Interlude: Prophetic Solitude
Frankie's End
Chapter One: Becoming Mother

Verisa Eoselunday - Verisa Claireselunday

Mnemonium catches up with the airship Daisy Cutter and seeks Frankie out to talk about a dream that she had had. Frankie is despondent to learn of the interest that Sroasa of the Unspoken has told her that many have in her knowledge of firearms. When Mnemonium and Nimbus manage to resurrect Rin though in a diminished state, Frankie and Sparks use heir skills to build him a full set of prosthetic limbs. Frankie is inspired and begins work on her Clockwork daughter. Walking together with T’Self in Valprariso when they finally return to the Federation, the pair are beset upon by ninjas. Frankie is killed in combat and upon being returned to the Daisy Cutter, Keratone finds her soul resists traversing the veil. Not long after the last failed attempt to revive her, a gentle whirring begins in the Daisy Cutter’s workshop.

...couldn't put Frankie together again.

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