Updated: 6 January 2007

Full Name: 
Coram Hindersun  
 Traveler Coram

Coram's life path was set for him when his mother gave birth. Well, to be precise, where his mother gave birth.

Coram's family is one of performers. He has three brothers and a sister, all of who know how to sing, dance, what-have-you. His parents have a modest reputation, and there are few places that will turn away the Hindersuns when they come into town.

On the fateful birth day, the Hindersun family had night capped at a road-side shrine to Farlangh. Due to the god's nature, it also doubled as a wayfarers' inn to rest and allow fellow travellers to regale each other with tales of the road. That very night, the presiding priest of the temple, Traveler Davis, was sent a vision of raising a child that would be born in his shrine the next day. When Coram's mother went in to labour the following morning, Davis knew what he had to do.

He found it surprisingly easy to convince Coram's mother to leave her newborn babe at the shrine with him. The Hindersuns' have always been patrons of Farlangh, and trusted Davis implicitly. A few days of convelesence for Coram's mother saw her off on the road to continue performing with the family, leaving a newborn Coram in Davis's care.

Over the years as Coram grew older, he came to appreciate the teachings of Farlangh. He soon found more excuses to stay and learn at Traveler Davis's side, which soon led to him going on pilgrimmages (or to be precise, long extended road trips going all over and nowhere in particular).

When he did travel with his family, he got to learn the secret his family kept: on top of being entertainers, they were also accomplished thieves. He was soon taught the basics, and discovered the golden rule: "Don't get greedy, and do not get caught." As his parents told him, "Singing can't keep your belly full all the time son"

Traveler Davis was actually the first one to catch young Coram stealing, and after that Coram did his best to not displease his uncle Davis. In other words, he didn't steal around him.

As the years of childhood went by, Coram's family started to have misgivings about Coram's increasing interest in religion, but Traveler Davis had suceeded in accomplishing Farlangh's request. On Coram's name day, he choose to become a priest of Farlangh. Forever after he would be known by his religious peers as Traveler Coram.

Present: The world is fully open to Coram, and he greets each day on the road with a heartfelt smile and thanks to his god.

What got Coram interested in the adventure: Traveler Davis's wayfarer shrine is on the outskirts of the Barony of Bostik. When Coram saw a sign promising adventure in the barony, he ventured in to see if it would be interesting.

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