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Brutes Mazari A collective name used to describe creatures such as Bugbears, Gnolls, Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Giants, Hobgoblins, and other inhabitants of the Wilderlands.
Cainen (Fycado) Divinity
The Cainen are dog-like creatures that, like the Havali, bear an ancestral resemblance to men. Cainen are used as hunting dogs and appear in various sizes, from that of a wolf (Cainen) to a dire wolf (Cainen Hunter or Cainen Packlord). The Cainen are naked with patches of fur. Their faces are generally covered with wolf-like masks bolted to their skulls, though their lower jaws protrude and are set with predatory canines. Beneath their masks, their faces are unmistakably those of men, though they are slightly elongated and malformed. They are extremely agile. They have no tails and their bodies are resahped so that they can walk on all fours.
Dragonborn Watcher's Canyon Generic name for dragon blooded humanoids. Imported into the Mazari from 4th edition.
Fycado Divinity & M.O. The generic name of those humans twisted into animal form that can be found throughout Divinity and the lands of the Monotheocrate Order (such as the Cainen and the Havali). Fycado tend to fill a niche once occupied by another species that no onger exists in the Order.
M.O. Gusahn are great deformed creatures, with vestigal arms and legs afixed to their long and muscular worm-like torsos and abdomens, scoured pink by the sands. Their heads are not much larger than that of their human forebearers, but they are grotesquely deformed. A bulbous boney ridge growd from their forehead over their eyes, and their mouths and nose are blocked by a breathing mask that filters out the sand. A great jaw, much too large for the head, can reaches below the breathing mask.. Like many fycado, their breathing is laboured. They traverse the vast tracks of sand of the Atamran Desert and haul floating Theonean War barges into battle.
Havali (Fycado) Divinity
“The shrill sound of a woman screaming pierces the air. Soon it is joined by the clear sounds of melee combat. Dozens more shrieking voices seem to join the cacophony as metal grinds against metal, wood cracks and the ground itself rumbles and shakes.”
                       - From Session 27, Departures

Havali are filthy, naked creatures, sparsely covered with wiry patches of hair. They move awkwardly on all fours. It is as though their hind legs were slightly longer than their front (though they are not). Two of the largest creatures witnessed by the companions had finely wrought pig-like masks that cover the upper part of their faces. Of those that do not wear masks, their malformed faces may be twisted in fear and horror, but, like their cries, they are unmistakably the faces of men.

An examination revealed the following:
- The masks appear to be of the same design as that of Domaldi’s father, carried by Janarl
- the bodies are reshaped for them to walk on all fours
- females have 2-6 teats (even number)
- Their lower jaws jut out and the males have tusks
- some of their ears are large and floppy
- the two with masks have had those masks bolted to their faces and their skni has grown over the edges as a scar forms over a wound; their corpulent and muscular bodies are covered with a thick hide that is scored, scarred and branded
Divinity and the Order Moreau (Yithic noun. "like a man" or "like a person") are fycado that have retained enough of their humanity to be self aware. Some are as simple as mentally retarded children, though there are rumours of some more brilliant and wise than any human might dream of being. They are despised throughout the Order and any fycado displaying traits of the moreau are typically put to death. Secret societies are said to exist amongst the moreau that help to identify and rescue those fycado who might also be moreau before they come to the attention of the authorities. In former provinces of the Jamahyria, such as Divinity, they are often viewed with suspicion and hunted for sport, or for their value in Dream or even as a curiousity.


Sunterran Beholder... Very Dangerous
Durgoshii Jack Russel Dragon


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