Updated: 14 March 2009

The Bones of the Earth: Bithtal u Bithat

Commonly known as "steel stone," this is a rare and revered mineral mined in the depths of Sentar. Many of the Dwarven race's greatest weapons are forged with this material. Its veins run deep into the heart of Sentar - the Dwarves follow it. Moradin himself is said to be armoured and equipped in steel stone crafted with his own hands. It was once the greatest secret of the Dwarves, but long ago the merchants of Kronos sold it to the frail races. Now even the surface dwellers hunger for weapons fashioned out of it. Using a Steel Stone Weapon requires the use of a feat for its full properties to take effect: Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Steel Stone. Steel Stone weapons cannot be enchanted.

In the hands of a proficient user, Steel Stone weapons have the following qualities:
• they are always masterwork
• they have double the normal threat range (a Steel Stone weapon can be "keen" as well)
• they do an additional +1 attack for all Weapon Focus feats that apply to them
• they do an additional +1 damage for the Weapons Specialization feat
• Using the Power Attack feat doubles the damage bonus
• Sunder attacks always deal double damage
• Sunder opposed role checks get a +2 bonus
• Steel Stone weapons can deal critical hits to creatures otherwise immune to critical hits.
• Though Fortification still functions, its maximum vs. Steel Stone is 75%.

DM Good Wrench A magically enhanced Tinker's Tool designed to repair Clockworks. Currently in the possession of Frankie.
Kalthanalas A powerful sylvan staff of the Druids. Wielded by Thalazzar, it was a gift of Folha. The great Kalthanalas of the Immortal Wood was pawned for a few lousy gold in the bazaar in Cauldron on Berrona Claireselunday in 19 A.I.
Kantankeran utility suit A Kantankeran family heirloom. Currently in the possession of Frankie.
Onestone A weathered sandstone that acts as a ley node for the arcane energy web of the One. Yithic magic. The Companions have found one that once belonged to agents of the One beneath the Lost Temple of Sss'Rath and aboard the Thala Senat.
Pillar A dark arcane conjurer's staff, made of hard ash, it was betrothed to Thalazzar by the Order of St. Cuthbert. It had been guarded as a tool for the Companion who woul dfuldill the Prophecy of St. Cuthbert.
Shizzladeen An ice halberd - a weapons oif some power and note. Wielded by Colonel Azaf, Warden of the Great Bastion of Selunaport prison.
Unity The steel stone maddock that is the mark of the highest office of the Dwarven Claimers. Woden gave it to Arek. The old wizard had collected it after the Fall of the Claimers at the Second Seal of the Stone Druids, inside Axes Bithtat. During the night of the Doom's Eye eclipse. It is said that it was forged by Moraddin himself and bestowed unto the Claimers to reunite the Dwarven race, sundered by its horrible Civil War.
A hardwood scimitar that had infused itself into the body of Domaldi. It can be "drawn" at will with a thought. A gift of Folha. It is currently dwells within Janarl. [Woodclaws Origin Tale] WOODCLAW'S VESSELS: Puesim Amilya, Wali Jan, Orgus (an ogre chieftan), Firth, Domaldi, Janarl.

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