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mountainous, volcanic
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Chaotic Good
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Sunterrnase Federation
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Cauldron Pond The cold, freshwater lake inside the caldera of dormant volcano at the centre of the city of Cauldron.
Rim Road The road where Cauldron's rim broke into Lake Dakar, it is filled with wealthy estates.


Ali’s Adventurer’s Backpack An outfitter's shop run by a Theonean human.
Bobble's Curios A shop filled with peculiar things. A popular spot for adventurers and travellers to sell exotic items. Run by an elderly hobbit named Bobble.
The Caver's Dive A seemingless lawless gambling barge floating on Cauldron Pond. The single below water level is called "the Tenth Hell." You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
The Gaff and Bailey A bar, reastaurant and boarding house in a market district in Cauldron. An cultured Orindian named Kelly is the night manager.
Gwuzbuloolpip Steam Hall a.k.a. "the Gwuz" The “Gwuz” is a private bathhouse on the shore of Cauldron Pond for Dakar elite where hot water, heated by volcanic vents from the Underdark, cascaded down the slopes of Cauldron and from intricate, carved fountains, showering over the rich and famous. It was named for an infamous steam mephit who had lorded over the mephits of the Cauldron volcano when it had been active hundreds of years ago. Today it was filled with Dakar’s best, escaping the pressures of dealing with the influx of refugee filth amongst their beautiful trade towers. Yearly membership, 50 gp.
Rude Eruptions A popular dance hall and tavern. Very avant garde.
Sheffield Brother’s Armoury An armoury owned in part by two Half Elven brother, the master armourer is Guy Sheffield.
Tenth Hell A bar mentioned by the thug, Crux, in association with an organization called "the Gentlemen's Society." It is an exclusive club on the below water deck of the barge called "the Caver's Dive."
Uncle Ogre's Monocle An inn and tavern where no one asks too many questions. It is run professionally by a quiet, one-eyed, female half-Ogre named Dastard.
Zephyr Corp. A shipping company. one of the aerial shipping companies that uses Cauldron as a hub.


Bilpin (SG-16) A hobbitish tobacco merchant and apothecary in Cauldron. Thalazzar left an invisible arcane mark on his shop so that it would be easy to find again.

(SG-J-22) An old halfling shopkeeper, his yondering days now well behind him, he runs Bobble's Curios, a shop filled with peculiar things in Cauldron. Donovan the maskmaker was one of his frequent customers and suppliers.

Crux (SG-19) A Human thug in the employ of Ivindof Golgadin. One of the three men who kidnapped Thalazzar. He talks too much. (Crux / Hardigan / Xane). Last known to be in Cauldron.
Dastard (SG-16) The laconic one-eyed female half-Ogre proprieter of Uncle Ogre's Monocle, a low-end but comfortable Inn and Tavern in Cauldron.
Donovan (?) (SG-J-22) A mysterious human mask-maker from Cauldron. He claims to have witnessed the disappearance of Janarl's people, (CLICK HERE for a description) the T'kel, from the Enclave. Afterwards he went into hiding in the woods outside Cauldron (though it was never clear to what extent he chose to do so) with a clique of Zealots of the One. He insists that the "Inbetween Men" were responsible. After he was rescued by Janarl and Durgan, the three passed out on their way back to Cauldron. When Janarl and Durgan awoke, Donovan was gone.
Dragana (16) A lowly kobold captured scavenging in the village of Krin after all the T'Kel had seemingly vanished. The party captured him for questioning and then Thalazzar , whom he would now follow into the Nine Hells ("Yes of course I would. Master, may I lick your boot?"), took him under his protection. He is of the Khi'Gujtuppto tribe. Transformed to appear as though he is a human, Thalazzar introduces him as his alias's cousin, Mublin. Thalazzar left him in Cauldron after the party left (7,395 xp - 4rd Level)
Durgan (J-22) A surly Half-Orc Barbarian from the Orclands. Seeking his fortunes in the south, he found his way to Cauldron where he met Janarl the Hunter at the Caver's Dive, as they both pursued the same mark, Zahan Zehaun.
Gaultier, Rene (SG-18) A master bowsmith in Cauldron. He is a human. Cousin to Guy Sheffield, an armourer. Reputed to be the finest bowmaker in the city.
Golgadin (Louette), Ivindof (SG-16) Ivindof is the younger brother of Baron Mastof Golgadin. He is a well known bon-vivant in Cauldron's most exclusive circles. His brother is losing his patience with Ivindof's spendthrift ways. Ivindof is a werewolf. He is a fugitive.
Golgadin (Louette), Baron Mastof (???) (SG-16) The head of House Golgadin in Cauldron. He is a tall, scarecrow of a man with sharp, fox-like features. Well dressed, business savvy and subtle in accomplishing his goals. He is shrewd and ambitious and it is well known that he desires House Golgadin become an acknowledged peer of the Nine. He is a necromancer who has trade interests in Divinity he would rather the authorities were not aware of. This trade relates, somehow to "soap soldiers"and teh El Jabón Dream Cartel. It would seem that he was, in fact, the father that sold Nimbus into slavery. Nimbus worked to redeem him, and himself, with the assistance of the Inbetween Men. He claims he is Gallantine's son. He died in the caverns beneath the Wall of the Righteous, but was resurrected after adventuring with Nimbus along the banks of the River Styx and somewhere in time. He is a fugitive.
Grinnel (SG-16) A Lake Dwarf sailor on Lake Dakar with an interpretive approach to morality. For a "small fee" he registered Janarl as a visiting merchant in Cauldron, where he is a resident, in order to avoid the scrutiny of the authorities.
Grodek (SG-16) A gatekeeper in the City of Cauldron. Always looking for some inside information ion good investments.
Hardigan (Dead) (SG-19) A Human thug in the employ of Ivindof Golgadin in Cauldron. One of the three men who kidnapped Thalazzar. Ivindof's head spy, he was purportedly the cruelest and most dangerous of the three. He was killed by Dragana. (Crux / Hardigan / Xane)
Ilsa (SG-J-22) A priestess of a Zealots of the One street mission in Cauldron.
Kelly (SG-J-22) The cultured Orindian night manager of a bar, restaurant and boarding house called the Gaff & Bailey, in Cauldron.
Lance (SG-J-22) A clueless Half Elf acolyte of the Zealots of the One cult in Cauldron. He is very happy to be alive.
Nulzdindantilus (SG-16) An Elven Magus of the Ebb resident in Cauldron. He has expensive and exotic tastes. He resides in a white-stone tower in the Silver Stone Trade District, which required crossing a lengthy stone span to a platform in the middle of the structure where the tower split into two spindly spires that reached upwards into the sky. Thalazzar sold Kalthanalas to him.
The Phoenix Feather (SG-18) An eccentric old gnomish woman, she is a master fletcher who works with Rene Gaultier, the finest bowmaker in Cauldron.
Sheffield, Master Guy (SG-18) One of two Half elven brothers. He is an armourer who owns Sheffield Brothers Armory in Cauldron. The cousin of Rene Gaultier, a bowmaker.
Verissa (Dead) (SG-B-T'Self) A young half-elf from Manyberries. She and her younger cousin, Quill, escorted Ts'Elf to Cauldron where they was abducted along with the valuable Clockwork. She and Quill appear to have died in the necromatic laboratory beneath House Golgadin.
Marshal Wali (SG-16) A Hal