locales page and elsehwere, plus, I'll be adding a few additional tidbits and buried bits of information gold for those interested to look. So far I've started: Bithal, Lake Range and Dakar Province. I've also updated the Tinker's Dam Society prestige class.
10/05/06 Janarl's summary & the Hall of Valour, plus a *wav file of cicadas.
09/28/09 Photosession
09/26/06 Thanks for all of the kind words and compliments on the last session guys. I already have the next one planned out! Until then, here are some summaries to tide you over... Frankie's summary, the closing word, Game Quotes, NPCs, Locales, XP, Gamedays Summary
09/21/06 A little bigger than the Daisy Cutter, but a cool representation, found by Tiberio. Plus, footage of the DM battling zombie hordes...
09/20/06 How Janarl spent his money in Cauldron, a session summary from Arek, Rin's sketch of the Venture (AWESOME!!)Game Quotes, NPCs, Organizations, Locales, XP
09/17/06 Tiberio updated the dice roller. It now has a cool picture I took at eth British Museum.
09/16/06 Janarl's summary, game days summary
09/10/06 XP, T'self, Janarl's Lonsome Path, NPCs, Organizations,