Updated: 9 May 2006

Full Name: 
Arek Zaram Dakar (Arek of Lake Dakar), prefers: Arek, Shield of Moradin (3.5e Stats)
Stone Father, Lord Unifier
Priest of Moradin
Zaram Dakar
Riot's Gate
Appearance & Personality:

As a cleric of Moradin, Arek can be considered a "war-fighting" cleric (like modern medics, but with a mean streak in a fight). He believes strongly in the work of Moradin. He sees his role as a "Shield of Moradin", a spiritual fighter/healer that never shies from warfare and supports his fellow dwarves.

He is curious about other races but somewhat reserved. He is extremely honoured to join the Claimers so that he can venture forth in the world, do Moradin's work and defend Moradin's heir.

As most dwarves, he does not truly open to many. He prefers to listen than to talk. In public, he adopts a "priestly" attitude: receptive to others, polite but convinced of the values and teachings of Moradin.

He is fond of warfare engineering and has an eye for fortifications and battlefield preparations.

Size: 4 ˝' / Age: 50 / Weight: 180 lbs. / Hair: Blond / Eyes: Blue / Skin: deeply tanned

Quotes + Notes:
• “For the greater glory of Moradin!”
Arek's Descriptions: Pucker, Pug, Ulgar

Arek is a recent addition to the "Claimers" or "Claimers of the Maddock", a group of dwarves of noble descent, fiercely loyal to the Maddock. The Claimers frequently venture in the underground sections of Axes Bithat to reclaim part of the lost city for the greater glory of the Maddock. The Claimers are comprised only of the noble offspring of the clans surrounding Axes Bithat / Riot's Gate. It is an elite guard, dedicated to bringing back the greater glory of the ancient dwarvish kingdoms.

Arek was raised in the dwarvish mountain settlements of Clan Dakar, overlooking Lake Dakar. This explains his chosen known name. As a young dwarf, between chores, he would often stare at the lake, lost in meditation. Other dwarves teased him about his habit as well as his blue eyes, like the lake in the distance. As a young adult, Arek found it fitting as a known name.

Arek was taught the ways of Moradin in Clan Dakar and was sent to represent the Clan in the Claimers when the previous Dakar Cleric was killed during an expedition.


As he learned to become a Claimer, Arek also learned of the Unspoken, the Federation's secret security service. They are intimidating as hell. They impressed upon him and the other Inductees the importance of discretion, for Riot's Gate, they said, was infested with spies and interests contrary to the Federation. Kronos and the Steel Dwarves; the many Human nations including the Monotheocrate Order; the criminal gangs; the River Baronies; Zealots of the One; the unsanctioned priests of evil religions; cults of Serpents and of the Vile; slave hunters; fortune hunters; wizards… the Unspoken see enemies everywhere. They encouraged Arek to think the same way.

Arek has been in Riot's Gate four months, undergoing training and induction into the Claimers deep in the womb of Axes Bithtat. The Old City is a place about which that most of the inhabitants of Riot's Gate could never even dream. Arek has learned so much in such a short period of time. His heritage has come into sharp focus and his path is set in stone as smooth and flawless as the streets of the fabled Dwarven city. Meanwhile, Arek's young heart also revels in the cobblestone and dirt streets of Riot's Gate and the boundless energy of its inhabitants.

The Steel Dwarves would have welcomed a perpetual state of war with all the other surfaces races if it meant maintaining their notion of cultural purity; the Dwarves of Kronos saw the other races only as an opportunity to make themselves wealthy and powerful. The Dwarves of the Heir look at these other peoples and wonder what they can learn from them - what does their existence say about who we are, who we always thought we were, and about the changing rhythms of Sentar itself. The Federation had abolished the scourge of slavery but the cost was great, and no other race paid more dearly than the Dwarves.

Arek walks the streets of Axes Bithtat and feels the Bones of the Earth reaching into his soul; he walks the streets of Riot's Gate, even in these troubled times, and sees the great flowering of learning and ideas and cooperation of the great races of the world. It is much more comforting to face an era of uncertainty from the vantage point of a civilization bursting with potential. These are not alien occupiers. These obviously intelligent peoples have chosen to bind their fates to that of the Dwarves - and the notion fills Arek with pride and a sense of deep responsibility. Deeper, even, than that he has been taught about as a Priest of Moradin and an inductee to the Claimers.

Over the past week, the Streets of Riot's Gate have done their namesake even more justice than usual. Arek smiles, imagining the thought of a dour old Steel Dwarven General witnessing the raucous display of the Festival of Two Moons. For aeons, the stone towers of Axes Bithtat brought the depths of Sentar into the heights of its sky, serving as a surface observatory.

The Darkening ("Guhl-thundarr" in Dwarvish) is an eclipse as Dakar passes between Seluna and Sentar and one of the most magnificent events to observe on the surface. For generations, this event filled Arek's people with dread, because an ancient prophecy said it would signal an age of cataclysm. The Darkening is rare, but how many times has it occurred since the prophecy was made. Arek believes the Dwarves have been ill-served by their prophets - it was fear of prophecy more than prophecy itself that tore the dwarven race apart. The thought makes Arek`s blood molten with anger that quickly becomes stony regret.

Arek first witnessed the Darkening twenty years ago. Then, it gained the name "the Eye of Independence," for the surface races saw it as an auspicious sign for their revolution and the beginning of the Independence Wars that brought about the birth of the Federation. Our Federation. The same excitement still exists, even after twenty years, though now it is tempered by the hard realities of statehood and the consequences of two decades of defying the slavers. This year, the Darkening is especially notable because so little time has passed since it last occurred.

Arek has met a friend, Kybbo Mezori-os, at the Bell & Dragon Inn, before attending a solemn ceremony at the High Command of the Church of Heironeous. A young Paladin spoke the deeds of his father in the Halls of Valour. Kybbo is a Half-Elf priest of the Ascendant deity, St. Cuthbert. The deceased was a founder of the noble Keepers, itinerant magistrates, who patrol the vast hinterlands of Sunterranse, bringing justice and the Federation itself to the scattered communities of the Thirteen Provinces. He died battling a scourge of trolls. Arek was moved by the steely demeanour of this young human who betrayed no sorrow and indulged no sense of personal loss as he spoke plainly of his father's deeds. Not bragging, simply stating.

Afterwards, Arek conversed and debated theology with some other priests of several deities and several races. He even met a priest of one of the strange Clockworks, machine-men made by the Gnomes whose eyes glowed with organic intelligence. Machines with gods! Such wonders.

When the talk strayed to politics, Arek became distinctly self conscious, perhaps even sullen and soft spoken. All that he has learned in the last four months of training as a Claimer immediately leapt to mind. Of course, he said nothing but it filled him with a bit of sadness. Enemies everywhere the Unspoken's admonition echoed.

Arek excused himself and walked home alone in the clear night. Lamplighters had already been through this section. He stopped to drop a coin in a beggar's cup - a human and a former slave by the scars on his face - before carrying on back to his modest cell in the cloister in the Olde City. The beggar smiles his appreciation.

Arek's mood improves considerably as he walks.

Two more days until the eclipse. Perhaps, Arek will join the revels of the common folk in Riot's Gate, rather than watching it from Axes Bithtat's privileged vantage.

And then, things got very exciting (and disturbing) for Arek…

3.5e Stats: 
Cleric (Moradin)
Lawful Good
Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12
Diplomacy 3, Heal 3, Knowledge (History) 3, Spellcraft 3
martial weapon (warhammer), weapon focus (warhammer), toughness (+