Updated: 30 September 2008


Baba Yaga / Gladys, Mistress of the Glade
(29) A witch of legendary power. Her powers appear to give her access to the Cradle of Creation. She lured the Companions into her magical Hut, using Tiberio as bait. According to the Stack Master of Divine Beings at the Librioheneaum in Selunaport Baba Yaga is as the gods, though she is not herself divine. Although she is more like a Force of Nature, in truth, she is better understood as a Force of Tales, though she is not bound by any one story or consistent set of motives. Her power is as great as her objectives are mysterious. In Orcish, she is known as Bidug Yidig.
Golgadin (Louette), Ivindof (SG-16) Ivindof is the younger brother of Baron Mastof Golgadin. He is a well known bon-vivant in Cauldron's most exclusive circles. His brother is losing his patience with Ivindof's spendthrift ways. Ivindof is a werewolf.
Golgadin (Louette), Baron Mastof (???) (SG-16) The head of House Golgadin in Cauldron. He is a tall, scarecrow of a man with sharp, fox-like features. Well dressed, business savvy and subtle in accomplishing his goals. He is shrewd and ambitious and it is well known that he desires House Golgadin become an acknowledged peer of the Nine. He is a necromancer who has trade interests in Divinity he would rather the authorities were not aware of. This trade relates, somehow to "soap soldiers"and teh El Jabón Dream Cartel. It would seem that he was, in fact, the father that sold Nimbus into slavery. Nimbus worked to redeem him, and himself, with the assistance of the Inbetween Men. He claims he is Gallantine's son.
Guthbrand (SG-31) A Trudorean mercenary. A monk. He led a band of mercenaries in the employ of Magnus Móhr to conduct a raid oin the war barge Thala Sanat in the Monotheocrate Order and rescue Tallim Nuvam.
Haggledip (???) (SG-19) Baron Mastof Golgadin's enforcer. A particularly violent hobgoblin named. He is said to always wear a mask to hide his bright blue nose and often travels in disguise.
Maggot, Ennis / Victor Franco
(SG-17) One of the Dirty Half Dozen. A fiendish Vile Cleric of Lust and notorious erial killer known as "the Surgeon of Sunfalls," Maggot was actually one of two personalities that unknowingly shared the same body. The other was a bookish Cleric of Heironeous, Victor Franco. Ennis allowed the would-be commandoes to bring the mounatin down on a tent full of Federation prisoners.
Mahgnus Móhr (SG-4) The eighteen year old Crown Prince or Orindo, and the only exiled Orindish Royal to survive the catastrophe that struck Riot's Gate during the Doom's Eye Eclipse. Tallim's half brother. Woden says he is "not very nice." Following the disaster he managed to get himself elected during by-elections for the Sunterranse Federation senate, representing Cauldron.
Ripplestick (SG-7) A Gnomish name blurted out in anger and distress by Calibre when he was revived from having been attacked by a troll. T'Self also heard his name mentioned while Mastof Golgadin was dismantling the Clockwork. Apparently Mastof went to look for him. When Calibre's thrall module is removed, he explains that Ripplestick is a Clockmaker gone bad. He dabbles in necromancy and he installed the thrall module in Calibre.
Tarrega, Inigo (Undead) (SG-5) A young duelist from Amitlan who the party met in Göesse. He accompanied them a while during their travels in search of the Saltwater Barrows but was compelled with gease quest to find what was hunting the Lonesome Vast after running afoul of a local lizardman tribe, i.e. "That Which Stalks the Night." When the Companions encounter him that which he hunted, a yuan-ti vampire unleashed from the Lost Temple of Sss'Raast, has transformed him into a vampire also. In a climactic battle, he manages to escape the companions.
Thala Xevar / T.X. (SG-7) The name found written in Yithic on a hardened leather, magically empowered disk-key recovered from the agents of the Monotheocrate Order. Thalazzar's apparent namesake, he also appears to have been one of the powerful Wizard-Priests of the Monotheocrate Order, the Thala-Mourne.
T.X. / Thala Xevar (SG-6) The initials on a note found with Calibre aboard the Lusty Wench that helped to identify the Clockwork as the victim of a nefarious slave trade.
Valandil (SG-31) A Windhome Elven Archer and member of the Elven Nationalist Movement (NME). He is openly hostile to the Federation. An associate of the Trudorean mercenary, Guthbrand, he was one of the leaders of a band of mercenaries in the employ of Magnus Móhr that conducted a raid on the war barge Thala Sanat in the Monotheocrate Order in oder to rescue Tallim Nuvam.
YHOOA (SG-Sn2) A beholder. A Bugbear Spirit told the Orcish Shaman Krenok that, "The key to the true name of the Dragon of Tg is that of the Eye Tyrant YHOOA." The Libriohenaeum in Selunaport was able to identify this creature's hive .